Mad as a Hatter…

Mad as a Hatter…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Apologies for the late post. It will take a couple of days to get back on the early train again! The NEC certainly knocks the stuffing out of ya!

On the way to work through Edenbridge today, we were waiting at the lights, and look what was set up on the side of the road to the left!

A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!!

How cool is that?!? So I whipped out my phone, as you do, and took a quick pic. There’s a scarecrow competition in Edenbridge apparently, so as soon as we got home this evening, I went online and investigated further. What a hoot! Check these out…

Look at the eyes on this one!!

Harry Potter on the Quidditch broom!

Ahhhh. Look – miniatures…

This one’s waiting for a knee replacement….

This old witch made me laugh. I mean, who thinks of these things!!

And this old tabby is hilarious! Cellulite just took on a whole new meaning!!

I defy you to say this isn’t craft! Can you imagine the fun kids and folks have had creating these scarecrows?

How about getting involved in the voting? You don’t have to be an Edenbridge resident to vote! You just have to go to the facebook page and like the one you want to win! Go on. Join in! The makers will be thrilled when hundreds – nay, thousands of us – cast our votes all over the UK and the world!!! CLICK HERE TO VOTE. Just LIKE the one you would like to see win! I must be honest. I liked several of them!!

You may as well vote for one of these – at least you know your vote will count for something !!

And on that contentious vote-note, I shall stop for the day!

Until tomorrow.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

23 thoughts on “Mad as a Hatter…

  1. Very funny, we have Muston Scarecrow festival near Filey, North Yorkshire. Some very clever creative people. Unfortunately as Maggie said the link isn’t working but thanks for sharing x

  2. Fab scarecrows! I would have voted but the link didn’t work. I’ll see if I can find them.
    Hope you get time to relax a little after the NEC.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Voted. That poor guy can have my knee replacement with pleasure. I’d like very much to be able to give it away lol x

  4. Love these and if I did face book I would vote for the minis, so clever, or the one with the dodgy knee, looks like my totally discombobulated hubby when he’s been outside, or the witch as I used to dress up for the kids but they are all an inspiration and the crafty creators deserve medals.
    Have a good evening.

  5. Love these , as you drive through Hever past the castle they have quite a few , we have great fun spotting them , there are some very clever people about . Certainly brings a smile x😄

  6. Love them . Drive through Hever to see them as well . Works of art . They certainly make us smile when we spot them . X

  7. How lovely to see that old traditions are being kept going, albeit with a modern twist on design. What a delightful sight on your journey to work. I do hope that things like this are not lost.
    Another busy weekend ahead for you at Clarity, and straight after the NEC. I hope you have pottery on Wednesday, to give you a brain and body break!
    Take care. Hugs. Annette X
    PS. Erin was delighted to meet you on Saturday and very chuffed with her handshake. 😀

  8. These creations are brilliant, will try to vote afterwards. I think they still do this in the village where my daughter lives in Willoughby, we used to go up on the weekend when it was on. Bet you are shattered today after 4 days at the NEC it even takes it out of your customers coming up for 1 day and we’re just looking around. Wish I could of got there though. Hope the craft shows are on next year at Ally Pally really missed it not being on in

  9. The scarecrow festivals/competitions seem to be very popular now and there are some great ones. Will not vote for a bit just to see if they get a few more to vote on. Hope you took it easy at work today Barbara. x

  10. Just caught up with your blog & have voted for the scarecrows. Great idea & some fabulous entries – need to check back on the 17th to see if there are anymore. I should think you are shattered after 4 days – I was after just 1 day !!
    Take care – looking forward to Thursday’s shows.

  11. I love these local festivals. We went to a Well Dressing festival in Derbyshire years ago and I remember the beautiful floral displays still. Will go and vote just now x

  12. I have not used facebook before but I just had to vote. (See what influence you have). What a fab enterprise to get the community together. Great to meet you at the NEC on Friday and have a laugh about TV remotes. Barbara you are an inspiration. I was exhausted just meandering down the isles but you were just as vibrant & cheerful at the end of what must have been a very tiring and taxing day.

  13. Link works fine now and yes I voted . They are brilliant. A similar thing happens in a village near to us they certainly make you smile. Not surprised you are shattered must have been a busy few days, there was a good atmosphere there though and a few new stalls which was nice to see. xx

  14. Hello Barb, what a fun blog post, love them all, and your comments just set me off, will see if the voting is still open. Bx

  15. We have a scarecrow competition in Kingsley too, there are some great entries this year was book characters don’t know what we will get next year but ideas are already forming!

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