Paisley – The tree of Life.

Paisley – The tree of Life.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Been drawing today. A Groovi Paisley Sampler plate for Paul to use in the Groovi Tuesday SHAC SHAC soon. I always think sampler plates are super for learning techniques. They’re bite-size pieces of art, big enough to make lovely artwork with, small enough to manage easily. We’ve already got a few. Linda’s Heart Sampler,

Barbara’s Tree Sampler…

Embroidery Sampler

So how about a Paisley and Leaves Sampler? Looked up what Paisley symbolises. Apparently, it represents The Tree of Life. Nice.

I think a Paisley and Petals Sampler will be lovely too. And a Paisley and Plaid. One at a time though..

Here’s the rough draft for the first one with leaves.

I’ve cleared a little drawing space by a window in the SHAC. It’s such a lovely spot. Been there all day, drawing and thinking along Groovi lines. It’s a specific line art that’s needed, and one has to consider the parching techniques that will be applied. Whitework, picot cutting, colouring.

There be lots of mileage in that thar plate-a-nine-designs! I look forward to using it!

Yep. So this draft will be refined and redrawn until it is Groovi plate worthy. Lucy or Lisa will redraw it in Illustrator – depends who’s got more time. It isn’t finished by any means yet! All takes time. I shall start on the Paisley & Petals at the weekend. Who knows! I may even manage the Paisley & Plaid! I don’t consider drawing to be work. Happy to do it at the weekend, when I have more free time.

Now to go find those two little Vikings Ragnar and Erik. They were both sitting outside the back door earlier, waiting for me. I cannot put into words how much I love these little fellas. Always had cats in the home, but the kids were closer to them than me. This time it’s different.

Check out the brilliant painting of them that very talented Greg Lashmar gave me as a gift. Absolutely perfect. Isn’t that special?

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

26 thoughts on “Paisley – The tree of Life.

  1. Those designs look very interesting & look forward to Paul working his magic on them in the Groovi SHAC. Just have to do it on catch up as Tuesday is normally the day for going to Mom’s.
    Lovely picture of the boys – wonder what mischief they are planning !!

  2. That’s good you’ve had a productive afternoon. So have I – for tomorrow at 12! Those kittens are just adorable. My girl is lying beside me waiting for her tea! Very patiently tonight! Hope you have a relaxing evening. Hx

  3. The paisley designs look great, I didn’t know about the connection to the tree of life ! That’s one of my favourite images. The painting of the cats is beautiful !! xx

  4. Great looking designs and yes, these plates are so useful with smaller elements. Managed a sit outside this afternoon, joined by the cats here too, they love it – soaking up the sun on cushions of course ! Have a good evening. X

  5. As we know, I’m not much of a Groovi chick, but these do sound interesting. I’m really drawn to the picture of the cats though – what an amazing piece of art.
    Still working through the mountain of jigsaws – loads by someone called Mike Jupp. Anyway, I have come up with the meaning of life about jigsaws:-
    “Life is like a jigsaw….sometimes the pieces just don’t seem to fit, but then… they fall into place”.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  6. Oh, no! I can’t resist Paisley. I love it. Thanks Barbara! 🤣 I’d Better save up.
    Gorgeous painting of the boys. X

  7. Oh Barbara that new plate is going to be gorgeous. I can’t wait. How nice to spend the afternoon drawing. We have been in the garden clearing up from our magnolia. I don’t remember it being like this last year. I really enjoy hearing about your lovely cats. That painting you have been given is just amazing. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  8. The “niner” plates are so useful, and most mini designs tessellate well for slightly larger spaces. Love the ones I have and will definitely add the Paisleys when they become available.
    Lovely sunny day today so have been playing with ‘the house that Barb built’ this afternoon.
    Greg’s picture is stunning, he’s caught their expressions very well, ie: what mischief can we get up to now. They are endearing little bundles, no wonder you love them so much.
    Have a good evening, stay safe.🍒

  9. Love the heart plate– so sweet!
    Great place by the window and you can watch outside what is happening.
    The picture of your red Vikings is adorable!! Greg is very talented!
    Take care and stay save!
    Trijntje Huppel

  10. Enjoy the sampler plates and this looks like an interesting theme. Like idea of paisley plaid so hope you get time to create it.
    The vikings are adorable and the painting a special gift.

  11. I So love these paisley plates., huge potential for colouring, embossing, cutting etc. Nice!
    Greg’s painting is amazing, real skill, so lifelike.
    See you in the shac Shack. X

  12. Love Paisley designs, can’t wait to see the finished result. Wow Greg, what a beautiful piece of art.

  13. Hi Barbara
    Now don’t those plates look something special
    You have a god given talent and I am so glad you share it with us.
    And yep the plates are on my list already lol
    You have a lovely evening with the lovely Dave
    Hugs 🤗

  14. Loving the photos of your kittens, and that lovely painting to treasure. Our tabby cat, Charlie but a girl cat…up to mischief today, somehow managed to get on next doors roof (bungalow). Was crying her head off
    Could not get down. We hoped she would come down the way she went up…. Which ever way that was!!! Oh No!!
    😿. After several tries, her running from one end to the other of the roof, hubby got a
    step ladder and grabbed her, she hung on to the guttering as tight as she could. Then once got her free hubby got scratched arms and body!!! She was so scared, now having a long nap!! You would probably have two on the roof Barbara!!!

  15. What a stunning piece of art by Greg. He really captured those little beauties.
    I have just returned from a 14th birthday dinner with my granddaughter. We bought her a sewing machine, as she has decided to try recycling charity shop finds and remodelling if she can. I am looking forward to seeing what she can produce and I am so proud of her and her endeavours to help the planet.
    I too love sampler plates and the Paisley looks brilliant and very versatile. Hugs. Annette X

  16. Hi Barb, I do like the Paisley drawings which will make super plates. And the portrait of the Vikings is superb – what a talent and a fantastic gift…..

  17. I love the paisley drawings and look forward to seeing them as a Groovi plate Barbara, and those sweet little Vikings have been immortalised beautifully in that painting..such a wonderful gift! x

  18. Hello Barb, wow that painting is amazing, Greg is very talented, and that certainly captures them as kittens. They do look quite mischievous in those photos. The new Paisley designs are lovely, your drawing is superb. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. The paisley designs look great, they will certainly tempt me, mojo went awol and only really just getting it back. Perhaps having a lovely new craft room helps. The drawing of the kittens is gorgeous, what a wonderful talent. Definitely one to treasure. xx

  20. Love the designs,and the kittens look adorable. Shall look forward to eventually being able to put the plates in my basket,

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