Big Cheer for Tina Cox !!!

Big Cheer for Tina Cox !!!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Mentioned dear Tina in yesterday’s blog yesterday. Then phoned her, just to check in on her. She’s been having a pretty tough time since before Christmas, and she’s still not back to her bubbly self. Actually, if you’re wondering where she is hiding, she has retreated to the back of the cave, and is feeling pretty low. To be honest, I get it. No wonder she’s fed up !! I’d be fed up if I had her plateful.

So I thought, RIGHT! Let’s have a Tina Celebration! Let’s spend the weekend plastering Facebook with all the Tina-art we have created, using her designs! Let’s have some fun. Let’s have a competition. Let’s have a sale. Let’s bang on about Tina – until she comes out into the light again!

I have to say, her work is my kinda parchment style. It’s modern, it’s funky and it’s actually very achievable – if you follow her instructions!! I particularly liked the Floral Babyplate Parchlets. They are small, bitsize artpieces, so for somebody like me, who is always pressed for time, these are perfect. Hours of fun here!


Have I got a favourite? Nope. They’re all beautiful! And when you see how Tina and the team bring these little plates to life – it is really astounding! They work brilliantly for a beginner; they work equally well for a seasoned parchment artist.

Sheila Bradley
Maggie Byford
Maggie Byford
Karen Jackson

Glynis Whitehead
Glynis Whitehead
Jane Telford

Actually, Tina designs beautiful stamps too! Really lovely. I used her floral bouquet this week in the latest Youtune. Stamps beautifully. CLICK HERE

If you have some of Tina’s designs, do me a favour: post your art on Facebook Groovi Worldwide. If you haven’t any, then I have one question: WHY NOT!!! Head on over to the Tina Sale Section. We’ve reduced the prices on over 70 plates by 33% plus club discounts.

Do you know, years ago, when I first met Tina, she had just designed a little collection of flower stamps, and had had them manufactured by somebody else. Really lovely designs. But she just doesn’t like the business side of this craft game, she’s much happier designing. So I bought all the stampsets off her, and she climbed on board the good ship Clarity! The artwork which she made to show off this little stampset was gorgeous!! I still have it! Tomorrow, I will show it to you. Didn’t know Tina came to us as a stamper first, huh?!?! Yep. Girl of many MANY talents.

Time to stop for the day. Enjoy the Tina Cox Appreciation Weekend. It starts now!! By Sunday, when she comes to ours for a break and a spot of lunch, I’m hopeful that she will be feeling better, happier – and loved.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

Link to sale:

40 thoughts on “Big Cheer for Tina Cox !!!

  1. We all love you dearly, lovely Tina. I adore your designs, always so kind and helpful and unbelievably talented xx

  2. Spooky! I looked on Tina’s page as we haven’t seen her for a while. Sorry to hear you’re not great at the moment Tina and sending positive thoughts. I’ll look out some of my Tina work. I’ve made a list of all my plates and there are a lot called Tina ! I like the little parchlet ones and have found them really useful. X

  3. Hello Barbara
    Thank you for this, Tina’s Groovi Girls are doing what they can to help her keep her head above water but we miss her at our monthly meetings and miss our picnics in the car outside Hochanda. Your blog will certainly raise her up.
    I love all Tina’s work, Groovi, stamps and stencils and always buy it. She is a very good teacher as well as a brilliant designer.
    Thank you, again,

    1. Roz has said it all. We all love and care for our dear friend Tina. Missing her greatly and yes the madness of jam butties sat in the Hochanda car park means the world to us groovi girls. Love ya Tina xxx

  4. Such a lovely idea. Just posted 4 of my little offerings. Interesting though – I normally only post pictures to the Groovi Worldwide page. I have posted these to my own FB page, and amazing to see that the designs are loved by non-parchers, too! Praying that Tina catches a small glimpse of how much she is loved, and how much we adore her deigns. Accessible, but able to be developed into such treasured works of art. Thank you so much Tina – rest until you are rested xxx

  5. Sorry to hear Tina is having a bad time. I enjoyed meeting her at the April retreat and loved her giggle when we talked. She is so talented.
    I have most of her designs and would love to join in the ‘Tinafest’ on Facebook but I just cannot craft at the moment. It’s a pain in more ways than one.
    So please give her my best wishes and hope matters improve for her soon.
    Love and hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Thanks for that Barbara. I do miss Tina, especially at our meetings and that is a beautiful picture of a beautiful lady. Her plates are my favourites and my ‘go to’ for so many occasions. I do have a lot, but shall look at the sale to fill in any gaps.
    Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. I have been reading your blog daily, but life kind of got in the way. I don’t know how you do it! Hugs. Annette X
    Ps. Lots of love to Tina on Sunday. X

  7. I love Tina’s designs, hopefully I have some photos of some of her designs that I have completed. Just know I am going to check out the sale for ones i have not got, not sure there will be very many though. Bless her, it is a shame that she is having such a rough time. Sending you hugs Tina. xx

  8. Tina, just remember that whatever is bringing you down right now will pass and that the work you do brings joy and creativity to so many other people. We love you, so eat chocolate and cone back soon.
    Sending positive energy your way.

