Thoughts thoughts thoughts

Thoughts thoughts thoughts

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Working above the garage in our SHAC shack again today, keeping busy. Recorded all the Hochanda demos for Wednesday 1pm and Thursday 5pm, which gets me ahead of the curve tomorrow. More importantly, it keeps me occupied, keeps my mind from wandering. So not only am I doing something constructive in a bid to keep the good Ship Clarity afloat – my own thoughts are focussed on the task at hand. Which is a good thing.

Yesterday, I spoke to an old friend of mine, who asked me a very pointed question.

“So what is it in this whole pandemic crisis which makes you most anxious?” she asked. Yeah, I know, right? Nothing like drilling to the heart of the matter!

This was my response:

“It depends entirely where I allow my thoughts to settle.”

They could go to Grace in New York and I will fret about her. Or Mark in San Fran, and is he okay? They could land on the business, and I will worry about that. They could fly over to my parents and I will panic about them, or flit across to the bank, or my cousins in London, or the mortgage. Depends entirely where I allow my thoughts to go, what I allow my thoughts to settle on.

I’ve been teaching myself for years to direct my thoughts, to steer them away from places where they get caught up in a negative net and trapped. What’s the point in worrying about things you can’t do anything about, right?

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. That’s all they are ,you know. A thought is just that: nothing but a thought, until we give it energy, form, give it shape, size, dimension. Thoughts. They still catch me out sometimes. I still suddenly find myself in a dark place in my head, mostly because I haven’t been vigilant, or I haven’t turned them round fast enough, let them move on, or shut them down.

Hence the routine, the need for a rigorous plan. All the time I am concentrating on recording TV shows, on writing to you, on listening to a book, even on a jigsaw puzzle, my head is full of the task at hand. But. The minute I stop the activity, there they are, all sitting patiently, waiting for me to relax my guard, so they can come swooping in and mess with my head again.

So sod it. I’m going indoors to make some fruit jelly, have a bite to eat – and sort out tomorrow’s doodle trip! I know where we’re going, but I haven’t had time to draw the map yet!!!

If keeping busy is what keeps me sane, then lucky me!

Here’s a little sample I made using one of our Mixed Impression Sets just now. The Floral Nature Set.

Recognise the core of the design? Yep. Queen Anne’s Lace, The Stamps and stencil and dies were on the telly last week!

Nice x

There are so many fantastic Mixed Media double stampsets on our website. Magnificent backgrounds. We should have a play with them again sometime. The results never cease to amaze me.

But now it’s Jelly time, not Telly time!!!

Stay safe,

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

29 thoughts on “Thoughts thoughts thoughts

  1. Hello Barbara
    Just remember my friend, Joan’s mantra ‘If you can’t change it, you just have to go with it and make the best of it’.
    Me – I don’t watch the news or read a paper. Haven’t done since 2006. I joined my late daughter-in-law in surrounding ourselves only in happy news.
    Take care, sending you a big hug. Things will be back on an even keel at some point.

  2. I am glad that I have the blog and sample making to keep me busy in between stuff that I need to do for school. There is nothing like a good book or some Netflix as well. #2 son organised a family quiz night yesterday evening with both sides of our family, including brother in Canada, parents, in-laws and nephew and niece with their families. I get to help my Great Nephew with his German on Tuesday as one result. Next week, Bingo lol. Stay safe. I like being busy too.

  3. Afternoon Barbara! Just came on here to have a look what’s been occurring and you’re blog popped up! Good timing I think!
    I had to laugh as I made a fruit jelly this morning and then this afternoon I had the mixed media stamps out making my samples ready to post tomorrow.
    I’m so glad I have my crafting at the moment… It stops me from letting my mind wander to the dark side too often.
    Hope you have a good evening and I’ll see you in the morning for our next trip (virtually of course) to wherever you’ve decided on taking us.
    Love and hugs xxx

  4. Ah Barb I am totally with you on where my mind wonders to when my hands arnt busy! Today I find myself worrying about my elderly parents in Kent Dad says Mum’s laid up sick. Takes a lot for Mum to take herself off to bed unwell, so as you can imagine being in Scotland so far away my mind is running all over the place. I need to go find somewhere to put my thoughts so I’m not overthinking or panicking myself or playing worst case senario. I may have to revisit Japan with a download and some doodling to take my mind somewhere tranquil. There’s nothing I can do and felling helpless is not good for the soul. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and your time with us. Your stories resignate with me and I realise I’m not the only one who feels this way … it’s normal. I think we are just becoming better at sharing with people we feel safe being among. Thankyou for keeping us going. I’m looking forward to our next trip.❤

