Boxes of Cards

Boxes of Cards

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. You may recall some time ago we celebrated Send a Card Week. We all made a card (or several) and sent them to Clarity HQ. Oh boy! Did we get a lot of cards sent! Fancy asking hundreds of card makers to send a card and expect any less!

Just take a look ….

Well, we started sorting through them, adding envelopes and putting them in polybags, ready for charities and hospices to sell – and then launched a half price Pergamano Sale!!

So we had to park this job, to get on top of the other job. The good news is that all the Pergamano Orders have been picked. A few are still waiting on some Groovi plates, which Brother Steve is making tomorrow, then they just need packing and sending – and they’ll all have left the building by Monday.

Just in time for the launch of GRAY FRIDAY! Which, as we know starts on Monday. Timing is everything….

So. The charity cards will have to sit nicely and wait until we get to them. It will take two of us at least a week to work our way through all the cards and get them packed and posted, and I’m afraid we have to send out orders first.

In the meantime, you could suggest a charity to send the cards to? We have a little list of suggestions already, but we can spread the love. And you could always make more, if you’re in the mood and wanting to do something positive, uplifting, helpful and creative?

Stay safe.

Love always

Barb xxx

50 thoughts on “Boxes of Cards

  1. Matt’s Mission Makijg Sick Children’s Smiles Glow – children with cancer get supported by the amazing Matt Denning who gifts children holidays, gadgets, and all sorts. He provides hair donation princess balls to make wigs for children with cancer and so much more. He also hosts card parties to send children who are very poorly a birthday card so they would be much appreciaited. He also has a holiday home that he gifts 52 free holidays a year to those with poorly children a free holiday each week. He truly is amazing!
    Hes on my friends under Matt Denning xxx

  2. Wow what an amazing response
    My charity’s would be Hospice in the weald as both my aunt and niece spent their last few days last year in the wonderful care of the hospice
    And Meningitis research Foundation because 10 years ago i almost died from meningococcal septicemia and you here so little of this amazing charity
    Thank you to all at clarity towers

  3. Prince of Wales hospice in Pontefract, they looked after my Dad when he was dying of cancer. Also Richardson clinic at Airedale hospital, near Keighley they treated me when I had breast cancer.

    1. I second Cystic Fibrosis, I lost my eldest cousin to it at a similar age. Funding for research could help extend the lives of many young people with CF

  4. I think the Salvation Army are doing a brilliant job helping desperate people this year, but all charities are struggling so everything helps someone.

  5. What wonderful response! And thank you, Claritystamps, to take this charitable work on in these still difficult times. I suggest to add a Kent charity, Pilgrims Hospices – another so worthy cause.
    Got my Pergamano order couple of days ago for which I am thankful. Keep up your good work and stay safe. 🥰

  6. Many minds befriending service in West Kent who support people who are lonely and isolated because of mental ill health or Age UK who support older people living alone. There are thousands of lonely people out there who are so hidden they don’t attract funding like other causes, and its something we’ve all had a bit more insight into during Covid. X

  7. Wow what a response, looks as if you could do with a few of us at Clarity Towers to help you sort them. As for charities to receive them how about Cats Protection- you’ve protected your little Vikings but there are so many that need help. Another one I favour is Guide Dogs – I’m so grateful that I have my sight. There are so many charities suffering in these Covid times that I for one would agree with all the other suggestions especially Hospices and children’s charities. Thank you all at Clarity for such compassion at this time xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    What a great collection of cards, the charities you choose will really appreciate them. Thank you for my order, it came today. You have worked do hard to get the orders out and hardly get time to breath before the next sale. Perhaps a big sign on the website asking people to be patient, orders will be sent out as soon as possible would stop the unpleasant phonecalls. Wish we could get the bus out and come and help you, perhaps next year!
    Take care
    Love Diane xx

  9. MacMillan – nationwide, may help any of us, especially those with delayed treatment plus their carers, and they are £17 million down in donations this year. Although their coffee morning is advertised in September, they have events all year, so there should be someone local to Clarity HQ who works or volunteers for them.

    Are there any local charity shops in Edenbridge selling cards? There might be one that is a cause we all support. There’s no point spending more than the charity makes on delivery. What is Stuart’s church supporting at the moment? A lot of churches have taken on major support roles in the pandemic.

    Personally, I like Calibre who provide audiobooks nationwide for all text disabled people e.g. blind, dyslexia, can’t hold a book. I don’t know when they will be able to sell them though but that is true for a lot of causes in these times.

    1. I second the idea of sending the cards to, local to Barbara charities. Firstly as you say someone can deliver them by hand. Silly sending by post. Secondly it would be so nice for Barbara to support her local communities. I think someone, in that case, could write an article for the local news, we could all do it by letters, about all the good work she has done for all of us in SHAC SHAC, for our well being, as well as supporting her local business to succeed in these times.

