What a pair!

What a pair!

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.

Did you catch any of Maria’s TV shows on Hochanda with the beautiful Birds of a Feather 3 Way Overlay Stamp & Stencil Collection? Maria always seems to bring us something new with all her inspiration, hints, tips and techniques.

If you want to see what Maria was showcasing on Hochanda, you can check out the products on our website HERE and don’t forget to join our amazing Facebook Communites – Clarity Worldwide and Groovi Worldwide for lots of inspiration from the Design Team. If you want to see what Maria got up to, then you can watch on Rewind via the Hochanda website. Just go to the TV Schedule section and click on either 6pm and 9pm yesterday or 9am, 1pm and 5pm today

As you know, whilst the Barb’s away, Paul will play! (Come and join me on the naughty step, but make sure you bring plenty of chocolate!)

With the weather being all drab and dreary, we need something to cheer us all up…………………

How bright and colourful is this talented pair – brightens up my day!

To celebrate all things Leonie & Clarity, the team in the office have put together a collection of stunning artwork from the design team and added some amazing savings across the Leonie Pujol range

To join in with the celebrations, click HERE Some of the items are limited in stock, so you may need to be quick! Don’t forget that your club discounts also apply (Yes, I know I am going to be on the naughty step for a while – I better bring a cushion)

The team have also put together a customer gallery, so if you are looking for more inspiration or would like to share what you have made using Leonie’s products, then click HERE

Enjoy your evening whatever you are doing!

Happy Crafting
Paul xxx

9 thoughts on “What a pair!

  1. What a lovely pic of a lovely pair!! I’ve not tried Leonie’s products as, TBH, I don’t think I could achieve much with her style of crafting but I love to see what all the clever design team have made. I have no idea how they do it -my brain just doesn’t move far enough out of the box to ‘see’ it! BTW, so sorry to hear that your lovely chihuahua has crossed the Bridge Paul. He’ll live on in the hearts of those who love him -you’ll feel him wriggling!!

  2. Lovely pic ! Just read Grace’s blog and it seems her Oma has come through the op ok so that’s good news as well as the sale. I’ve got a few Leonie items but I’m sure I can add to them ! Naughty Paul ! X

  3. Like the look of Leonie’s samples but it is not my style of crafting so I will not be on the naughty step this time.
    Just read Grace’s blog, good news about Oma.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Thank goodness I can stay off the naughty step for once! I was beginning to think I would be a permanent resident. I am so sorry to hear about your Chihuahua. I know you will have the condolences of everyone who has faced the same situation.

  5. So pleased all went well with ‘Mum’s’ operation and I hope she will soon be up and running – wishing a speedy recovery.
    So sorry Paul about your chihuahua but I am sure you will have many happy memories.
    Love what Leonie produces but until I am home I cannot check what I already have.

  6. Glad Your mums operation went well pray speedy recovery do love Leonie’s work think I gave all her goodies just catching up on a bit of clarity YouTube xx

  7. Hello Paul, a lovely picture of a nutty pair, but both so inspiring. I love Leonie’s products, but am already on the naughty step, but who knows, may still just have a little mooch around. Sorry to hear about your chihuahua, it is really hard losing a loved pet. Take care all, Bx

  8. Hi Paul,
    Really sorry to hear about your little Chihuahua – I know exactly how you must be feeling, but you will have lots of lovely memories of him.
    I’m pleased that Barb’s mum has come through her hip operation well. Great offer on Leonie’s goodies, I’m certainly going to have a look to see which ones I haven’t got. I’m really trying to get into mixed media ( although not really messy mixed media!) and love Leonie’s style. I think I might well be joining you on that naughty step. Great to have the gallery back too – I really missed not having some inspiration! Thanks Paul, love Alison x

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