Which Hat today?

Which Hat today?

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Are you a hat person? Do you wear hats? Does it keep you warm? Well, if you pull it right down, it keeps your ears warm for sure! That old wive’s tale about all the heat escaping out the top of your head is a load of old baloney apparently. But I must admit, I do feel warmer when I cover my head, don’t you?

Mel drew a spectacular set of Hats, Shoes and Handbags for us. They are all in the Clarity Club Member’s Sale throughout this month. Very special…


I love these stamps and Groovi plates very much. In fact, our 2019 calendar sported a fitting tribute to the iconic Orla Kiely. Power House of a designer. Spot her initials….

And the shoes too. Let me find that piece of artwork with the landscape I did using the boot….Blog step by step: Feb 18.2017. Good grief!!! Feels like only yesterday I thought to put that landscape inside the boot! Time flies, eh.

Tell you what’s cool about all these stamps, quite apart from their beautiful elegance: they ALL come with masks. That means they can all be overlayed and they can ALL serve as apertures for scenes. Let me show you what I mean..

See? This is for those who are new to stamping. A mask covers up the outside OR the inside – depending which area you want to stamp into.

Yes. I think I will have to get these hats and shoes out of the cupboard again; they are way too sexy and beautiful! And if you haven’t got them – now’s the time to invest. I have an idea to create a load of tiny landscapes inside the smaller hats. Like hats around the world. Different continents perhaps.

My hat today? Potter’s Hat. My African lady with the porcelain head dress was in the kiln…

I do hope her arms stay attached!

I can feel a new series of stamps brewing in my head. All I need now is a quiet afternoon and a pencil.

How about you? What was your hat today? Worker bee’s bonnet? Carer’s hat? Artist’s cap? Which hat did you wear today? We’ve all got plenty, haven’t we?

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “Which Hat today?

  1. Hi Barb, love your lady, hope she survives the kiln for you. I wear a hat when I am out, just bucket hats, for hiding under to help me with autism, people, stuff. It does help. I have all those stamps, I’ve even used a few!!! The metaphorical hats today was just chores hat, stressy hat as my messages were delivered today, and sewing hat, which I hope to put back on in a wee bit, although my bd cfs hat is still hanging around so we’ll see. I look forward to seeing your wee landscapes within the hats. Glad you got time out for pottery today. Love you xxx

  2. Worker bee for me today but artist’s beret tomorrow. The only hat that I actually wear is my flat cap covered with badges that I wear to the footie. Not today though. Listening on the radio. Much warmer than the Bet365 stadium on a February evening.

  3. I’ve got my worry hat on at the moment and it’s definitely affecting my ability to do other things. I’m sure it will pass but which hat will replace the worry hat will determine how things move forward!!
    Ah well it’s called life!
    Have a relaxing evening
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  4. Love your lady she is looking super cool so 🤞🤞🤞🤞 for the kiln. My hat today was keeping me from exploding with one person in my workshop how hard is it to groovi 4 sets of squares ? after several pieces of parchment I discouraged her from adding matching circles!

    Hey ho maybe it was my fault for saying the card was easy today! There was a lot of concentration but everyone else sorted it lol.
    Hoping to wear a creative hat tomorrow 😊

    1. Linda, just ask Hazel Edwards about creating a rectangle by extending a square! I think it took me five goes to get the outer and inner rectangles to match up. I had quite a lot of parchment for practice work. Sometimes, your ears hear one thing, tell your brain something else, and your fingers get a totally different message. A form of Chinese whispers, caused by the drunken little elf that does the spell checking. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

    2. Very hard for some people! And writing this here, you’ve just upset the lady and probably put her off trying again. And upset others who find things very challenging and put them off asking for help or trying things. Including me. I recently asked for a wee bit help with picot cutting, and now I’m regretting asking for help if this is how the person I asked is going to feel about me. And, reading this, I feel very upset for being so useless at failing in my very challenging life…

  5. My only hat today was the one I used to hide my sneezes when I went into Sainsburys, to make sure I was not carted off to quarantine. Just stocked up on anti-histamines to combat the tree pollens. Now about to put my barrister (coffee making not law) hat on before doing a little gentle embossing. Not sure coffee experts would be making Horlicks though. Good luck to your lady in the kiln. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  6. Worker hat today for me. Rarely wear a hat as with baby fine hair it’s not a good look when I take it off. Hope your figure comes out better than on tonight’s edition of The Great Pottery Showdown. I am holding my breath for them!!