  10. My suggestions are fairly local:
    St Catherine Hospice, Crawley
    and the
    Chestnut Tree House (Headquarters in Arundel, which is a children’s charity providing hospice care services and community support for children and young people with progressive life-shortening conditions in East and West Sussex and South East Hampshire.

  11. Hi Barbara that is a phenomenal response. What an amazing amount of cards. Do you have a local hospice charity? That would be a good cause for some of the cards. Take care. Hugs xxx

  12. What a load of cards. Fantastic. Ooh, I feel another shopping spree coming on! Poor Steve! Fantastic job in getting all those orders done. See you tomorrow. Hx

  13. My Pergamano sale parcel arrived today, so thanks again for your generosity. I will have to put them aside for now as I am busy knitting ponchos for my granddaughters and my neighbour has asked me to do one for her granddaughter! Something to look forward to after Christmas as if I get involved in Groovi the time will just disappear. Xx

  14. Hi how about Cats protection or Wood Green Animal centre we got our Roo (ginger Tom) from Wood Green eight years ago and they do a wonderful job of rehoming unwanted animals

  15. What a great response, I would like to propose the Princess Alice Hospice in Esther where both of my late husbands were cared for in their last days.
    I would also like to suggest the Star and Garter Care Home in Surbiton, Surrey where my eldest sister is a resident.
    Really appreciate all you and your team are doing.

  16. Hi Barbara
    I would echo Cystic Fibrosis lost my nephew to this disease when he was 19.
    Also Cat Protection who rehome so many cats got our Solo from them a few years ago.
    All the suggestions are wonderful so I’m sure they will be grateful received.

  17. Could I suggest Motor Neurone Disease, someone above has. I lost my Mum to that terrible disease 31 years ago, they seem no nearer a cure all these years later. I would be willing to donate more cards in the future.

  18. With your already busy life it is great of you to take on this task Barbara, and any of the charities already mentioned would be very worthwhile recipients. I do have a couple of local ones here in Taunton which are St Margaret’s Hospice and a Royal Marine charity called Go Commando. x

  19. I have lost several people I knew well to MND, including my 55 year old neighbour earlier this year. I feel very strongly that this disease is not getting enough research. It’s like cancer was when I was young. The big C that you weren’t allowed to say out loud because nobody ever got better. Now look how much progress has been made in treating cancer. Also funds are needed to help support those suffering and those caring for them. They don’t have Marie Curie and McMillan. Anything that can be done to help would be wonderful. As we say in Scotland – every meikle maks a muckle! (auto correct had a field day with that!LOL)

  20. My ! What a fab response to the card appeal. Couldn’t some of the cards be gifted in packs to care homes for distribution to residents who may not receive a card at Christmas? I am sure we could provide the names/addresses for care homes we know or have had relatives in……..just a thought.

  21. Hello Barb, that is a huge amount of cards. I think Alzheimers Society would be a worthy charity too. Not sure if anyone has mentioned that already. Looking forward to Gray Friday week. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  22. I seconded Ali, in Barbara choosing her local communities. Please see above. I think each of the personal charities, especially the local charities which have been chosen, could be supported by the individuals sending their own cards. This should be a joint large gesture from the Clarity family.
    I hope you agree.

  23. How about a women’s refuge? Many of these women have been severely abused and perhaps would like to receive a nice card, or have one to send to a loved one.

  24. What a great response . My choice would be for the Salvation Army. Thanks Barbara for you and your hardworking team. xx

  25. My choices would be the following.
    Any heart related charity
    Any cancer charity
    East Anglia Childrens Hospice.

    Whatever you choose will be OK with me. Thanks for doing this for our communities.

    Stay safe.

  26. WOW what a lot of cards!
    My favourite local charity is the “Nightingale Community Hospice Trust” in Enfield. National charity would be the MS Society. Thank you Barbara and all at Clarity for your hard work x

  27. Great response from everyone! Parkinson’s would be good, as Dad is suffering and it makes life so difficult for him and everyone around him!

  28. My choices would be any charities to do with cancer research or the down syndrome society. A wonderful response xx.

  29. As Jayne Nestorenko was such an influence with Clarity and her designs continue, maybe the cards could be donated to the hospice that cared for her.

  30. Rainbows hospice in Loughborough .
    A childrens’s hospice that provides respite and care for those with life limiting illness.

    Hospice Hope too.

  31. How about a couple to the wonderful St Peter’s Hospice, in Bristol, they cared for my beautiful daughter in law and were so so fearful during this lockdown they have had to close their shops and a bed at the hospice in a city as large as Bristol we could fill St Peter’s 20 times over but there is no income to help as they get little or no help from government thank you in advance

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