Now for something very dear to our doodle hearts…

Now for something very dear to our doodle hearts…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Got something very special to show you, something fresh out of the oven, something which we have made, and which is coming up next Saturday on Hochanda at 1pm in a special one hour show….

Let’s see if you recognise it….

Yep! Here’s how it happened.. Every time we’ve done a doodle session, which is every day for weeks, afterwards when Paul and I are discussing how it went, he says, “your doodle would make a lovely stamp! ” After the Flower Bower, after the Hot Air Balloon, after the Geisha, after pretty much all of them! It has become a standing joke! So Lucy and I put our heads together and decided to work some magic…

Stamps and Groovi Doodles are being served this coming Saturday at 1pm on HOCHANDA! Not all of them! Good grief no!! Just the Flower Bower and the Hot Air balloon. And if you like these, we’ll prepare some more for you…

I am really chuffed with how they have turned out, thanks to Lucy. She is so good at translating my doodles into beautiful stamps and Groovi plates !!

I’ll show you the Hot Air Balloon stamps tomorrow. Just perfect.

What I really like is that we all doodled the designs together. That makes them super special to me. There’s a totally different kind of energy around them. They have a massive meaning, because I know how they came about, and under what circumstances we brought the mto life. Yeah. Very special indeed.

Of course, to many people they will simply be delightful images. But to anybody who was in the SHAC-Shack during lockdown, they will mean the world.

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

40 thoughts on “Now for something very dear to our doodle hearts…

  1. Just wonderful! Please can we have a balloon shaped stencil too for the artistically challenged who would still like to doodle in the shape?

  2. Omg beautiful , loved doing the doodle , they will fly out . Looking forward to the shows xx

  3. Wow Barb, you spoil us. Lots to look forward to.
    Had a busy day today but left the telly on the news channel as background. Lost count of the number of times I heard the word “clarity” from the various people spouting off about Boris’s plans so you were never far from my thoughts. Made me start a new project this evening with the garden wall stamps.
    Take care, stay safe. 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Love to do this one in Groovi as I managed to do it in doddle class ( mind took having to do it 4 times) not perfect but I can’t draw a strait line 😇so very pleased with what I have managed. Only one I gave up on was the ballon.

  5. So many will want this stamp. I loved drawing it during the doodle and having the stamp will mean it can be “produced” quicker!
    Every morning it is such a joy to spend time drawing and colouring along side the rest of the clarity family.
    I really enjoyed this morning with the dream catcher, and I am looking forward to continuing tomorrow.

  6. Hi Barbara,
    Looking forward to these stamps, not sure it will Groovi or Stamps or both!!!!.
    A lot of the doodles would be great in Dies also ,but would take so much time for you , but i am happy with the above.
    You do spoil us all.
    Thanks again.
    Lynn xx

  7. I think this is amazing, when I first saw them I just went ‘wow’, a bit like I did when we were starting to doodle them.
    A few weeks ago, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought stamping was the only way to achieve that kind of image, now I know that’s not true. If I want to, I can draw it too.
    As you say, adds a little something special to these designs.
    Thank you Barb, Paul, Lucy and everyone else who makes these things happen, you continue to be an inspiration every single day.
    Thanks, Cx

  8. Oh wow they look amazing. It is so special where the designs came from. You know what I have just drawn something and made that into thank you cards for my birthday last weekend. I would never have had the confidence to do this before your doodle sessions. Thank you so much for sharing your precious time. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  9. This is one I haven’t done as yet look forward to seeing them all in stamp and groovi format break great to have them as well. Got back in the drawing today Have done it up to date don’t know if I will manage the feathers but will give it a go tomorrow looking forward to having a go hand wasn’t to Shakie

  10. I have been going round in circles all day. I finally have some thing resembling yours. I was determined not to give up. Another challenge tomorrow- driving on the M4. I haven’t driven on a motorway for years. Please say a prayer, taken hubby after his eye surgery. Wonderful shak today. That is all I have done xx

    1. I feel for you Anne, as I don’t drive on motorways either. Sending positive thoughts to you and I hope that all goes well. Hugs. Annette X

  11. Oh look, you’ve pinched my drawing of my birdhouse scene… Ha, ha, I wish!!!

    Aye, Barb, very special as you say, to a lot of us. Like buying the DVD after seeing the performance. Using these stamps will be enhanced and very meaningful to those of us who are with you through this time in all our lives.

    I better get catching up with my lessons before you release the next lot, so I can feel part of those too. And what a perfect phrase – all things grow with love. So true!
    Sad to see your birds are still going hungry though, poor things…!!!

    I better hold off doing my wee doodleology order then, in case some of your new products want to come live with me…

    Can I ask a wee question? Anyone who is up to date with Barb’s SHAC shack lessons. I have the spectrum noir pencils Clarity used to sell, will doing the learning to colour in lessons be easier if I buy the perga pencils, or will I manage with the ones I have? Thanks

    Hope you are managing to do something nice this evening. Love you xxx

    1. You could use any pencils and it will look great. It’s the techniques that are important. I’d save on buying pencils as there are some lovely stamps coming up this week!
      Enjoy your colouring.

