Pop a poppet in your basket!

Pop a poppet in your basket!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. A different kind of session in the SHACK SHAC today, but I think our Shack friends enjoyed it. I certainly did! I so seldom get time to complete a project live – we are always galloping on to the next new thing, when really we should be figuring out how to finish the project in front of us!

So cool to actually stay on the bus until the end of the track for once!

If you missed the session, you can always catch up on Claritystamp Youtube. CLICK HERE

During the Live gig, apart from all the artwork, smelly cream and Groovi Grip tips, I flagged up two other important things:


Bloggy Blitz Sale Starts Monday 8am

NEW Poppet Postcards

The Poppet Postcards are perfect. They can be coloured in or doodled around. They can be completed and framed, they can be given as gifts with a set of pencils.

Dave gave young Evie our Granddaughter a set. Straightaway she laid them all out, decided which of her friends was getting which one – and then set about colouring them in. How cool is that?!

Anyway, it’s time to go cuddle Ragnar and Erik. They had a trip to the Vets today, for their shots, chips and all sorts. Feeling a bit jaded now, methinks…

I’ve got so many ideas for art bouncing around in my head today! I got a great starting place for tomorrow’s blog when I cleaned off the brayer after this morning’s SHAC Session.. Look!

Do you see what I see? Well, what do YOU see?

Love always. Stay safe.

Barb xxx

40 thoughts on “Pop a poppet in your basket!

  1. Houses, lots of them on the horizon! Love the look of the poppet postcards. Might have to jump in my basket next week! Haven’t got to watch all of today’s show yet but will catch up over the weekend.
    Can’t wait till Gray Friday got lots of things planned to get!
    Have a great weekend xx

  2. Awhhh..sleepy little chaps, but it IS necessary, our neighbour lost their cat and out of the blue got a call from Leeds – cat had hitched a ride in a van – if she hadn’t have been chipped who knows how it would have ended. Speaking of chips – tea!
    Gotta list for next week!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite

  3. Thank you for today, it was very informative. I love the Poppet cards and the minute you finished I was on the phone and they fell into my basket.

  4. Really enjoy the Shack Shac this morning learning something new, and got my club stamp this morning love it, waiting till Monday till order some more things think my order from hochanda will be here soon

  5. Ooh I see a row of beach or river side houses! I am sooooo looking forward to Gray Friday, I have a list! I am loving your gorgeous kittens.
    We would love a cat but not in a position healthwise or financially to have one. Boo hoo. We used to always have a kitty cat. Its nice to see pictures of other peoples though especially when they are as cute as yours! Take care and stay safe xxx

  6. A reflection of trees, I will wait until tomorrow to see what you have created !!
    Lots of hints & tips this morning in the SHAC Shack. Plan to scan in my picture & print off one to add snow to before deciding which one I will use for some of my Christmas cards, must remember to add my initials& date before I do. I wonder what a larger version would look like ?
    The kittens look worn out after their trip to the vets but I am sure after a quick nap they will be soon jumping around the room exploring to see what mischief they can get up to.

  7. I see coastal scenery, tall buildings and trees, little boats on the water, huge barns nestled in trees, just needs imagination.
    When I was young we had a huge tree opposite the main bedroom window. Used to lay there and watch the clouds drifting by and as the light changed and according to season saw many wonderful things there. 70 years on I still see things in trees and clouds.
    Slowly catching up on YouTube and the parchment dowloads. Gonna be busy during the next few weeks and over the Christmas period finishing all the things I’ve started.
    The Poppet postcards are a welcome additionto the list so I will be ordering soon.
    Stay safe, 🍒

  8. Hello really enjoyed the shac shack this morning thank you, the print looks like houses to me, near water .
    The kittens look a bit tired poor things my dog hates going to the vets but needs must
    All my parcels have arrived so thank you to all the team xxx stay safe hugs
    Julie xxx

  9. Beautiful kittens haven’t they grown. I see houses and reflections by the river, super. The poppet postcards look great. Have a good weekend.xxx

  10. Wooden shacks on stilts and their reflections in the water underneath.
    Loved today’s SHAC shack and learned a lot – thanks for sharing yet again.
    Purchased the poppets postcards post the SHAC shack.
    The first of my Pergamano orders arrived today – very pleased and it sounds as if the club items have also been sent out. Well done team.
    Can’t wait for next week’s daily blog and sale items.

  11. Houses on the horizon. The postcards ordered. Waiting now for Monday quite a list. Lovely morning in the shac. Thank you Barbara.

  12. Hope the boys are o.k after their jabs, you might have more than usual to deal with in the litter tray tomorrow, affects ours that way. Have you started cleaning their teeth yet? Saves nasty reactions in humans if they do give you a sharp nip

  13. Hope the boys are o.k after their jabs, you might have more than usual to deal with in the litter tray tomorrow, affects ours that way.

