All you need is Love…

All you need is Love…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Still blowing a hooley out there tonight. I do hope you are warm, dry and safe.

Thought I would do a quick step by step for you, using that wonderful floral bouquet which our lovely Tina illustrated…

And it all starts with a piece of copy paper and a Gelpress acrylic print. Now some would say this looks like a piece of scrap (careful!) ; I say if you don’t like the English weather, just wait a minute!!

Ready? Here goes…

This stamp just works so well every time!! In fact, I’ve still got the other half of the background “scrap” to run with this again on TV on Saturday! Woohoo! 11am. 2pm. 4pm. Really excited about the shows actually. Lots of loveliness on the horizon…

Remember those floral season frames I drew to accompany the floral alphabet? Click here :

Well, on Saturday at 4pm I shall be showcasing those 4 season frames as Groovi plates! Now THEY really do hit the spot! Throws a whole new light on framing your Groovi art.

Anyway, must crack on.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

18 thoughts on “All you need is Love…

  1. Evening Barbara.
    Beautiful artwork.
    I do love that stamp…. In fact I think it’s fast becoming one of my favourite stamps. So many ways to use it.
    It’s been a bit calmer here today after the wild day we had yesterday. But we do have snow forecast tonight so fingers crossed they got that one wrong.
    Have a good evening. Love and hugs Xxxx

  2. So pleased these are coming in Groovi plates, the stamps have been used a lot for more than just the alphabet, so they are on my to buy list.
    Good job I’ve got some birthday money this month so I can splash out this week.
    Winds not so bad today but we had a sleety shower, very noisy. Feel so sorry for all those people who have had their homes ruined in the floods. Now that these events are occurring more often flood prevention should really be made a priority NOW not in the distant future.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  3. This stamp has quickly become a favourite of mine too. So versatile and a perfect image first time every time. Beautiful artwork today Barbara xx

  4. This is my fave stamp used it so many times already , even stamped onto copy paper ,put parchment over top and coloured image in traditional way , haven’t got the frames yet , might have to wait a bit . With this wind blowing my niece flew in to Heathrow today 2 hours early . Well pleased . Have a good evening x

  5. Hi Barb, I love how you turn any scrap piece into something beautiful. As for me, I need to crack open the gelli plates and paints before I can have scrap to play with…!!!

    The wind has died down here, for now anyway. The poor birds were really struggling to fly! It’s snow now, been on and off all day but on more than off now so it is lying, and more to come tomorrow. First snow of the winter for me, so that’s not bad for here. It won’t be bad enough to stop my messages being delivered on Wednesday so nae worries here. Snow falling is one of my autism calming things, it’s helped me to calm down a bit inside today. (I’m still waiting on Dave making a CD of his music for when there’s no snow to calm me down?…😉)

    Hope you’ve made time to chill for a bit this evening, love you xxx

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Love this stamp and have made some Easter cards. Can’t do much at the moment as looking after my husband after surgery. Trying to be a good nurse

  7. Trying again to comment. Lovely stamp. I have made some Easter cards with it. Not much crafting as being a nurse to my poor husband who has had surgery

  8. Ohh I will have to set my recorder as I am out on sat
    But I am definitely going to get these plates I need them. Lol. Perfect finishing touch to my alphabets
    Cheers Barbara

  9. Very lovely piece of artwork. I need to start making a list of stamps as I’ve been banned from buying more stash until we move! Fingers crossed the cash buyers will make me an offer very soon!!! I’m scared and excited in equal measure. We’re forecast for snow here but I can hear rain outside again – at least the wind has died down a bit just now. Stay safe everyone x

  10. morning Barb. I do love these stamps by Tina – they are definitely on my wish list! We’ve still got high winds in North East London – hoping they calm down a bit further today. Spent yesterday on a “Blogging for Beginners” course yesterday, run by a professional journalist. It was a brilliant day & fab to meet a group of people wanting to run blogs on all sorts of things. I’m planning to launch my own crafty blog in the next few weeks, but certainly won’t be competing with you! thank you for all the inspiration – I really appreciate now exactly how much work you put into this every day!

  11. Still very windy here,snow yesterday and sunshine. So weird. I love this stamp, it is on my wish list. Saturday I have an old school friend visiting,I have not seen her for years. Wonder if we will still chatter away like we used to. X

  12. Hi Barbara,
    As soon as I saw this stamp when you used it on Hochanda I had a feeling it was going to be one that I would use a lot. I have loved playing with this stamp and I love how you have used it on your piece of scrap.
    Looking forward to the shows 😊

  13. Hi Barb,
    This is absolutely gorgeous. Love it! I don’t know how I’ve missed this stamp but it is definitely on my wish list along with the Chinese lantern one. Now there’s Groovi too and the frames in Groovi! Oh no! Think it might have to be bread next week – won’t be able to afford the jam at this rate!! It’s been even windier today up here – awful with snow showers too. I went out to get the bin in and almost got blown off my feet! It’s definitely stay at home weather and I’ve just seen there’s storm Dennis due at the weekend. I feel desperately sorry for those poor people whose homes have been flooded. Flood prevention should be taking precedence over HS2 in my opinion. Stay safe and warm everyone. Love and hugs Alison xx

  14. Trying again to reply properly. Beautiful stamp which I have used to make Easter cards. No crafting at the moment. Playing nurse to my husband after surgery.

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