Just walk away!

Just walk away!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Wednesday’s blog from the heart, right?

On my way out the door to pottery, and then off to Peterborough, to be there early doors tomorrow for the 8am Pergamano show.

Do you ever start a piece of artwork, and it just isn’t coming together? Of course you do! It is the lament of the crafter! Well, it was my turn yesterday. I was working on a demo for tomorrow, and it was just rubbish. It looked so good in my head, but in reality, it was pants. I kept going. And going. And going. I really should have stopped, had a cup of tea (aka removed myself from the crime scene to regroup and work out a new strategy), and then moved forward. But time is of the essence, and I didn’t want to waste any.

When I had finally completely bodged it, I was hours in, my neck was killing me, I had a banging headache and was not a happy camper. Then to crown it all, as I told you yesterday, I sprayed the whole area down with a Solpadeine mix. Sound familiar? You’ve got to laugh, haven’t ya?

“Oh Gosh” I exclaimed, “how unfortunate!”

So. Yeah. Followed my own advice. Stopped. Took a break. Reset my head. Started again.

And then it was fine. The head was fine. And the result was fine. It’s no masterpiece, but it will do the job just fine.

The most important thing was to walk away. Not even for long. Just long enough to rightsize the situation. It’s a piece of parchment! It’s one hour on Telly. It’s so early most people will be asleep anyway! Lighten up Gray! I said. Nothing that time and a little patience won’t sort out. Reality check.

When we were at the NEC I bumped into an old friend. A really dear old friend. Every year, June comes along with her Mum. This year she was alone. As soon as I saw her, I knew. Cathy had passed away in May.

Mmm. As I was saying, reality check.

So I’m off to pottery now. Missed it last week because of the NEC. No big deal, but I’m looking forward to it today! Christmas presents to make.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

24 thoughts on “Just walk away!

  1. Think it is that old addage Barb, practice what you preach. You always say to all of us, stop, walk away and then go back and look again!! I do try and stick to it but it is hard, especially when time is short. I am sure, as I said yesterday, that it will all be alright on the night (or morning in your case). 😁😁 Enjoy your pottery class and have a great day tomorrow at Hochanda and with Dave. Xxxx

  2. Pottery will do your mind good. Its something you enjoy and that you choose to do! Makes a big difference in making a choice or having to do something!
    Safe travels to Peterborough later.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Happy pottering Barbara. I hope it all goes well. Safe journey later. I hope the dreaded motorway is kind to you. xx

  4. This is all true Barbara.
    Many times I’ve made a mess of my work, carried on with no success.
    Nowadays a walk away, have a break & return & look at the work with fresh eyes. Everytime this definitely works.
    Enjoy your pottery & looking forward to the Pergamano Shows

  5. Hi there, I don’t need your samples to be perfect, lovely as that would be for you. I just need you to teach me the techniques and show me the samples. I’m sure everyone else is the same. There are times when nothing goes according to plan. When it all comes caving in on top of us, we do need to stop and take that reality check. As your brother said, 1 million people didn’t waken up this morning! I love seeing you do what you do but it is good to know that it can go pear shaped for you too! Gives me hope! Lol. Hope you have a lovely day at pottery and a good day tomorrow. Hang on in there! Hx

  6. A fresh pair of eyes and a break however short or long is invaluable for a fresh perspective. Have a lovely creative afternoon at Pottery x

  7. Hope your pottery day clears your head. As everyone says we don’t expect perfection just love watching what you do . And I bet if most of us saw what you call rubbish we would see a brilliant piece of art that we could only dream of creating

  8. Happy potting our Barbara and please just for this one time stop being so hard on yourself. We just love seeing what you do and as someone else has said it don’t need to be perfick!
    Get out of your head with your potting, it will do you good. Safe travels x

  9. Barbara, whatever you do nothing is ever bad and any way we love it when a teacher makes a boo boo. It gives the rest us hope. If we were all perfect all the time it would be a very boring world. I am sure all your prep for the show will be inspiring, we just need to be given some of that Gray magic to help us on our crafting journey.
    Glad the headache disappeared and you are feeling more chipper today.
    Enjoy your pottery this afternoon and then have a safe journey with Dave to Peterborough later.
    Love and hugs, 🍒🍒🍒

  10. Hi Barb, enjoy the pottery – tomorrow will flow seamlessly. If it’s not perfect so what! we all understand especially given the amount of time you have had to prepare after the NEC. Even you Barbara are ‘only human’ like the rest of us and we appreciate all the techniques, hints and tips you give. Try and get a good night’s rest as we don’t want you burning yourself out or you won’t be fit to enjoy part of the day with the Birthday Boy.

  11. Glad you’ve made your pottery class today – I’m sure it did you the world of good! Safe travels and good luck with your shows tomorrow x

  12. This too shall pass😉 I’m looking forward to the shows and I’m sure you will be your usual professional self with a smile or two thrown in x

  13. I learn more from my mistakes than I do from all the rest, so I am happy to learn from yours as well – and you have put it right! So let us see both and how you changed it. It is quite intimidating to think any leader doesn’t have issues, as how can they understand ours? We are all better crafters for your honesty and that was your aim in the first place.

  14. Safe travel to Peterborough, glad you’ve had your pottery today and I hope it relaxed you and glad your headache has gone. Have a lovely relaxing time with Dave after your show. Look forward to watching.xxx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Glad you managed to clear your head.
    I bet your first piece of parchment was beautiful
    We are our own worst critics.
    Hope you enjoyed your pottery class and safe travels.
    Looking forward to the show. Hugs 🤗

  16. Hi Barbara
    I’ve finally managed to catch up! Sorry I’ve been missing, all ok, just life being hectic and getting in the way of craft! We didn’t manage the nec this year either, so I’ve really missed you. Sorry to hear you had one of those days yesterday. I hope going to pottery today helped clear your mind again. Safe journey to Peterborough. I’m hoping to catch the early show tomorrow, a bit of parchment calm before a busy session at work. Happy birthday Dave, I hope you both enjoy some down time together in the afternoon.
    Love Diane xx

  17. Its tomorrow already, dozed off after tea & now I am wide awake !! Sat watching Leonie doing her arty stuff with Yannis. Glad you made it to pottery & am sure your projects will be great. Not sure I will be there for 8am but have it on to record just in case. The DT sneaky peeks look fantastic as usual.

  18. Recorder set for tomorrow’s shows and no worries re ‘perfection’ who/what defines it?! I often have a ‘vision’ of how I’d like things to turn out and they seldom do…exactly…but that’s how we learn! All is/will be fine and hope you had a great time at pottery. Safe journey and Happy Birthday to Dave xx

  19. Hope pottery went well. All shows set for record . Thought I might get to watch 12 o clock and 4o clock live but will be finishing work for 8 am show ,just about to leave home now ☹️ , cold and dark outside , second one I’m letting robs dogs out and third picking Ebony up from school .. busy day . hope you had good journey , the shows will be amazing as always x

  20. Hello Barb, what you have said is very true, and not just when crafting either, work is the same. Hope you had a good time at pottery and arrived safely ready for the shows. I am sure that whatever demos you have prepared look good. Happy Birthday to Dave too. Take care all. Bx

  21. Hi Barbara, I had a morning like that yesterday. I must have spent nearly five hours trying to shadow a heart shape die, but like all crafters you perceiver until you master it. Pleased to say it turned out right. Take care.Norita.

  22. Hope you enjoyed pottery. I recently made a small vase and used one of Leone ‘s stencils on it. First I made an impression on the clay with it and then painted it after first firing then it was glazed. Very pleased with it.

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