  9. Hi Tina, take all the time YOU need. Find a person who is neutral and do not know you and talk to that person. It is very giving and so rewarding. Xx Pia

  10. Come on Tina. We love you and all you do. Tomorrow I’m going to spend all day with your lovely parchlets. I hope you’ll be feeling happier soon. Lots of love xx

  11. What a lovely idea Barbara. Sending best wishes to you Tina and hoping you’ll soon be back to your lovely chirpy self, I adore your plates and have lots of them, trouble is I’ve not photographed a lot of the cards I have already sent, but will look tomorrow to see if I can find some in my ones to send box. We really miss your smiley face and want you back very

  12. A lovely idea Barbara, Sending best wishes to you Tina hoping you will soon be back to your lovely chirpy self. I have a lot of your beautiful groovi plates, trouble is I have not photographed many of the cards I made with them before sending them out. If I find some that I haven’t sent out I will post them. Really miss seeing your lovely smiley face on the TV and hope we will see you again really

  13. Quite apart from the fact that Tina is such a talented lady, she just happens to be a truly beautiful person, both inside and out. A great person to spend time with and I certainly miss her lovely sense of humour with that little giggle when things don’t turn out quite as planned. I hope so much that she can find the light at the end of that dark tunnel and make her way back into the sunshine. Tina, we all love you for the lovely lady you are. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  14. I am a massive Tina fan. I have got every plate she has designed and I have to say I am particularly keen on the embroidery plates. I have had the utmost pleasure to meet her several times and I can honestly say she is such a lovely, beautiful person. Inside and out

  15. Tina…we have all missed seeing her. She is such an inspirational lady..beautiful and fun so going back into het cave must feel so difficult for het.But remember Spring is only around the corner and life is always wonderful when spring flowers pop up in the garden…to say..Hi..the world is waiting to greet you so come into the sunshine!! Take care of yourself Tina and enjoy your lunch with Barbara. Thinking about you. X

  16. I am really sad that Tina is going through a rough patch and wish I could just give her a hug. Such a sweet, generous, and talented lady! I love anything she designs!

  17. Tina it was you who inspired me to try parchment craft many years ago when I saw you on TV. You made the most beautiful butterflies painted on parchment and I still have one of the ones I made to try and copy what you did. I was thrilled when you joined Clarity and have found your Groovi input inspiring all over again. I would like to send you love and hope that you can find a way back to a good place soon. Imagine all of us standing with our arms open to hug and support you. Xx

  18. Good luck Tina, we go back a very long way and have often worked together. Take care of yourself and take comfort from all the good vibes being sent your way.
    All good wishes from Pat.

  19. Thank you for showcasing the parchlet plates – they are just perfect for beginners, whilst at the same time the experienced parcher can really go to town with them! Tina’s idea of making those miniature works of art was truly inspirational – a small square of parchment isn’t so daunting and you can see real results in a much shorter space of time. I haven’t done a huge amount of Groovi work, even though I’ve been a member of the Club since it launched, but I did start a Parchlet album, inspired by Tina.
    Sending positive vibes and virtual hugs!

  20. Talented
    Naturally gifted

    Missing you Tina, hope all’s well soon. Take care and come back when you are ready. Thank you so much for all the wonderful designs and inspiration, and encouragement to try something different.
    Best wishes and good vibes to you.

  21. Tina, you ooze kindness, compassion, creativity, beauty, talent, knowledge, sparkle and brilliance. I so enjoy your shows and can only send you all things good and lovely and hope things pick up for you. Thinking of you xx

  22. I bought the floral bouquet recently but haven’t had time to use it. I will be visiting my daughter next week and I’ll take the stamp and have a craft day with my lovely daughter. I do hope Tina feels better soon, I love her demo’s on Hochanda and seeing her beatiful work inspires me to think out of the box when I work with my Groovi plates.
    So, Tina you are much loved by us crafters, keep your chin up and come back soon.
    love and best wishes
    Vera x

  23. Glad you have done this blog Barbara about our Tina. I messaged her the other day as I was worried about her, wondering where she was and if she was ok. As always she replied and it was so sad to read her reply.
    We all love you Tina and hope you will see be back in your happy place …lots of 💓 . Xx

  24. Hi Barb, what a beautiful photo of Tina, she is a lovely person and that certainly comes to the fore when she is doing shows. And oh so talented, whilst I am not a Groovi/Parchment person, I still find what she does and how she does it totally absorbing. The artwork of her designs that you have shared are really beautiful and certainly show her creative thoughts. Go Tina, we are all rooting for you. Take care all. Bx

  25. I’m so sad to hear that Tina is in a dark place. I hope she can still see the light and can take small steps every day towards it. Knowing that her talents and designs bring so much joy and inspiration to others in their creativity and delight to the recipients should make Tina very proud. The are few people in this world who can have such a wide reach and impact on others. Wishing you brighter days ahead Tina and well done for taking time for you and your mental well-being xxx

  26. Hi Barbara
    I am so sorry to hear that Tina is still not as we would wish. I am one of those who does very little actual crafting due to time constraints etc, but buy so many of Tina’s plates and, like many others I am sure, enjoy opening my box and just looking at Tina’s lovely artwork. I follow her on Facebook and have read of her unhappiness with her body image, but she is a beautiful, heart-warming lady and her little OOPSA DAISY when she is working makes me chuckle every time she says it. Come back to us soon Tina, please as we miss you. XxX

    The same goes for your artwork Barb – so inspiring just to look at it now and then to get motivated again.