  5. I’ve been thinking today and decided this week I’m going to go and see my mum, my sister will be there to walk her down the garden and there is plenty of space to social distance. Just got to wait for it to warm up a bit again which it might be towards end of week. I’ve just done Groovi shac no. 3 – the first one I’ve done, going to look at the others now. There’s my book to read, jigsaw, x-stitch, doodling, no chance of being bored or to think just need to decide what to do next !Look forward to our journey tomorrow wherever it’s taking us at least you know if we don’t ! Have a good evening xx

  6. Since the lockdown we have never been busier during the day, and not much worries me until I go to bed. That’s when the gremlins move into my head if I let them so I try to banish them somehow and keep positive.
    Catching up with the doodles this afternoon, such a pleasure to follow your tutorials. Very satisfying when it turns out OK.
    Popped out to the supermarket early this morning expecting to see lots of people but there seemed to be more staff around than shoppers. Our little high street was like a ghost town. It gives me hope that in this area at least, with everyone being so good, we will survive this crisis.
    Going to have a break from the usual routine this evening as I found a book full of owls and colouring it will be something different to do.
    Keep safe everyone 🍒🍒🍒

  7. Thoughts overtake me at times,try not to let them but they creep in. Like you the answer is to keep myself busy, does not always work though. Looking forward to seeing where we go tomorrow,I do enjoy the morning sessions. How quickly I have settled into that routine, I would not normally sit drawing in a morning. xx

  8. Hi Barbara, just know what you mean i can relate to you.
    I know it is not easy at this moment in time, but as the lady above says ,we do not watch the news only once a day and then sometimes do not watch at all, as you can easily let your mind go into over drive.
    You are a star and i thank you for all you do for us, the new Pergo web site is great , and looking forward to the shows.
    I am in my den finishing off another birthday card , so i can post this week.
    Thank goodness for all my fresh cut dies ,trying lots of different designs ,some work other good. As you have always said its only paper !!!.
    Take care , hugs to you and all on the blog.
    Lynn xx

  9. I’m in total agreement Barbara . Keep the mind busy and it keeps the dark thoughts at bay. My hubby asks why I’m always doing something and it’s just that I want to keep my mind busy , but I’m like that all the time have been for years. Sometimes I get caught and have a bad day but they’re few and far between . Hope your jelly turns out good .xx

  10. Hi Barbara, know exactly what you are talking about here. As you say thoughts are just thoughts but goodness me they can really do ones head in at times if you let them. Focussing on the doodling in the shac shac has been a god send for many people I’m sure – keeping the hands busy. It’s so much more fun than housework. Looking forward to seeing where your journey takes us next week. Keep safe everyone. xx

  11. I must be very lucky, as I rarely worry these days – I sometimes worry about the kids, in particular my son who is not coping with isolation that well -but there is not a lot I can do, except help with getting some of their shopping on my order as I have priority being old. – lol! (thought the kids were supposed to look after me – but it doesn’t quite work that way – but then I have always been pretty capable and independent. My parents saw to that! ) I just go with the flow these days. I suppose it is because I have got used to being on my own over the past 5 years. If I want to get up late I do. I do have my genealogy and crafty bits to keep me occupied, as well as the garden. I have to make myself do the chores, and then I know I can reward myself with some crafty time.
    I do miss seeing the grandchildren and not being able to go shopping, and since I had to give up driving due to deteriorating eyesight, back in September, I have even got used to losing that bit of independence.

  12. I can totally relate to that Barb, me too. And my head sure has been scrambled big time this week, following what’s going on down your way in Westminster! Really pulled me down into the abyss, and heightened my fears even more. Also for me, it’s my OCD running riot, with nothing to fight it with as the thoughts/threat is real.

    I’m trying to follow your lead and get busy with my hands and mind, and trying to swap out some of the excessive, excessive cleaning and hand washing for something better. I’m struggling big time, but I keep trying. I can’t find the path I need to be on, I just know it sure isn’t the one I am currently on nor it’s next door neighbours… I’m trying to get crafty crafting again, just wee bits, but it’s a start. Trouble is, once I get myself sat down, the adrenaline must be lowering a wee bit which means I have less to fight my CFS with, so I get very sleepy, and very slow… I’m also trying to occupy my head with something better, started trying to do what you’ve been on at me for a long time to do! For what it’s worth!!! I’ve got a lot of cataloguing to do too… Those should keep the old brain cells active and away from Covid and Covid related things for a wee bit.

