Gilding Flakes Bundle offers

Gilding Flakes Bundle offers

Hi there.

Blustery Sunday, or what?! Actually, blustery doesn’t touch the sides, but this storm too shall pass. I’m writing extra quickly, because we are experiencing multiple power cuts, and whilst I actually quite enjoy no TV, candlelight and a log fire, blogging poses quite a challenge!

So. How about a Gilding Flake Sale – A PROPER, TOO GOOD TO MISS, Sale?

There are 2 bundles, each with 5 pots of Pentart gilding flakes, the glue you need and a set of daubers. Great Price. Even if you have some, now’s the time to stock pile! (Your club discount is additional)

Shop Gilding Flakes Bundle here

Here’s a flashback to last week’s TV demo using gold gilding flakes with those spectacular cat n dog dies. Proper Gallery Art …

Dab a little of the glue around the edge of the 4×4 little mount board first, dip the edges into your gold gilding flakes, press onto the glue, then buff to a lovely gold finish.

Take another 4×4 and run a black Sharpie pen around all four sides.

Pick one of the 4×4 fresh cut dog or cat dies, and cut out of black card. Trap the scrap in the die. Catch it all using a sheet of double-sided adhesive, trim to 4×4, attach to the front of the gold edges mount board. Dip into the gold flakes, press into the adhesive, then buff using one of the yellow daubers which comes in the set.

Mount the artwork on the blank black mountboard using double-sided adhesive. Fantastic effect.

Look at the detail. This is perfect. So classy too.

The wind is blasting through outside. Couple of fence panels are down, the cellars filling up, but that’s it so far. Time to go indoors and hunker down.

Hope you are safe, warm and dry – wherever you are .

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

Shop Gilding Flakes Bundle here

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14 thoughts on “Gilding Flakes Bundle offers

  1. Strong winds here too coupled with heavy downpours. Looked like a (shallow) river running down our road at one point but as we are situated up a bit higher than some in this area we have escaped damage. Fortunately the dustbins were empty so no trash to clear up when the wind blew them over.
    Bought the gilding flakes recently, they are much nicer than my old stock. Your reminder of how to make this project has spurred me to use the same idea with a different die.
    OH cooking roast dinner so I can finish my book and weekend crossword. He’s an angel.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  2. Was just saying there’s nothing you can do about the weather and what a powerful thing it is. We’ve got one fence panel hanging on and propped up either side – it’s next door’s actually. We’ve already decided we’d better have a new one between us. We have a gate in it too for easy access between the back gardens. Cats are fed up, if they go out they’re soon back in ! At least we’re safe and sound so must count our blessings, someone in the next town, in a new house have lost part of the side at the of their house and quite a few trees down here and there. Keep safe. X

  3. No major damage thank goodness but we have lost our beautiful standard Ceanothus, it was all in bud (which was really early) and had got rather huge. Completely snapped off at the base. It was sheltered by a wall but of course the wind took the foliage that was above the wall. Great offer on the gilding flakes but have plenty at the moment. Watched Thursdays shows for the 2nd time today also been crafting, well what else can you do in this weather. A lovely afternoon. Stay warm and safe

  4. Very blustery here with OH having to go out & tie the fence in place. At one point the rain was like a jet wash on the windows. Saves us having to get the window cleaner to do it. Need to check out my stash of gilding flakes as I ordered the glue last week but with projects like these I am sure that will soon be used up. I also need to check out my list for the craft along next Sunday although I might have to do it on catch up as its my eldest Granddaughter’s birthday.
    Stay safe everyone, it looks as if winter is on its way for parts of the country this week.

  5. Hi Barbara
    Fabulous blog with a special offer too
    The recap of the how to is great
    Bit blustery here too it seems we are all getting a battering.
    Take care. Hun 🤗

  6. Hi Barbara and everyone,
    Lovely blog today and a great offer on the flakes.
    You do spoil us all.
    Weather here has not been great today but you have to feel for a lot of other people with water running through their homes.
    Yesterday’s blog was great , the new stamps and groovi plates look wonderful, could we have them in dies !!!!! If not would have to buy the groovi ones.
    Keep safe hope your mum is ok.
    Lynn xx

  7. The wind has dropped here now but there is snow forecast from tomorrow! At some point I need to re-erect my guest house sign which has blown over, but that’s a small problem compared to some. Hope your electricity is restored soon x

  8. Fence down but that is nothing compared to what others are facing. I feel for the people in the Midlands and north flooded today and snow on the way tomorrow.

  9. Hi Barb,
    Awful day up here today and forecast for snow tomorrow. Haven’t had any power cuts or damage thankfully. Haven’t set foot outside – it would be my luck that I got blown over! Great offer on the gilding flakes , I’ll have to have a look and see what I’ve got already. Stay safe, love and hugs Alison xx

  10. Horrible weather but I think we’re doing much better here than some…my heart goes out to those so badly affected by the storm! Batten down the hatches, grit teeth and carry on as best as we can but please, if you dont need to travel then stay as safe as possible at home…its not worth the risk. Great price for gilding flakes but have quite a large stash so wont be taking up the offer this time.

  11. Hello Barb, love the how to with the gilding flakes and such a great offer. Weather was atrocious yesterday and affected so many people badly. Still a bit windy here today. Take care all. Bx

  12. hi barbara having recently bought your dancer stencils and have been playing around with them but find them tricky with the straight lines have you made a you tube video about them could do with some help I am a ballroom dancer and make decorated photo books for friends. Yes I could guild them but a bit out of my range and I have to have time to go out dancing

  13. Beautiful gilding flakes Barbara and hope that the power cuts didn’t go on too long. It messes up the computer big time when they keep happening and it goes off only for you to fire when the power returns and off it goes again. We used to get that a lot round here but thankfully they fixed the problem which was down to heavy winds but just the need for new infrastructure. x

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