  14. Loved today in the shac shack ,although I’ve been crafting for many years I loved all the wee tips -Barbara you are a Gem thankyou for helping me through some dark days 😘

  15. I see a forest behind water.
    I absolutely am going to get the poppet postcards they are gorgeous. I got the whimsy poppets in the sale and am going to get the flower and Xmas ones. Xx

  16. Enjoyed SHAC Shack this morning thanks for the tips. Ordered my postcards straight after and they have already been dispatched! Hoping to get my final Pergamano sale parcel tomorrow. Have a restful weekend in advance of another avalanche of orders next week! Love seeing your kitten pictures xxx

  17. Lots of houses with their reflection in the water. Enjoyed this morning. Appreciated all the tips and tricks. Had a play, between phone calls, this afternoon with stencils, white paint and black paper! Colouring tonight once tea is over! Poor kitties look wiped out. Wee souls. they definitely need lots of TLC tonight. Have a good weekend. Lots of love. Hxx

  18. I can see trees on the other side of a lake. But I think you can turn that into so many different things with a bit of imagination.

  19. A row of houses and trees alongside a river bank with the reflection on the water. A perfect snow scene….. loved watching your demos this morning and it was great to see how to finish off the projects. Thank you again for another lovely couple of weeks and just love the new postcards!!!! Have a lovely weekend xx

  20. Hi Barbara I really enjoyed today’s session. I haven’t been able to join in live for a while now. It was so good to see projects being finished. I picked up lots of tips along the way. You are never too old to learn something new. I will be shopping next week. Have a great weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  21. I saw trees first tgen houses. Have already popped tge poppets in my basket and checked out. Love them

  22. Thank you Barbara for a brilliant chac shack session this morning really enjoyed it as per usual.
    Ordered the poppet packs this morning and I have just had a message saying they are on their way ❤
    Thank you x
    I see a row of little houses and trees on the edge of Lake.
    Poor little boys its for the best though.
    Have a good weekend looking forward to Monday ❤

  23. Lots of houses with trees xx seeing them everywhere now lol xx postcards ordered ready for when we start using xx thanks Barbara xx

  24. I can see houses, unusual for me I can’t usually see any of what you see. Those sweet little kittens they are so cute. Do they always curl up together. xx

  25. I see lots of houses in the mist by the sea. Lovely thought. Really enjoyed this morning’s show, and immediately ordered the postcards. Looking forward to getting them to play with. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  26. Loved today’s Shac Shack- I’m totally self taught, watched HOCHANDA for years picking up bits and pieces. I’ve learnt more since being in the Shac Shack though and actually I realised there’s a lot I don’t know and I do love how clean and tidy your work is.

    Bless your little kittens they look exhausted- can’t even get my elderly cat to the vets now she just freaks out. They will have needed more cuddles no doubt.

    So looking forward to buying more Clarity stash next week especially as I’ve had an e mail saying my sale items are on the way. I love the Groovi club plate received today too.

    Take care have a good weekend and Thankyou again for all you do.

  27. I see the back yards of old (small) victorian houses, backing on to a canal! Thanks for all the hints and tips today in the shacaroo!
    Good weekend to you to everyone

  28. I see London from a boat on the Thames on a foggy evening. Happy thoughts
    Those kittens have grown have a fantastic weekend, enjoy.

  29. I see a row of houses along a river bank with trees behind and some little boats on the water. Think my granddaughter would like the postcards as a stocking filler. She has already coloured the Christmas poppets for her Christmas cards and is now making decorations on wood slices with sea glass. It’s easy to get little gifts for creative little girls.
    The kitties seem to have grown so quickly. Xx

  30. I see buildings, reflected in the water in front of them. It could be a river, or even the sea. They could be houses or apartments – can’t wait to see what you do with it Barb. My second Pergamano sale order is on it’s way, I had just a little query on both of my orders, which Jeannine dealt with very quickly and efficiently, as always. Bless her. The kittens look adorable, as always. Have a great evening Barbara. Hugs, Gilly x

  31. Oh it looks like the city in our last holidays in Northumberland–Berrick upon Tweed! The houses at the riverside and left the old bridge which is not at your paper yet….
    Love your little kitties dizzy from the visit to the vet.
    Our daughter has to send her Luna over the rainbow because het pussycat was very ill.
    Stay save and healthy and enjoy your weekend! Time to relax!
    Lots of love ,Trijntje Huppel

  32. I see rows of back and white houses…how wonderful.

    I have been unable to get on the is bus but am determined to catch up when better, I absolutely love the results, and so brilliant to see the Barbara from my early days stamping in action.

    The poppets have fallen in my basket, so they will be ready. Thank you xx

  33. Evening Barbara
    I saw boats on the sea and their reflections. Good idea getting the boys micro- chipped. One of our previous cats was driven away by a neighbour by mistake he got out the car about a mile away from home and although we put up posters even on a milk float he did not return this was in the July. On February 14th the following year we had a phone call from the RSPCA to say he had been found some 7 months later. The people who had taken him in changed his name to George and wanted to keep him but we couldn’t part with him, he is sadly no longer with us but still in our hearts.
    Have a good evening

  34. Love the coloured houses on the different backgrounds Barb, so cheerful. The fluffy ones look a bit tired, all for their good though. Looking forward to what you do with the scrap. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  35. Hi Barbara
    Sorry been missing for a while. Not had time to join Hubby has some health issues and needs me more each day..
    I have been popping in to see what everyone had been up to though.
    Anyway I see the front on a sea side shore with houses and amusements.
    Come on then what do you see ?

  36. I cannot see buildings. What I see are old 1930’s cars, going as fast as they can away from the ‘camera’ and the scene is American. Probably a shot from an early moving picture.

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