Good Day? Growing Day…

Good Day? Growing Day…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Well, as the sun sets, the moon rises, and this day draws to a close, I ask myself: what did I learn today? Well, I learned that you can’t put soluble Solpadeine in your Kambukka water bottle. (I know what it rhymes with too!)

Prep wasn’t going well, the Pergamano show is looming at 8am on Thursday, and – in the words of 70’s Blockbusters Sweet – I haven’t got a clue what to do! The headache had crept up on me, so I thought I’d pop a couple of tablets into my water container. Wrong move! It emptied the entire contents over the workspace. Everything was swimming!

Paul to the rescue with paper towels and a little chuckle….

We all know that parchment doesn’t like water, right? Well it isn’t that partial to being hosed down by a Solpadeine mix either, I can tell you!! Rescued my parchment sample – if it’s even worth rescuing is another matter! So there we are. We have good days and growing days, don’t we? And today was definitely a growing day!

I hope you can tune in to check what was a-swimming around today on HOCHANDA TV , Thursday at 8am. Too early? Tell me about it!! We have to be at the studios at 6am!! And we have to travel up the evening before to set the counter up. So if you think it’s too early for you, spare a thought for us.

It’s Dave’s birthday Thursday, too! So he said he’d come with. Paul will take over at 12 noon and 4pm, so we can go do something celebratory. Teamwork and all that jazz…

Must get back to it. Parchment craft takes as long as it takes. And it takes even longer if you waste 6 hours.

Love & hugs,

Barb xx

22 thoughts on “Good Day? Growing Day…

  1. Hope you feel better soon Barbara. Have you tried pure Lavender oil rubbed on your forehead. Works wonders for me.

  2. You do make me laugh, Barbara. I can definitely see exactly what you describe. Bec says to remember never to put hot water into pressurised containers either. I look forward to the shows on Thursday. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  3. oh no , hope you managed to sort everything out . love the look on Pauls face . will record the 8am show ,not because its to early but I will just be finishing work after 4 am start. home about 8.30 … looking forward to the shows I always find this one very informative . Received Linda’s book its brilliant

  4. I am sure whatever you do will be brilliant. Hope the headache is a little better now. I agree with the earlier comment about lavender oil. Have an early night and chill. Thursday will be whatever it is but I am sure it will be the usual fabulousness. Xx

  5. Sorry to hear you have had such a rotten day. Nothing worse than a looming headache when you are trying to get important stuff done. I bet there were a few choice words when the water exploded over your work !!
    Hope you manage to have some down time at pottery tomorrow before heading up to Oundle. I am sure that it will all come together by 8am Thursday morning & then you can leave it all to Paul & take Dave to celebrate his birthday. Thursday is also my Mom’s birthday – we celebrated 4 family birthdays on Sunday with a family lunch.

  6. I hope your headache has improved Barbara. Good luck on Thursday and just go with the flow. Enjoy celebrating with Dave. Safe travels xx

  7. Don’t worry, put the goodies on and they will sell themselves ! Just show us the design team samples and halve a chat with us instead. X

  8. Just do what you used to do when everything sold out except for the ink pads & wing it! I always learnt so much from those impromptu demonstrations!
    Try & have a early night, if you can sleep with all the fireworks xxx

  9. Oh no we all have days like we are having one of those months been tough . Hope your heartache is easing or even gone big hugs will be watching Thursday hope your having a nice relaxing evening lots love xxx

  10. Well if you can make the effort to be on TV at 8am then I am sure I can manage to watch. Looking forward to it and I bet you are brilliant.Early start for me tomorrow as our little grandson arrives early to spend the day with us. His little smiling face makes it all worth while. xx

  11. The look Paul’s face is priceless. So glad he was there to help you out.
    Don’t fret about Tuesday’s show, it will be great whatever you do. Love the look of the trees and can see another sellout coming.
    Try to get a good night’s sleep tonight, early to bed, (Horlicks and a cuddle helps) but no cocoa or chocolate if you want to shoo that headache away.
    Will set the alarm for the 8am show and watch it with my breakfast.
    Hope you feel better tomorrow.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  12. Hope the headache is better now and you get a good night’s sleep. Looking forward to Thursday’s shows, I’m sure all will be fine so dont stress! Safe journey and Happy Birthday to Dave…celebrate in style xx

  13. & Breathe………………..
    Tomorrow is another day, Hopefully everything will fall into place (not solphadine & water!) and I am pretty sure Thursdays show will be as fab as all the Clarity shows are!
    Sleep well.x

  14. Wing it Barb, as long as you have the products and the design team samples you’ll be fine, I’m sure Paul will have some ideas. Thought it must be near Dave’s birthday as it’s usually around NEC time. Happy Birthday Dave for Thursday. Hope your headache has gone Barb, you need to relax more and delegate more. Bless

  15. I Googled why you take Solpadeine & read this:
    “This medicine is available without prescription, but you still need to use Solpadeine Headache Tablets carefully to get the best results from them.” 🤦
    Who knew?😜

  16. Hi Barb, hope you managed to get rid of the headache and rescue the parchment piece. Safe travels today then up to the studios. Take care all. Bx

  17. I hope the headache passes soon. Try to keep the demos simple and mindful then they will help you to relax and encourage others to try! I personally think the very complex parching skills are probably best learnt in a small workshop or through a dedicated video as it takes time and patience to master them. By all means show completed samples to inspire others and explain how they are done but take some of the pressure off for your live shows – they must be stressful enough! Could your DT do video snippets? Be kind to yourself Barbara xxx

  18. Sounds like a nightmare of a day. No wonder you had a headache. Hope you got a good night’s sleep and have a nice relaxing journey up to Hochanda. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hx

  19. Today is a new day – shake off yesterday’s frustrations, fresh eyes and all that jazz. Hope you’re head is feeling better. I have been given the same recommendation for Lavender oil too, prefer the natural approach if at all possible. I also switched to decaff when I was really poorly with acid reflux, I haven’t looked back. Safe drive today, all will be well xx

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