A Hairy Gelpress trick!

A Hairy Gelpress trick!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Yeah, I know. Hairy Gelpress sounds a bit gross! But if you have ever cleaned the hair out of a drain filter, then you’ll be able to cope with this! YUCK!!! Haha. All in the name of art.

Saturday’s blog a new technique, right? So here’s how it works. You are using fusible fibre to do something completely different with a butterfly. You do the job, prep all the steps for telly, and then pack it all away ready-to-go. You turn around to your desk, and you’ve left a little mount of fusible fibre on the counter. Too much to throw away in good conscience, even though the new Bumper bags are 50 grammes, but you can’t be arsed to unpack all the ready-to-go TV prep, just to add the hairy mound to the stash. If it were edible you’d just eat it, but it’s not. Gets in your teeth. So. What else can you do with fusible fibre….

Let’s try a different colour, in fact let’s forget about prep for an hour and have a hairy intermezzo.

Time to see how it stamps up…

Vermillion Archival. Very noice! Very noice indeedy!

Right, Here’s how you clean the fibres off your Gelpress. Lick the palm of your hand and wipe it clean! Hey hey!! Don’t tell me you’ve never done that when you wanted to get rid of some fluff on your jumper!!

And on that happily gross note, I shall love you and leave you. Listening to a marvellous book at the moment. The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane Setterfield. It’s just getting gripping. She writes so well! I am tempted to buy the paper back; it feels like a book one should read rather than listen to. But then again, I can’t read and drive – and I want to finish it on the way to the TV studio tomorrow!

Life is so busy, I will NEVER get it all done.

Get what all done?


Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

See you tomorrow, 2-4pm HOCHANDA and 6pm with the Mega Picot flower launch xx

23 thoughts on “A Hairy Gelpress trick!

  1. Love it, hairy Gelli is a must to try especially as it comes off so easily which was my first thought when I read your earlier steps! Been playing with alcohol ink and my Gelli this afternoon so as it’s out I might give it a whirl. Looking forward to the new stamps and watching your demos tomorrow. Safe journey, enjoy your book. Xx

  2. What great idea I can see new experiments on geli plate craft coming up hehe anyways safe travelling tomorrow not to many closures on A14 A1 area enjoy rest of your book xxx

  3. Now I do like that effect, which of course you have made look so easy. Bet mine doesn’t look like that!! Hahahaha. Safe journey up to the studios and enjoy the shows, I know I will. Xxxx

  4. A beauty indeed, Barb. Love it. The dragonfly looks so 3D too. Now I know what I can do with my ever growing pile of wee cut off bits of yarn and crochet cotton, and cross stitch fabric threads, and maybe even the tiny scraps of fabric, I knew there must be some use for it all…!!! Hope you have a safe journey up to Hochanda, and enjoy your audio book. Do you ever wish for a traffic jam because you’ve got to a good bit?!!! I look forward to seeing you on telly and what you have to offer, and show us. And, yay, I can watch the 8pm show live now. Well, if I remember I’m able to, that is…!!! Love you xxx

  5. We are in for a real treat tomorrow it seems. Shows set to record just in case we get interruptions – I hate to miss a new technique. The OH is crying already as he knows I will be buying 😪
    Have a safe journey tomorrow.

  6. Great effect with the gelpress. Love how you come with new ideas. Safe journey tomorrow & enjoy the final chapters of your book.
    I have done all the ironing so I plan to sit & watch all the programmes tomorrow. I have them on to record as well just in case but also to refer back to.

  7. Loving the hairy effects you got! But you’ve now got my brain in overdrive thinking of other stuff to add to the Gelli plate to get a different look!
    Great to see Dave, Paul, Maria, Heather, Sam and Amber at Port Sunlight today. I do like that little show.
    Safe travels tomorrow! Looking forward to the shows!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  8. As long as you didn’t lick your fingers after!!
    Looking forward to the programmes. Full marks for customer service to Louisa who sorted me with the embroidery guides for the plates I bought at Leyburn. Clarity cant be neaten thank you!!
    Love Chris xx

  9. Very cool background technique today – thanks for taking us through this step by step. Might have a go with some thread bundles too at some point. Just started my second book of my holiday by Toni Morrison who also writes really well. X

  10. Hi Barb,
    What a clever technique, love the ‘celestial’ look. I could just see that done in black behind the town house stamp! I could even be inspired to get out my gel press and fusible fibres! Really looking forward to the shows over the next couple of days – for once I am so looking forward to the stamps. Have a safe journey and hope you get your book finished. Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  11. Brilliant step by step wouldn’t have thought to do that. Safe journey’s Barb, looking forward to watching you on Hochanda.xxx

  12. That looks fab. Safe trip and enjoy the end of your book. Thanks for the recommendation x x. Have a good time tomorrow.

  13. What a fab background Barb who would have thought that the fusible fibres would make such a great pattern and lovely in all of the colours too, and the dragonfly fair leaps off the page…so pretty! I hope you manage to finish your audio book tomorrow going to the studio. x

  14. What a great technique- will have to give this a go and include in a workshop!
    I’ve just read Once Upon A River by Dianna Setterfield- that also is a brilliant book.
    Hope all goes well at HOCHANDA. xx

  15. What a fab way to create different backgrounds, you could it with wool, cotton and all sorts, save the cuttings from a hair cut lol……Maybe not the last one.
    Well I shall now watch today’s shows on catch up as hubby is hogging the tv watching football.
    Just back from a lovely sunday lunch out with my Mum, it would have been my mum and dad’s 48th Wedding Anniversary today so I wanted to do something nice for my lovely Mum, first anniversaries are always the hardest xx

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