    2. Brenda – I’ve been using a combination of Spectrum Noirs and Pergaliners, and they’re both fine. So you’ll be fine with the SNs and can save your pennies for something else 😉

      1. Thanks for your replies, that helps. I’ll do as told and spend on new stamps instead 😉 Not that I need any encouragement to buy Clarity stamps… Ha, ha xx

    3. They will be fine, in my opinion. Good luck. Good doodles today! Barbara has certainly woken my interest in drawing, I had forgotten the satisfaction it brings. Never mind it being perfect, if it pleases us and we enjoy the process, that’s good enough!

      1. Thanks Pat. I’m a newbie to drawing, always wanted to, did try from time to time but I had no idea where to start. I have that perfection problem, my head no likey my efforts looking rubbish which has put me off persevering, but I’m going to try again. xx

  12. Oh my word. These are such pretty designs and they make great additions to the collection of stamps and Groovi. I loved having them to play with and I’m sure they’ll be used again very soon.
    I’m sure they will be popular!
    Love and hugs xxx

  13. Wow Barbara that is brilliant. I know we are all loving our Doodle school. They will be so special for us.
    Thank you so do much xxx

  14. That’s fantastic 🙂 The designs look fabulous, I look forward to seeing them all, and learning more. I have been busy turning doodles into cards, a few of my friends at work have requested some for special birthdays, so you’ve done a marvellous job of teaching us, I didn’t believe I could do it to be honest, I had to take a step back and think did I actually just draw that, and of course I did do it. I actually love watching and learning with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – Angie xx

  15. I have loved doings these doodles with you every day, they are so clever and I am sure that anyone who hasn’t joined in with your doodle club will love these. When I eventually go back to work I will so miss these sessions, you have kept me entertained and calm.

  16. It is so exciting to see ‘our’ doodles! The bird table/flower bower is my favourite and I still look at mine and can’t believe that I drew it. I am so proud of It! I know that they will be popular.
    I enjoyed the session today and had guessed at either New Mexico or Hawaii, as I know how much you love them both. The dream catcher is lovely and I am excited to have a go at drawing the feathers. See you tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X

  17. So clever makes you feel special being there in the creative process, really enjoying the session sorry I’m always on catchup.

  18. Phew! Just about up to date doodle wise! Had to go off at a tangent and make a sampler for a special new baby. Almost finished, very doodle inspired. I’ll post it this week. Doodles revived my confidence . Thanks Barbara. X

  19. I love how our doodles have grown into Stamps & Groovi. I am sure everyone will love them.
    Looking forward to seeing what yo do with them on Saturday. I must remember to put them on to record as well.
    I enjoyed starting the dreamcatcher this morning, those feathers look amazing so will be great to have a go at them tomorrow.

  20. Hi Barbara. How lovely to turn the doodles into stamps. I’m sure everyone will love them. I’m enjoying the doodling and colouring soooooo much. I never thought I could draw!! Thank you for sharing your skills with us. Looking forward to tomorrow.
    Stay safe.
    Diane xx

  21. Fab….and will be a positive ‘memory’ of lockdown etc for those of us who’ve doodled along (I’m still trying to do some catching up – lol!) and simply beautiful stamps for anyone who loves to stamp and create. Been Groovi-SHAC-ing today, fingers crossed will finish them tomorrow.

  22. Oh my goodness – “our” doodles! So much quicker than doing them all over again! What a fun idea, Barb. Thank you. Gonna spend all my pocket money again (sighs) 😃

  23. Hi Barb,
    How lovely to turn the doodle into a stamp and Groovi plate. Will certainly fly out of the door – I know somewhere where they’ll be coming to ! Brilliant idea, love and hugs,Alison xx

  24. Looking forward to these as I’ve loved every minute of our doodling days and feel I will have been part of their birth!!! I can’t thank you enough Barbara for your time and your love which is evident in everything you do. Looking forward to this morning – carrying on with catching our dreams xx

  25. Awesome, loved the doodling but I’m not such a neat doodler heavy handed, so practising 😂
    Looking forward to the show xxx

  26. Oh Barbara (or rather oh Paul) what a fab idea! I do love your doodling sessions and though I get a little frustrated at times as I can’t quite get it right (but then again, didn’t you say there was no right or wrong?) I thoroughly enjoy the doodling. In fact, I think I’m turning into a doodle addict – ha ha! But it’s just so much fun and sooo relaxing! So once again, thank you so much Barbara for sharing your time with us and showing us how to doodle. And now making some of the designs into stamps is just wonderful! Of course, we now know how to create a lovely doodle picture but for card making the stamps will be perfect! Would love to see the kite as a stamp – hint hint! 😉
    Oh dear, guess who’s been waffling now?
    Better go and do my morning exercise. Have a lovely day and stay safe. Alles Liebe Heidi xxx

  27. Wow, it’s fabulous to see the Doodles being produced into stamps and groovi plates. I have absolutely loved doodling along with you, and I think these goodies will be very popular. Good Luck xx

  28. Ohh my.
    Put my name down for a set.
    This doodle is my favourite one so far may be that’s because 8 could do it. Lol
    Lucy you have done an amazing job in transferring the artwork into these stamps love them.
    And you are right Barbara they are special to all in the shac shack
    Stay safe. Hugs 🤗

  29. Hello Barb, what a great idea, and looking at what you have shown here, I think they are going to be super popular. Take care all. Bx

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