Stamps by Tina…

Stamps by Tina…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. And thanks for responding so brilliantly and plastering Facebook with your artwork made using Tina’s designs! Amazing, isn’t it, how much she helps us be creative…

I mentioned yesterday that the very first point of contact I had personally with Tina was a little set of stamps which she had designed.

Butterflies and Flowers! SURPRISE!!!! She also gave a me a box of beautiful art samples, which have been sitting on the shelf by my desk. Or should I say a beautiful box of art samples? Both would be appropriate. Look!

Isn’t that fab?!?

Now let’s open the box. Wow! A veritable cornucopia of colour and art!

Beautiful, simple little stamps. Delightful and very Tina!

Mmm. You can see here, she has used the stamps on parchment too…

Did I say simple?!?! See! That’s what I love about Tina. She creates modest little pieces to inspire and motivate us, but you know – you KNOW – what she is effortlessly capable of. Therein lies the true artist, methinks.

We have a handful of these original stampsets left. If you want one, go for it HERE

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

7 thoughts on “Stamps by Tina…

  1. Tina rocks. Such a variety from simple stamps. Just goes to show what a little imagination can cook up.

  2. So many different combinations from 1 set of stamps – fantastic. Love everything Tina designs & thanks for sharing that little box of treasures.

  3. so inspired by the artwork, which demonstrates just how adaptable Tina’s designs are. Have just put another sneaky little order in! I really do hope that Tina is on the road to recovery

  4. These cards are beautiful. I’ve always loved Tina’s designs – there’s an ethereal beauty about their simplicity that’s inspiring. I hope things get better for her soon. Hers is a rare talent. xx

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