Josie’s Embossed Pattern Samplers

Josie’s Embossed Pattern Samplers

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So there I was, designing a Paisley sampler for Paul and your good Groovi selves to play with in the Groovi Tuesday sessions on Facebook Live soon, and another pair of very-handy-indeedy sampler plates surfaced in the Pergamano Show on The Craft Store today! Samplers really are a great learning tool and builder tool, aren’t they?

The two brand new plates which Paul expertly showcased earlier have been designed by Josie Davidson – our Queen of Grids! So useful!

The plates each contain 9 individual embossed designs – one based on a diagonal grid, and the other on a straight grid. The beauty of these plates is that Josie has done all the hard work for us – all the counting, all the spacing – perfect!

Available HERE

These are great for so many projects – backgrounds, infilling, framing, borders – very quickly and very easily. Especially when you think that in order to create these patterns from scratch using the Basic Grids, you have to concentrate, count and not make any mistakes!
However, the Basic Grids are not redundant – you can combine them to add perforations to give a different look or to allow picot cutting parts of the design

Available HERE

When working with the larger A4sq Plates, we tend to use the A4sq Plate Mate so that it is easier to attach our parchment when creating our artwork.

Available HERE

Whilst Josie was working on the designs, she asked whether we couldn’t offer 12”x 12” Super foam, “so that the Large Plate Mate sits exactly on top.” I thought the same in black would be super-foam handy too. So. As requested, here we have the 12×12 Super Foam in White AND Black.

Available HERE

When putting the TV show together, Josie also suggested that our Pergamano Poppets printed on parchment would be perfect to use with these new plates.

Available HERE

Paul showcased this piece from Josie during the 11am show

together with the Nested Octagon Extension Plate

Available HERE

and this piece during the 3pm show

using the Nested Square Extension Plate

Available HERE

Here is a selection of artwork from the design team

Frances Knott
Jane Telford
Sheila Bradley
Glynis Whitehead

These plates are perfect for newbie and experienced Groovers alike! I’ve always liked dotty patterns, haven’t you?!

SHAC Shack tomorrow morning at 10am. It’s our last day on the Riverbank with the Kingfishers. Ahhhhh.

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Josie’s Embossed Pattern Samplers

  1. I love these plates, josie is so clever.I was lucky enough to attend one of Josie’s and Chris’s workshops in Scarborough we had a blast they are lovely women.

    Take care hugs xxx

  2. These are lovely plates and I can see so many different ways to use them. Thank you Josie, they are fab xxxx

  3. Oh, too many lovely things! The brilliant Josie has come up trumps again with these sampler plates, so they are definitely on my wish list. The super foam is also a great idea, , especially in black. See you in the SHAC tomorrow. Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Great idea – the sampler plates, it’s difficult to do the counting sometimes ! Will miss the Shac tomorrow, will be picking up our great-niece, we’re doing some ‘baby’ sitting duties tomorrow. I’m going to see if she’d like to Groovi, she’s 4 going on 14. Got the poppet stamps out for her too and some stencils, also going to give her a go at x stitch. That should pass the day. Hubby’s second jab tomorrow too ! X

  5. A game changer set of plates, so looking forward to them arriving along with the A4 square black and white super foam

  6. Lovely plates and samples and good to see the 12” x 12” super foam which will be very useful.
    See you tomorrow in the SHAC SHAC. Have enjoyed the kingfishers.
    Are you planning to bring back frames that fit the postcards?

  7. Plates and super foam ordered. Wow – what great samples from the design team.
    I think it is nice that you have reminded us of some of the more unusual basic plates which tend to get forgotten. It made me think about some of the fancier shaped frame plates in my stash and prompted some new ideas. So a big thank you, my mojo is now in top gear!!!!!
    Spring is definitely in the air. Been a lovely sunny day here. The birds were up and twittering very early this morning, the trees are shaking out their light green petticoats and the blossoms are beautiful. Gives me a lift to see so much beauty around us.
    I am now going to spend a couple of hours binge watching a few Shac YouTubes I have recorded, so much catching up to do.
    Have a good evening. Stay safe.

  8. When you take it back to the absolute bones like this, it just goes to show how complicated one broadcast is to put together. How wonderful that you make it look so easy at the time. Wonderful for us! The Clarity team are so skilled.

  9. I quickly ordered the plates whilst doing some shed renovating in our daughters garden. Couldn’t see what the advantage was of the 12 x 12 foam but now totally get it so that will be added to my shopping list. If only I had waited until I got home !!
    I will have to catch up with the Kingfishers when I get home tomorrow as we are having hopefully our last day on the shed – although once that is finished & May 17 comes we have a long list of jobs indoors to get the house shipshape for our daughter & granddaughters.

  10. Wow – Paul did a splendid job today didn’t he? Yet another order gone in as I just have to have those plates!!!! Oh, and the foam is a brilliant idea, Thankyou Barb xx

  11. Ordered the plates today – couldn’t resist! 😉
    The SuperFoam 12x12s are next on my list!!
    Just about to settle down to the shows on rewind now – all the samples looked fab, and I can’t wait to try out the plates when they arrive! 🤗

  12. Hello Barb, well those samples are just gorgeous creations from some super talented people, they really have shown how to use these plates. I caught a bit of Pauls afternoon show, but had the sound on mute because of work. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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