Good job I’m married!

Good job I’m married!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. It’s 8.30 pm. Been up here in my little cubby hole aka artroom, beavering away at prep since 7.30 am. No need to cook; Dave’s up in Port Sunlight. No need to even go indoors really, except to put the kettle on or powder me nose, as they say! I’m in good company here, with Wurka and Hollick – they’ve definitely moved in. The minute they knew Dave was away, those two pesky gits showed up at the door. It’s ok though; I’m always so much happier when I’m well prepared, when I have a plan. Couldn’t do it without one!

I was thinking today. Stupid thing to say really. When am I not thinking? The day I stop thinking will be the day I stop breathing! Anyway, I was thinking about the fact that I have been doing this 2 hour live TV slot on the first Sunday of the month for a helluva long time! If I could remember when the very first TV show was it would help! I know it was a Thursday morning in May, and I know the presenter was Martin Parker. But the year eludes me! What do you reckon? 10 years? Or longer? How we have managed to come up with new products and designs every single month for a decade is pretty baffling! And this Sunday, the new Cherry Green designs are just gorgeous. I could do 10 live hours on these easily. Beautiful. I even started pattern building at one point! It was like putting on an old comfortable pair of slippers…

Here’s something interesting. On my Facebook Barbara Gray Artist page (please go over there and press like if you haven’t! Unless of course you don’t like. Which would lead me to ask you why you are reading my blog! But that’s another issue, isn’t it…). Anyway, on that page, I asked folks whether they were stampy, Groovi, or both. Then today, I asked my dear friend Brenda McCaw to kindly take a count – and the results were very surprising. Ready? This is what she wrote, which was very humorous!

Votes are in, counted, and not verified.  The results are as follows:

In alphabetical order, the votes for each candidate are as follows

Total number of votes – 452

Number of spoiled ballot papers – 3 (there’s always some folk who don’t read the rules…)

Both – 78

Groovi – 90

Stampy – 281 (plus my vote!)

How about that then?! So even though Groovi generates so much of our business nowadays, the people who follow me on Facebook are predominantly stampers! Velly intellesting…

Thanks Brenda! Great Job!

I’m going to lock Wurka and Hollick in here for the night, and go eat something, before I go weird.


Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

32 thoughts on “Good job I’m married!

  1. I reckon you have probably been on telly for at least 15 years. Really looking forward to seeing your demos with the Cherry Green stamps. I think we are in for a real treat.

  2. Fab work and designs just keep coming from ourselves love um all just getting back into stamping been hooked on groovi for so long…recently had the floral alphabet stamps amazing. Keep up the good work. I would love a job in crafty world would be a dream …take care keep doing what u do us the best xxx

  3. Great you have been able to shut ‘Wurka and Hollick’ away. Interesting how things have progressed over the time you have been demonstrating the 2 hour slot. I often wonder how you come up with new ideas. Your team have evolved with you and you have such a variety of designers now.
    Hope you sleep well and wake refreshed in the morning.

  4. Sorry, Barbara, I can’t help with when you were first on the television because I was a bit late to the Clarity party I’m afraid! What I do know is that it was because of you I dared pick up a stamp and a brayer. Much to be thankful for there although my bank manager might not agree!
    I was quite surprised at the results of the poll…I really thought Groovi would be the winner…but it’s stamping all the way for me 🙂 x

  5. Yup my vote went with stampy can’t beat a bit of Barbara on a Sunday showing us new stamps. My sofa spot is pre-booked. Well done Brenda for counting the votes. Xx

  6. I can’t remember when you first came on tv but I do remember being excited cos it meant I could watch you demo more than a few times a year at Port sunny, harrogate and doncaster dome.

    Tell those two baddies to bog off and leave you alone . I shall give Dave a hug tomorrow for you xx

  7. I have been watching you on television since I retired, 11 years ago. Although I am not, and never have been a stamper, I have always loved to watch you making such wonderful art. Of course, I am now a Groovi addict, so have even more to enjoy.
    Please kick those pesky visitors into touch and have a good night’s sleep. Take care and hugs. Annette X

  8. My favourites are decoupage and dies I don’t stamp or do groovi but never miss your blogs or shows makes me sound a bit weird I know

  9. Nae worries Barb, happy to help. My autistic brain has its uses eh! Mind you, I think I’ll be going to sleep tonight and my head will still be going – stamp, stamp, groovi, stamp, both, stamp, stamp stamp…!!!
    I remember your very first show, clever corners, and you were sooo nervous. I was willing you calming reassuring thoughts, I felt so sorry for you, and so connected to you. I’ve never ever missed a show of yours in all those years! As for how you do it every month for all those years, you have an amazingly creative and innovative mind, and a sixth sense to just know what we all want. Whether we know it or not beforehand, we certainly know we need it when we see what you have to offer us!!! I hope you keep Wurka and Hollick locked up tomorrow too, so you can have a day off. Maybe your dad has worked out his remote controls by now, and he can help you find something to watch on your telly with your feet up!!! Hope you have a good sleep, love you xxx

    1. From one Brenda to another – thank you! 💐
      I am so pleased stamping came out on top. I always look to see if you have commented on Barbara’s blogs, smiling, laughing or sometimes sad with you.
      You are always very genuine and caring in our Clarity community.

