Stencil of the Month? Stencil of the year for me!

Stencil of the Month? Stencil of the year for me!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Been working away, preparing a bunch of Hochanda TV Demos next week. We’ve got shows every day from Wednesday to Saturday, I think! Yikes. Just want to get ahead of the curve – you really don’t know what’s round the corner, do you? So best to get what you can done done!

Also had a good sort out and tidy up here in our little SHAC Shack. It’s been getting progressively worse as the weeks have been rolling along here! Just piling one job on top the the old one – until you just can’t find a bloody thing and the place looks like a total tip.

Anyway, I found a pack of art samples I did a while ago – at the bottom of the pile. Here are the two stencil pieces

Woohoo! I remembered doing those demos in one of the HOCHANDA Classroom sessions, and I had really LOVED the Abstract Dandelion design by our Mel – and I had been really chuffed with the artwork we made in the classroom setting, too. This was a 2 for 1 artwise, as I recall. Gelpress job. Do you remember? If not, I can always do a little Youtube on it – or a Facebook Live!! I’m getting the knack for them now!

I remember there were stencils, stamps, Groovi plates – and even a fantastic die!

Right, I thought, because I really wanted to go sit in the garden and do my jigsaw for an hour, I know what to do! I’ll post a picture of the stencil art – and just add a bloggy sale offer.

How pleasantly surprised was I to find that this fabulous range (which I do consider to be one of the best designs in our entire range) is May’s Product of the Month!!!

So that’s 33% off all of it anyway! Plus your Clarity Club discounts, that’s half price then. Result! Barrrrginnnnn!

Let me give you the link to the Special offers page on our Clarity Website:


Right. Gotta go. Catch a little fresh air before the chill rolls in from the Arctic…

Stay safe. Get creative. Do something arty.

Love and Hugs

Barb xx

9 thoughts on “Stencil of the Month? Stencil of the year for me!

  1. These are lovely and I know I haven’t got the so …..
    I finished my nuthatches this morning sat in the garden where I still am. Need to Groovi a card sow I’ll do one of the downloads – thank you. I’ve got a few things I could do indoors but will save them for when it gets cold. Currently watching and listening to the sparrows who have a nest under the roof tiles above our back door. They keep going beserk every time a magpie is In The vicinity! I’m becoming their minder! They’re also darting about catching bugs It’s lovely to watch. X

  2. Need another brayer now. Had a very old one I put elastic bands round years ago to make a funky background but since the lovely Clarity stamps arrived, and since we moved house, I’ve not used it. Unfortunately the rubber has deteriorated and bits are permanently stuck to the roller – totally ruined !!! Luckily I did have another one I use for inks but a spare will never go amiss.
    Enjoy your jigsaw in the garden today, tomorrow is set bright for the morning but chills follow.
    Four days of Clarity on the telebox next week, absolute bliss. Chores programmed for Mon/Tues so the rest of the week is free to indulge and we are looking forward to it.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Lovely artwork ,still need to finish my nuthatch , been spending more time in the garden than in my craft room as weather is so nice , tomorrow is meant to be cooler . Looking forward to the shows next week , keep safe xx

  4. Wonderful 3D picture of the nuthatches. Our seemed to have disappeared from the garden but the blue tits are nesting and May flies dancing. Amid the chaos there is beauty. Love to all

  5. I have this from the crafalong and I love it, the stamps are beautiful too. Glad you are getting out in the garden, hope the jigsaw is going well. XX

  6. I did something similar with one of the other seed head stencils when you did this originally. I finally framed one of the pieces a few weeks ago at the start of lockdown when I vowed to finish off all my WIP. That started well but then other ideas came to mind so tried them as well so my pile of toppers/WIP items is still there.
    Hope you managed to do some of your jigsaw, it was lovely outside this afternoon but is meant to be really chilly tomorrow – the joys of the British weather.

  7. Hi Barb, lovely little arty bits to tempt us, fortunately I have everything I think. So might have a go at my own version. Hope you managed to get some of your puzzle done. Take care and stay safe everyone, it is decidedly cooler this morning. Bx

  8. There have been so many wonderful things/ideas/tutorials from you, and others, on Hochanda that unfortunately have disappeared from their site. I purchase so many things based on those shows and then when I finally get around to doing them they have deleted them for viewing. I understand why, so yes, I for one would appreciate more of the techniques be shown again on YouTube where slowpokes like me could watch them over and over.

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