Mixed Impressions……

Mixed Impressions……

Hi everyone I hope you are all well.

Another blustery day down here in Kent. Although I am being kept very warm on the naughty step by all of you who have taken advantage of the Leonie Celebration! The celebration continues until midnight on Monday and you can go directly to the sale HERE.

Mixed Impressions – am I talking about people or art? I will stick to art – a lot easier!

On Saturday we launched some beautiful Chinese Lanterns stamps, stencils and Groovi plates illustrated by Barbara:

Available HERE
Available HERE
Available HERE

If you missed the shows, you can watch on Rewind via the Hochanda website:
11am – HERE
2pm – HERE

During these shows, Barbara showed how to create this stunning piece of art

The amazing shadow effect Barbara created, gives the impression (no pun intended!) that the flowers have just been picked and placed on a background.

For me, when making a card, the background can be key to the finished piece and with the Mixed Impression range of stamps, it makes that part of the job a lot easier. As you may know, I am not a messy crafter. I like to keep it clean and simple, so when we introduced the Mixed Impression range I knew that they would be perfect for clean and messy crafters!

I must admit that I have had to retrain my eyes when looking at the designs, not because my eyesight is dodgy, but it is because I automatically see them stamped out with black ink. Think outside the box! Easy answer, stamp with a different colour ink pad – doh! Completely different look

What a difference the colour of the ink pad makes

All of the above were created using the large A5 Stamp and just one colour of ink pad (Cinnamon Tea) By controlling how much ink is applied, this can change the depth of colour. This is quick, easy and clean – perfick!

In between the 2 shows, Barbara had a bit of a play with two of the smaller stamps in the set

They are all very similar, but all very different.

Created very simply and easily with a selection of Artistry Ink pads and 2 stamps. Finished off with some of Barbara’s favourite Sticker Words (Leonie’s sticker words are in the sale!)

Time for some food!

Happy Crafting!
Paul xxx

8 thoughts on “Mixed Impressions……

  1. Know what you mean about black ink on the media stamps. Still learning how to make the best of them but they are great

  2. I’ve yet to get some of the mixed impression stamps but I am liking what I am seeing. Like you I am not really a messy crafter. I need to catch up on the shows, maybe this weekend. xx

  3. Thank you for this blog, Paul. Watched the shows but it is always nice to have a reminder. Received my order for the lanterns set a couple of days ago, have been playing with them and as you say, using an alternate colour ink pad can make a world of difference.
    Received Barb’s frames today, dove straight in and prepared some Groovi samples to go with the floral alphabet. They are MAGIC !!!!! Love ❤️ them.
    Weather not too bad here, actually saw some sunshine for most of the morning but I hear there is more strong wind and rain on the way.
    Enjoy your evening 🍒🍒🍒

  4. My Chinese Lanterns (stamps and Groovi – couldn’t choose between them!) arrived this morning but not had chance to play as busy sewing at the mo. Love what Barb’s done and intend to try for myself. Will have to make my own backgrounds tho’ as not got any mixed media stamps!

  5. Hello Paul, great post, love the stamps and stencil, they are at the moment topping my wish list. Barbs ability to make something look dimensional with the shadowing is just incredible and I will be trying it again when I get some play time. Wonder if it can be done on a canvas/painting. Have a good day all. Bx

  6. Morning Paul. I haven’t been brave enough yet to try any of the mixed impressions backgrounds, but think I need to give it a go. I did put my toe in the water with the Jan NDC texture stamp, so it could now be time to join the big boys & girls in the playground! more for my shopping list 🙂

  7. I love those mixed impressions stamps. I had a little play with the club stamp today (before I put it away) and created a great background with those pale and interesting distress inks that hardly ever get used.

  8. I still have those shows to watch, Barbara is so talented, really stunning artwork and I’m really impressed with that background stamp, looks fantastic in a tone on tone colourway x

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