Tools Matter!

Tools Matter!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in!

Typing extra fast, because there’s a Craftlaong-a-Barbie at 7pm on Facebook Live – and I’m up to my derriere in ink and lino here ! ! !

Dave treated me to a set of Swiss Lino cutting tools, which arrived today.

So I had to try them out. OMG!! They cut through the lino like butter! What a difference! Day and night. Like getting out of a Ford Fiesta and slipping into a Porsche Carrera! Boom! Which doesn’t mean I have instantly turned into a formula 1 racing car driver – no no no. Still years of training and practice required. But what a difference!

So I sketched a flowery landscape on tracing paper, transferred it to the lino – and just went for it!

Again, not concerned or even focussed on the end result. Just want to see how the various tools performed…

Quick look at the clock. Got an hour before we go live. Get the ink out and let’s see how it prints, said Dave….I couldn’t resist.

Rough yes, wonky yes, overinked probably. But oh the joy!!!! Difficult to express the excitement in words. I simply cannot wait to go again – slowly and more measured. But these Swiss made tools will certainly help the lino learning curve along. Chuffed. Thanks Dave. Very very much.

Once again, used up all the ink on the glass mat and pulled a load of prints. Really like the chatter on this one. I was trying to figure out which direction to cut. I shall have to watch a few experts and Youtubes at the weekend !! I shall have to watch closely….

Must dash, said the Mexican! Cuvverdinink!!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “Tools Matter!

  1. Wow – those tools look amazing. Love the print – it’s got a great naivety to it. Just finished my dinner and getting ready to log in at 7pm. See you shortly!

  2. Looks fab Barbara you can turn your hand to anything well done …keep up the good work xxx…must dash to watch the live keep um coming 😀

  3. Well done Dave for treating you.
    The difference is obviously greater then you being on your second rather than first try. As well as being an upgrade in quality the tools probably increase your confidence in using them.

  4. I’ve done lino cut and love it, I have the pfeil tools as well, they are brilliant. Have always wondered when you would get around to doing it. I can feel Claritystamp becoming a lino-cut supplier as well.
    Will be there tonight, got to be quick to get supplies ready.

  5. Won’t be able to join live , off to early bed work silly o clock today and tomorrow 😥. Will catch up after though
    Have a fun evening xx

  6. Well done Dave, good tools are always worth the extra expense as the results show. Barbara, are there any limits to your talents?
    Hav a good evening.

  7. Oh Barbara I love what you have created. Those tools look amazing. How lovely of Dave to treat you. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  8. Those tools look perfect -so well made and, I’m sure, a joy to hold and use. I look forward to seeing what else you make with them. Can’t join in this evening, but will definitely be following your lesson with Bea, probably at the weekend. Neither of us can craft in the evening, as the light isn’t good enough and I’m just too tired!! I hope it goes well.

  9. Looks great and great prints looks really interesting to do xx tools look like they have made a difference xx

  10. After seeing that, I can only imagine what you will be producing soon. It looks great and how thoughtful of Dave to buy you the tools. Now you will have to find a way to combine pottery and Lino cutting, but I am sure you will think of something, as you did using the stencils. Enjoy. Hugs. Annette X

  11. Wow, Barb. That looks fantastic. The right tools are definitely worth having. What a nice man. Thanks for tonight. I have had no idea how to build a scene and being shown step by step is so much help. That might now encourage me to take out other stamps and use them instead of just having them all filed away nicely and all beautifully clean! Hope you enjoyed your quiche! Hxxx

  12. Wow, you were busy before the craft along. The tools look as if they made a big difference – what a lovely present from Dave.
    I enjoyed the craft along tonight, just need to add the pencil colour as I had left them downstairs with my kingfishers.

  13. Hello Barb, aaah Dave is such a lovely bloke. The tools look great and I really like the way you have cut this particular image. Sorry I did not join the craft along, was working late. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. Wow that looks great. Enjoyed the craftalong but had to leave early but will catch up later after the weekly shopping trip. Really can’t take up another crafting type as still learning everything else but I do love how your lino prints look. Proper arty xx

  15. Those tools are a thing of beauty Barbara. I would just want to hold them and feel the curves of the handles. Well done Dave.
    I joined in with the craftalong last night – very much a work in progress. Accidently moved the house stamp, ugh, so started again. Frame didn’t stamp as well and my sky brushwork was rather ropey. Never mind, I enjoyed the process.
    Have a good day

  16. They look fabulous Barbara. What a difference a tool makes. I’m looking forward to tonight’s crafting so much.

  17. Just shows that the right tools do make a difference – good reason to spend. What a good bloke your hubby is – he understands what makes you happy and that makes him happy. x

  18. Wow Barbara, these prints look amazing, looking forward to seeing you get on in the future, you make me want to practise drawing again too. Having worked constantly thro the last year I never started the SHAC Shack live sessions but think I’ll have to make time and start improving my drawing skills as I’d love to have a go at lino cutting too. Maybe that’s something else you could stock hint hint 🙂

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