    I am also trying to balance out the bad in my head with whatever good I can find, be that the birds fighting their way through the savanna grassland outside my windows to reach the birdfeeder, or some lovey eyes from my wee cat. The feelgood stories on the news. And, this past week, I was given 2 random acts of kindness, which are still making me smile and have good feelings when I think about them. My veggie box guys gave me a wee posy of flowers from their plot last Sunday. How special is that eh. And, to top that off, in response to my thank you email, they told me they had a few posies ready to give out and when thinking of who to give them to they thought of me first! Wow! That sure hit hard, in a good way, inside. Not only was I thought of, but thought of first, by someone in all this horrendousness and so many suffering and in need. Then, on Wednesday I was getting a delivery of a very heavy box, a top up order of some household products as I can’t use any regular stuff. This was going to be tricky, I thought, as I get everything left on my doorstep since I went into lockdown. I can’t lift it inside, and there could be virus on the outside of the box anyway. My only option being to open it on the doorstep and transfer each bottle in one at a time. Clearly the delivery guy had thought of this too. He left the box on my doorstep, knocked on my door, and went back to the pavement, as requested. I gave my usual thumbs up and shouting thanks as he walked back to his van. Then I looked down at the box, he’d already opened it to make it easy for me to get to the contents without touching the outside. How thoughtful is that eh!

    Wee things like this have always been a big deal to me, with the life I have had to live. But nowadays even more so as I feel even more forgotten about and alone. That someone thinks about me in these ways when they all have their own huge struggles and fears and stuff… How special. I still have my “cool buddy” Stew too. He tries to get me food that I’m not managing to get, leaving it at my back door (my food fairy…!!!), and gives me a phone call now and again. He’s allowed out because they all got photo ID cards in case they were stopped by police, so they can help all of us.

    My next challenge is to start catching up on your learning to draw lessons, still on the hot air balloon… Have I got any chance of catching up, or do i just give up now, the train has long passed over the horizon and left me standing… Upsets me to think about it, I guess that’s why I’ve been avoiding doing any more.

    I’m glad you’re managing to be so productive Barb, and keeping your head away from the bad paths as much as you can. Focusing on what you can do. Love you xxx

    I’m scared for what Boris is going to announce. Scared for all you guys, as well as for the impact on us up here. There’s already been talk about folk suggesting we start policing the border… As well as the big stooshie about the change in slogan in England, Boris has been told he is not to show it up here… Where is all this going to end…

    1. Oops, sorry for the extra, extra long comment. I did keep it short… Ha, ha, I guess I’ve not had a phone call from Stew for quite a wee while, eh…!!! I’ll be mindful of how much I’m writing the next time

      1. Do you want to hear a something funny? The other day, a bull called Ron with an itchy bum knocked a transformer off an electricity pole as he tried to scratch his backside, and cut power to 800 homes in 3 villages through in the West!!! Well, it made me laugh anyway! Oh, by the way, he survived, somehow managed to avoid the box as it landed in his field.

  13. Hi Barbara
    Just wanted to say I have finished my Nuthatches today. I know you’ve heard it many times already but I never would have believed I could have achieved anything like this. I am very grateful for the distraction and all the hints and tips you share with us. It does help reduce the stress even if it does not help me sleep. I am so proud of my little picture I have even found a frame for it! I don’t do Facebook so can’t post a photo but just wanted to say thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I really appreciate all your hard work.
    Stay safe and well xxx

  14. Hi Barb,
    I try to only listen to the news once a day as I’m fed up of the media demanding to know when thelockdown is going to end or speculating on what the PM is going to tell us tonight instead of just waiting to actually say! I’ve spent the last few days making 6 birthday cards that I need over the next two weeks. Spent last evening in the company of Alfie Boe, Michael Ball ,Mat Lucas and the rest of the cast of Les Miserable, the Staged Concert which was fabulous. Enjoyed it so much that I bought it to listen to whenever I want. A bit of escapism always good. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

  15. Not a great weekend for me, as I broke a tooth on Friday! I can’t get anything done about it, as the emergency dentist service is only seeing people in great pain. Fortunately, this is not me at the moment and I hope it stays that way, but it is restricting my eating and very uncomfortable. Oh well, I just have to remember that there are people worse off than me.
    I spent today making 5×5 cards, using doddles taken from all our sessions. I am really pleased with them.
    Am off now to listen to Boris. Looking forward to seeing where we go on our travels tomorrow. Hope it is warm and sunny. See you there. Hugs. Annette.

    1. So sorry to hear about your tooth! Poor you! Smearing Sensodyne on it and leaving it there coats it for some relief, if that helps? I hope the service gets better PPE and resumes soon for you. Teeth are definitely a design fault.

