Oh to gaze upon a Panorama!

Oh to gaze upon a Panorama!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. From where I’m sitting right now, the outlook is beautiful. No panorama, but lots of lovely treetops swaying in the breeze, against a blue sky backdrop with cotton wool clouds. Sometimes, we are so intent on experiencing fabulous, jaw droppingly amazing panoramas, that we miss the loveliness in front of us.

Well, the fact of the matter is that right now, today, not many of us can go out in search of that euphoric scenery. It’s not going anywhere though; it will still be there next year. And perhaps then we will enjoy the fresh air and take in the splendour of this green and pleasant land even more than ever. We will appreciate it more, and not take things which were simply a given – a goes without saying or noticing – for granted.

Speaking of Panoramas, our Paul is on HOCHANDA at 6pm with some of those wonderful Fresh Cut dies of ours. I love these ones. Clever Mel drew 3 of them, and then I added the one with my parents – to make up a quarterette! You know the one, the landscape tessellating ones, which stand alone wonderfully like this, to make super greeting cards like this…

…but which also join up perfectly to create a Panorama! Like this…

Oh! And apparently, the tessellating cat and dog dies are on the show too! Absolutely glorious. So arty…

Here are a few of lovely Dee Paramour’s art samples. What a talent she is.

And who knew that our nested dies would come in so useful for pottery! The nested shapes are superb for slab work. I was experimenting here with a round die and a tag die. Works like a charm. And of course, you could literally make sets of 3, 4, 5 – as many nested dies as there are! Mummy, Daddy and Baby vases! Staggered sizes, but all identical.

I’m going to use one of our dies to decorate the tall one. I have an idea…

Time to go and watch Paul on HOCHANDA. Great demos and great prices on superb art supplies.

Stay safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Oh to gaze upon a Panorama!

  1. These dies are lovely, especially the cat ones, I’ve got the groovi plates so might have to get the dies …..
    Everything is versatile, dies for pottery and stamps for putting a pattern into icing – my friend used one for mine today ! Look forward to 6 p.m. x

  2. Love how you are using the dies for your pottery, wonder what you are going to do to the tall one ? Its good to be able to use items for more than one thing or project.
    Its been grey & damp here today so had to have the light on most of the day. Shows on to record so I can refer back to them but I am off to my craft room to watch Paul whilst I complete a few more Christmas cards. Luckily OH cooks the evening meal !!

  3. Love those dies, too, so looking forward to the demos and then I can start using them! Have a lovely night and hope the shows go well. They definitely will. Hx

  4. I got the first set last time they are on so will be recording Paul for some inspiration. From my bed I look out at the woodland immediately behind me -I see the trees dropping their leaves in all shades of gold and red and brown making a delightful crispy carpet (like walking on cornflakes when I take the dogs out). Soon all the leaves will be gone and then the wonderful slim trunks sway and fill my window, with the odd evergreen for a touch of colour. Wonderful -I don’t miss holidays at all!!

  5. I love these dies and Groovi plates. Fortunately I have them all so the bank manager is happy. So am I.

    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Lovely samples Barbara. We’ve had awful weather today, but a little glimpse of sky and sunset before the rain was back again! Hope to see the hills and Firth again tomorrow x

  7. I look out of my window on Mounts Bay and St Michael ‘s Mount, the sea is different every day. Today it has been grey and choppy but we are promised sunshine tomorrow ( just for one day). I could never live anywhere out of sight of the sea and I realise I am so lucky to have this view especially during these strange times.
    Stay safe xx

  8. Hi Barb, have not watched the shows yet, but may just pop some of these dies on my Christmas wish list. Lovely samples. It was very windy here yesterday and then it tipped down. Love the look of your vases. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. Cannot Express enough the beauty of nature that’s right under our noses. Cos I’m a bit broke I no longer get to go on far flung holibobs etc. But the positive is I look close to home. Wonder upon wonder. Open eyes will see if you want them too, free the mind and just look ….. fantastic.

  10. Oh wow the art work in this blog post is glorious. I love how those panorama dies work together. I have the rest of the week off now which is nice. I am about to do catch up on the Shac Shack. It is nice to have a bit of me time. Take care. Hugs xxx

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