  7. Love how your African lady is coming along, hope her time in the kiln goes without any mishaps. That is the unknown about pottery – I watched the Great Pottery Throwdown last week when they were making lamp bases.
    I have these stamps so must dig them out & have a play. Need to tidy up my craft room first though to find some desk space.
    It was good to see Maria back on the TV today with the new Groovi border frames.

  8. Teacher hat today. Finished off the projects for next month. Then designer hat, starting some samples. Keeps me out of mischief hehehe.

    Loving the African queen. She is rather elegant and regal. Xx

  9. Like what you’ve done with the hats and the boot. Will have to look back at the blog for the boot.
    Your African lady is coming along and I look forward to seeing the finished article.
    I’m not a hat wearing person as I get too hot and they ruin a good hair-do. However if I did have one on today it would have to be an annoyed busy bee one. Got lots of jobs done today, ordered the groovi plates, and finally got rid of the scuff marks left by the dishwasher installers on my brand new kitchen floor. Sitting down now to watch Maria’s shows.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  10. I am definitely a hat person. I hate my hair blowing about! My favourite hat has ear flaps and ties under the chin so keeps my neck warm too.

  11. Woolly bobble hat for me today to stay warm! Then I donned the sorting hat to tidy my desk at work. Now it’s time for the bed hat I think x

  12. Had my defrosting the freezer hat on today and emptying a chest one to be rid of. Don’t wear hats apart from on a walk when it freezing cold and then it’s a bobble hat. I have these lovely stamps. Longing to see you use them with scenes in. Did love the boot one on the calendar.xxx

  13. Love your African lady – I think I should join pottery again.
    Once again no crafting as still playing nurse. maybe get to watch the craftalong.
    Your blog is such an inspiration and now waiting more goodies. I cannot resist buying.

  14. I hope your African lady manages to keep both her arms intact Barbara, and look forward to seeing how she looks. I suppose you could say I’ve had a happy hat on today as we bought a new car, actually collecting it tomorrow, and at the same time I had a bit of retail therapy which was fun too. I don’t like wearing hats as they usually are far too big and slip down over my face and I only wear a woolly hat if it is really cold. I prefer a jacket with a hood to cover my head. x

  15. Hi Barb, love the reminder of 2 great projects. I have promised hubby not to buy anything new until my craft room/home office is moved to a bigger room in the house – not too long now, but will have to do some sorting out, so I am wearing 2 hats, worker hat and sorting out hat at the moment. Your African lady looks wonderful. I am sure she will manage to hold onto her arms, cannot wait to see the finished article. Take care all. Bx

  16. Mine was a pull on woolly hat, not very fetching but kept the wind out of my ears. We took Taylor for a short walk to get some fresh air. It certainly blew the cobwebs away. X

  17. Carers hat for me as my husband came out of hospital on Tuesday after spinal surgery. I hope your African lady survives the kiln. I think she is gorgeous. X

  18. I love hats. I unfortunately have a pin head so most hats are too big for me. I can sometimes find a child’s hat but mostly they do look, well childish. I tend to knit most of my hats as I can adjust the fit. Your African lady is stunning she looks soooo elegant and the contrast of colours is lovely.

  19. I loved the boot when you did it way back in 2017 and still do. The pottery lady looks awesome and I couldn’t believe at first that the head dress was not material. Awesome.x

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