  27. So sorry you are going through a bad time at the moment. You are a beautiful and talented lady and your Hochanda shows and your infectious humour always made me laugh you are inspirational and we need you back with us soon. So hurry and get well we will all be waiting xx.

  28. Sorry to hear Tina is having such a bad time. Hopefully having such good friends as yourself & all the others who have left such lovely & supportive messages will show her that she is not alone. Hopefully things will get better, just take one day at a time & try to enjoy the little things & try not to worry about the things you cannot change. It’s easy to say & hard to do but it does help. X

  29. well what can I say I hope that she’s feeling better but you know when your feeling low look on the bright side the only way is up I must say she has a following that loves her work she’s been missed I would always tune in for her shows all the best

  30. Hi Barb,
    Really sorry to hear that Tina is not in a good place at the moment and I truly hope that she gets back to her happy self soon. I have all of her plates and they are definitely my style too. She is so talented and helpful. I’ve met her at the Open Days at a Leyburn and she is always eager to pass on her knowledge ( and she always has a little bowl of sweets- Maltezers last year I believe!) At the Groovi workshop last year again she was there to help everyone and is just so calm and patient. I don’t do Facebook but I think it is a lovely idea to showcase people’s’ work. Is there anyway ‘non Facebookers’ could help out? Love Alison xx
    Ps Beautiful photo.

  31. I love Tina’s stamps – her designs are just right for my style. so sorry she’s having a tough time at the moment – there’s lots of love winging out to her from the whole Clarity community. Will get out all my Tina designed stamps and get busy crafting

  32. I just want to wish Tina well, it’s so difficult being in a dark place, hoping it passes soon.
    Tina’s designs are beautiful and my favourite at the moment is the floral spray, I have used it so much.
    Thank you Tina for sharing your talent with us crafters, whatever form it takes. Please take care xxx

  33. Hi, I started parching 12 years ago but gave up because it all seemed so old fashioned. THEN I discovered Tina Cox,colourful,contemporary,just up my street, followed her on T.V., bought several pattern books and started to enjoy patching again. The advent of Groovi and the bringing of Tina into the fold is still my idea of heaven, so rest,restore and reset, we all miss you Tina but want you well so that we can continue our journey together.
    Angie M

  34. Absolutely love everything about Tina’s work,it was infact her first set of embroidery plates that started my groovi journey . I spent quite a long time chatting with her at Leyburn last year,and what a lovely lady she is to chat to,I hope she comes out of that dark corner soon,I think we have all probably been in that corner at some time in our lives,some further in than others,support from your friends and family will get you out,embrace their love,laughter and friendship ,hope to see Tina on our screens again soon😍

  35. I am loving all the artwork that has been posted on Facebook using Tina’s designs. It amazes me how may different ones there are – some simple & others taken to a much more detailed level but that is the fun of it all. Hope Tina is reading all the comments & feeling the love that everyone is sending her. Have a great time on Sunday catching up with Tina & hopefully there will be much laughter to be heard coming from your house. sending hugs for Tina x

  36. Dear Tina, I am so sorry you are in such a dark place at the moment. Been at the that black velvet bag myself but the bag has an opening at the top, it is there for us to climb out of, into the light, it will happen.
    The love, prayers and fond thoughts being sent to you by so many people, people that you have touched with your talent, is astounding and hopefully will contribute to your healing.
    I have many of your Groovi plates but am missing out on the Floral Baby Plate Parchlets, not for long though, haha. You help and inspire me whenever I watch and record your programs Clarity. Following (copying) your samples but also being brave enough to go “solo” with my own designs from the plates.
    Unfortunately I don’t have the wherewithal or technology to post pictures of my cards but they are always well received and admired. More importantly I like the way they turn out, some even have “unintended” butterflies, if an “oopsie” is good enough for Tina, it is good enough for me! Thankyou Tina for helping me make exceedingly good cards.
    Get better at your own pace, believe in yourself, you are beautiful inside and out, generous in heart and spirit. Know that you are loved and well thought of.
    Spring and the light nights are on their way, the birds are singing, the snowdrops are blooming and very soon that little bit of green will be breaking on the boughs of shrubs and trees. What better time to take a fresh look at life’s uplifting wonders. (This does not extend to the two squirrels who are intent on digging up my tulip bulbs!)
    From me to you, I am sending love, strength and best wishes down the wires.
    Things WILL get better sweetheart. xxx

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