      1. Thanks Ali and I agree about the design fault! It doesn’t help that I am a total dental phobic 😳I do have some dental gel, but I need a file for the sharp edges! X

  16. Well Barbara
    That definitely was a message from the heart.
    And soul. I don’t have children 👶 not that that was my plan but there was nothing that could be done about it. I digress I feel for you, nothing I or anyone can say to elevate your fears but just listen and be here and in the shac shack keeping you company
    Take care hugs 🤗

  17. Reading the comments I feel very fortunate as I almost never worry about anything much. Apart from a cousin I have no family to worry about (my family, such as is, lives in Australia) and apart from my dear friend next door, have no real friends nearby now, they are online and I never see them, so no-one to miss. I never watch the news or read newspapers and am totally happy in the company of my dog alone. I have plenty to keep me occupied and can relax with a book or a craft project. My health seems to be getting worse and I am in a fair bit of pain all the time, but I’m used to it and manage it as best I can. No point in worrying about what can’t be changed. I do feel for those of you (including Barbara) who have demons in their heads. I hope they leave you all alone until life gets back to some form of normal.

  18. I think you are amazing with coping with everything and using strategies that work for you. You are an inspiration to all of us. I love what comes out of the SHAK shack.
    I think / hope we are over the worst but they say patience is a virtue. Wishing patience for everyone, but speed with recovery at the same time.
    Maurene (Toronto, Canada)

  19. Today seems to have flown by, I got engrossed in my family history working on my 4 x Gt Grandparents family as I had connected with someone on that line earlier this week. Surprising how long it takes to check & enter information as one new find leads to so many more. ith that & my craft projects I have plenty to keep me occupied for many weeks.
    We did manage to have a family Zoom chat this afternoon via 6 computers/phones age span 91 to nearly 2 so that was good although we had a few technical hitches which gave us all a good laugh.
    I then finished off my nuthatch picture & packed my case ready for our trip tomorrow. I will be at the gate at 10am ready for travel instructions.

  20. What a very thoughtful blog with which I can relate. Your doodle sessions etc have kept me focused on all the good things for which to be thankful. Looking forward to the virtual travel tomorrow. You are a shining star.

  21. Hi Barbara. I just wanted to say thank you for giving us all a space to step away from the whirring in our heads. I’ve been finding it difficult to switch off from work in my days off, but I spent a few hours this weekend colouring in the nuthatches and silver birch. I’m amazed by what I’ve managed to achieve – and I had great feedback from my son who has a First class degree in animation!! Your videos are so easy to follow, to thank you for all you are doing to keep us sane during lockdown. Life won’t be back to ‘normal’ for some time to come yet, and the Clarity family are helping us all to live through these times

  22. What came into my mind as I read your blog was something that someone else said to me a long time ago, namely, we are not our thoughts. I’ve had a good day. I sat in the garden in the sun and coloured in the leaves from Thursday. I finished the Silver Birches this morning so just have the sky to do now. That might happen later, at least, another layer of it, or I might leave it till tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing where we’re going tomorrow. The other side of the world, you said – but no water!! I also did a bit of weeding around the sweet peas I planted. glad I live in the west. There are a few flakes of snow lying on the grass in Aberdeenshire!! That arctic air is coming your way! Stay safe and well. Thanks for all you do. Hxx

  23. I’m not heading out yet. Germany eased their lockdown last Wednesday and their R number is already back over 1. You are absolutely right about keeping busy being the only way but look the monsters in the face and cut them down to size. Your kids are sensible adults who have managed to stay safe so far, no doubt with your help and encouragement but still a credit to themselves and you. Your parents have managed with shopping support. The business is rock solid with a very loyal customer base. Vitamin D is known to boost your immunity and ability to fight this type of pneumonia, so I cheer every time you have been in the garden. Kick Grace out on the roof terrace in a coat! Long may it all continue.

    I love my Sam’s shapes and doodleology things but I really don’t get the other mixed impressions, so it will be good when the guys put the links up again for me to have another go. You are a great teacher but my head doesn’t always take it in if full of other stuff. I’m off to the Hay Festival online this week, not least to the session on immunity, so….

  24. Good afternoon Barbara
    Your super lady who keeps taking my orders suggested I contact you.
    I have the balloon, car and motorcycle plates. I was wondering if you had a groovi in the pipeline for trains. The reason being I have a dear friend in Canada who has a train layout in his basement.
    Thank you for any help

  25. Hello Barb, very thoughtful insights. As they say, you have to sometimes just go with the flow, and let most of it wash over you. Take care everyone and stay safe. Bx

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