Sending a little note……

Sending a little note……

Hi everyone.

Today has been a mixed day weather-wise. Wind, rain, sunshine and rainbows. So I have spent all day inside, sorting out, tidying up, having an afternoon nap and doing some prep for my TV shows on the 28th at 8am & 12pm (yes, I know I am a tease!)

Today I thought I would share a step-by-step with you of a card that I showcased on Hochanda last Saturday during the 2pm show

It was made using the following plates, the Groovi version of Barbara’s Chinese Lantern stamp & stencil set Did you know that if you trace out the dragonflies and then swap out the plates, you can add in the stems to create a bouquet of dragonflies – very clever.

Available HERE

I always loved the Special Day Sentiments when they were stamps and I knew that they would be perfect for Groovi

Available HERE

Take a piece of Shenandoah Designer Parchment and die cut using the Picot Rectangles Dies & Groovi Plates and add in the double frame.

This is where the Light Wave Panel really comes into play with the darker tones of parchment (just added to the Half Price Club Members Sale!)

The line art stands out more on the black card, but the colour of the parchment stands out more on the white card

One of the magical things with our designer and coloured parchment is that you can remove the colour with an Eraser Pencil and reintroduce colour with Perga Colour Pens or Perga Liner Pencils.

We recently showcased the Pergamano 2 Needle Tool on the Pergamano Show and the difference between the Fine and the Bold. I have always tended to go with the bold as it makes bigger holes which makes it easier to Picot cut. However, when you have a delicate design like the dragonfly wings, the bold would be too big.

Place a tumble dryer sheet under your parchment when perforating as it lubricates the needles each time you perforate.

I have used the Ringlock Scissors to Picot cut.

Finally, mount on to a white piece of card which I have die cut using the Picot Rectangles and then mount onto our Black & White Card Blanks using Pergamano Brads

As Barbara always says, when you get on the Groovi Train/Bus, you can get off at whatever stop you want to.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s little step-by-step. Once we get set up in the new offices and things have settled down a bit, we will be bringing you a lot more You Tube step-by-step projects. We are going to have cameras installed in the new TV prep area which means that we will be able to film our projects as we create them.

Happy Crafting!
Paul xxx

11 thoughts on “Sending a little note……

  1. Hi Paul!
    Cant walt to see some YouTube Content!
    Thankyou for sharing this project with us your dragonflies look amazing!
    Hope to see you soon!

    Sammiie xo

  2. Very windy here today. Two of my orders arrived today so spent the afternoon crafting.
    Thanks for the step by step – lovely.
    Hugs ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

  3. Hi Paul thank you for the step by step. I want to see more, as I am a Pergamano Girl and find it a bit scary to make my own designs. Pia

  4. We’ve had a few flurries of snow mixed in with our rain and gusty wind, so I’ve been sorting the wool stash in preparation for moving house! Got a little distracted by some stamping and organising my ink pads, but most of the yarn to donate has now been identified. x

  5. Thanks for the step by step. Looking forward to the new videos showing your projects as you prepare them for TV. What a great idea. Hope all is well with Barbara & her parents x

  6. Hi Paul,
    Been a horrible day up here – very windy ( again!), heavy rain, sleet, snow flurries with a little bit of sunshine very occasionally. I placed an order today for some of Leonieโ€™s goodies so Iโ€™m joining you on the naughty step! My Chinese Lantern stamp and the texture plates came yesterday ( thank you for brilliant service yet again), so I had a little one, play with them today, and they are fabulous. Looking forward to actually making something with them hopefully tomorrow. Thank you for the step by step – always handy to have. Great offer on the Lightwave too. Love, Alison xx

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