Trip down Memory Lane…

Trip down Memory Lane…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. All systems go here, so if I want to calm it Kermit, it’s always best to hide away and get arty for an hour. When I lose myself in being arty-crafty, that washing machine head of mine stops spinning, the voices shut up telling me what to think, and I actually seem leave the vortex that is my life at the moment, and just focus happily on whatever it is I am making.

So this evening before I started, I watched this week’s flashback Youtube, where I use gilding flakes with a stencil. It was quite amusing actually; I’m surprisingly at ease doing those little videos. Much more so than on telly. We’re building a new recording studio in the new building, so that will be fun.

Anyway, since we’ve got a great sales promotion on the Pentart Gilding flakes at the moment (seriously good price!) 2 Different options. Bundle 1 and Bundle 2. (plus your Clarity Club discount)

I thought I’d have another play; do a similar thing using a stencil too,

but instead of using talc to detack the double-sided adhesive, I used more of the same! It looks so arty and grungy!! Watch the Youtube to get the proper gist,

then check this out…

So at this stage, we’ve got the very sticky tag and words. Instead of using talc, I reached for the gold gilding flakes.

How arty does that look!! Now you KNOW YOU NEED MORE FLAKES! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I have a little water colour Petite journal, which I use to log new techniques and idea, or looks, or colourways; I love this little book! We sell them too, you here

This is going to be a page in my journal, next to the other gilding flake one I did, using the glue and the lovely Doodleology Heart Stamp. So perfect. The glue’s included in the bundles too.

I reckon this could be the cover of that book I’m going to write one day…

Quite the paradox really! It says a Moment of Clarity – yet you have to really strain to see it. Yep – That’ll do perfectly for the title of my book.

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

9 thoughts on “Trip down Memory Lane…

  1. Another great little technique to try, thank you Barbara. I love the way the golden words emerge from the grungy background. The gilding flakes are great to play with and produce some magic effects. Can’t wait to read that book of yours, hope you find time to write it!

  2. Loved the you tube and beautiful Grace’s blog. Too busy being nurse at the moment. I will have to do a sneaky craft in the middle of the night when hubby is asleep. Daylight hours he has to be watched like a hawk xx

  3. Definitely an appropriate title for your book but with all you have going on in your life where the heck are you going to have the ime to write it???
    I love these little journals. If I have a stamped project that turns out really well I make a note of the stamp and then list the colours and/or medium I used to colour it and put sample colours on the page too. Not a journal as others use it but it works for me.
    Everything new comimg up on Hochanda this week is going to go in my basket so I will probably end up in the naughty corner for the whole of next week.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  4. I enjoyed watching youtube Tuesday today. I made cards with the ‘A lIttle bird…’ series a few weeks ago. I cut them out with the dies but even after adding the building flakes they were still a bit sticky. There is a definite knack to this technique! However, thanks to the video today, I have now covered the cards in talc and they are absolutely fine now. Thanks for that. Hope your head is a bit clearer. Hx

  5. Great idea and video Barb, love this technique. Must check my canvas boards and gilding flakes. Love the mixed colours in the container you used. It’s like having you in the living

  6. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for sharing this technique, it’s really effective and gives a more aged and distressed look. I haven’t tried gilding flakes with a stencil yet but I now have a great idea for some cards that I will need to make.
    Hope all goes well with the shows on Hochanda and looking forward to the craftalong 😊

  7. great idea Barbara. I haven’t used gilding flakes in ages – will have to dig out what I’ve got left (and maybe invest in some new pots!) I can see this working with quite a few of the stencils

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