Be still….

Be still….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Went to the office today for a design meeting with Lovely Lucy and Lisa. Great session. I love working with two such creative, switched on, easy going women. Nothing is too much trouble, and they always see what I see. We are definitely cut from the same cloth when it comes to design!

It was Mel’s work we were getting to grips with. Always such magnificent and original art. More will be revealed.

And in the meantime, I decided to come home and make a quick and easy card using another example of Clever Mel’s art. I just love her work!

  • Lay the die face down on what will be the front of a 6×6 inch Clarity black cardblank.
  • Attach it with low-tack masking tape.
  • Run it through your die-cutting machine. We stock Gemini. It’s the one I use and like.
  • Remove the die, and tap lightly to remove all the little scraps.
  • Weed the paper cut. I use the spellbinder tool
  • Decide which Designer paper you want in the background. I chose Amazonia.
  • Now for the Nested rectangular dies. We will cut out a frame from the same piece of card, to lighten up the front, and tie it all together.
  • Pick the two outer cutting edges of your frame. Depends how wide you want it.
  • Again, attach with low-tack masking tape, and run through your machine.

Now for assembly. This is what we are aiming for…

  • Use Perga Glue to dib dib dib on the inside of the black paper cut.
  • Attach the inner coloured piece.
  • Next, let’s attach the coloured frame on the outside. Use a glue runner for this.
  • Done. Doesn’t get much quicker than this. And the result is perfect every single time.

I can see a set of these, with different backgrounds. What a lovely gift that would make. A set of handmade notelets. In fact, there are two matching illustrations. Look!

These two dies are simply magnificent. Perfect papercuts every time. Look up close. Superb quality too.

How about a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE – £29.98 to 14.99 for both. Yep. – plus your usual 10-15% Clarity Craft Club Discounts. Went on the back of the website and have done that. CLICK HERE for the special deal.

Available until midnight Sunday. I like being able to download photos, change prices, link products. Learning all these things. How to do this, how to do that. It‘s baffling how much I have learnt in the last year. And at so many levels.

Time to cook that salmon in the fridge. It’s New Recipe date tonight, so I shall have to rustle up something exotic….ooh I say!!

Stay safe.

Love always

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Be still….

  1. Hi Barbara it sounds like you have had a good day. How nice to be able to work in such a creative atmosphere. The card you have made is gorgeous. I love those dies. I might just have to go shopping. Enjoy your meal tonight. Salmon is so lovely to cook. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Wow what a fabulous card so vibrant xx I would not have thought of that due with those papers but they really gel will have to think outside the box xx

  3. Love these dies – my favourites I think.
    We are living on cheese and crackers mainly plus ‘Maggie’s Meaty Mix’ with Yorkshire pudz (what else!) based on what ever is in the freezer. Hmmmm…I wonder if ‘Maggie’s Fishy Mix’ would work with salmon – I bet Bendycat would eat it!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  4. Lovely dies. The designer papers work so well.
    Sounds like you have had a pleasant day. Enjoy your evening with Dave and the rascals.

  5. The die cuts and the designer papers are just made for each other.
    Enjoy your salmon – it’s the last of the cold roast lamb for us tonight.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  6. Still chuckling about the “Alexa” story yesterday and how my Alexa was responding to your “commands”! Love the Shac Shack -haven’t missed an episode (so glad they are recorded!) and learning so much – thank you!!!

  7. Hope you enjoyed your supper tonight. Love these images – funnily enough I used the stamp version of this one at the weekend. Did you know it’s the RSBP Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend? Easy to register online, and you just need to spend an hour in the garden counting the birds you see – could be a great way to relax (unless it’s tipping it down with rain!)

  8. Quiche, jacket and salad for us today. I did Tina’s Facebook live this afternoon and enjoyed doing a parchlet with a gem. I do like the Amazonia paper, such beautiful colours. See you in the morning xx

  9. Salmon sounds nice after your busy day – wonder what the new recipe will be ? A follow on from stuffed Romano peppers ?
    I also joined in Tina’s Facebook live this afternoon, it was lovely to follow her to do the faux gem again & to get a refresher on the process.
    See you in the SHAC shack tomorrow for more Kingfisher colouring.

  10. I love these dies. I sometimes take the words out and hang a little sign from top branches with “happy birthday” or some other message on. They’re very versatile

  11. Hello Barb, love these dies, only have one of the set, but really need to slow down on the spending on craft this month! But this has inspired me for a card I need to make, thank you. Looking forward to what is coming up too. Hope you enjoyed the salmon, I saw a great recipe on the Echo that I have saved, let’s just say it has an Indian base under the Salmon. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Just started a mindfulness course, so be still and listen is a perfect sentiment just now. Your Alexa story reminded me of talking my dad through setting up a Skype call on the laptop. When I said “press any key” and he asked which one was the any key! Bless – 90 year olds and technology!!!

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