  10. Go and feed yourself and then relax a bit!
    I am off to Port Sunlight tomorrow so I will of course pop to see Dave and the clarity gang! I have a little list of things I need!
    Looking forward to watching your shows on Sunday. It must be longer than 10 years now.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  11. Watched you from the show where you were pattern building and haven’t missed a show since.
    I do Groovi for pleasure but stamping for speed. Of course colouring is essential to both, preferring pencils to other mediums.
    I’m finding the dies and your super papers make 10 minute cards a doddle. So – for me it’s Clarity all the way – couldn’t be without it.
    Hope works and Horlick are safely tucked away for now. Sleep well.

  12. Gotta be at least 12 years and every show is still as good as the first, no, wait, even better. Of course stampy won, it is what you do best after all. Mind you, you do everything pretty darn well I reckon. Hope you have eaten and kicked those two pesky eejits out too. I shall be watching on Sunday, looking forward to it. Xxxxx

  13. Not sure when you started TV as I was not into this wonderful craft back then. It was some time later I think that after watching several of your shows I thought about giving it a go. Well the rest is history as they say. The stamps for Sunday are great so bound to be a great show and I bet your artwork is fabulous. xx

  14. Hope Worka & Hollick have gone off to bed for the night & that you have had something to eat by now. It surprising how quickly the hours fly by when you get engrossed in any craft work. I remember the pattern building & I have some of the early stamps that we had for the Classroom sessions but can’t pinpoint a year!!

  15. Well I reckon it’s at least 15 years as I started watching crafts on the telly in about 04/05 and decided to start doing cardmaking after this myself, and you had been on a while I think, and I do remember your pattern building and brayering your clever little scenes. I got hooked, although I didn’t start stamping properly until 2013 and that’s a whole other Hope you can dismiss W and H shortly to at least have a bit of time to relax before Sunday. The results of the poll surprised me too, I definitely thought groovi would be in the lead, but I’m pleased that at least most of those that visit here still prefer their stamping x

  16. I’m really shocked that there weren’t more Groovi votes! I absolutely am hooked, like stamping too but am not that good at it, maybe need more practise but then him in doors and the Bank Manager would gave something to say! Keep doing what you are doing Barbara, you are a true inspiration so glad I found Clarity! Xx

  17. Morning Barbara, hope you managed to lock up those 2 pesky gits and are having some rest before your shows tomorrow. Been stamping for 22 years now and started watching UK craft telly in Germany (online) almost 9 years ago now. It was in fact my dear friend Carol who introduced me to craft telly and especially Clarity. Watched one of your Classroom shows and was hooked. Been a fan ever since and am really looking forward to your shows tomorrow. Those new stamps look fab! Beautiful! As for the vote, Brenda really did a super job counting them all. Haven’t been able to come on FB much lately and so missed the voting but the result hasn’t surprised me. I would have voted stampy too.
    Keep up the great work Barbara but don’t forget to have breaks. Hugs Heidi xx

  18. Hello Barb, hope you’ve managed to get some rest !!!
    Even though I’m not a stamper and don’t do a great deal of die cut cards since GROOVI entered my life 🙂 I watch all Clarity programs for the info and fun and love reading your blog.
    Your an amazing inspirational women and I’m so glad I’ve found you and Team Clarity.
    Am sure the weekend shows are going to be great, recorder set. Xx

  19. I’m guessing I’m one of the spoiled ballots! You could still understand what my preference was anyway!

  20. ‘nuvver one who has followed you since we (my friend and I) ‘found’ you demoing at savacentre in Gillingham and then in a Mall in Tunbridge Wells -we drove down from South London then and we both have the corner stamps we bought wway back then,. I also have green stamp pad that comes out every Christmas, brand almost rubbed off – bought at the same time! Still watch your shows all the time. I wondered if Stencils and Dies might be in the next poll? I love them both, especially stencils as they are so versatile. Will be watching along with everyone else, tomorrow.

  21. ‘nuvver one who has followed you since we (my friend and I) ‘found’ you demoing at savacentre in Gillingham and then in a Mall in Tunbridge Wells -we drove down from South London and we both have the corner stamps we bought way back then. I also have green stamp pad that comes out every Christmas, brand almost rubbed off – bought at the same time! Still watch your shows all the time. I wondered if Stencils and Dies might be in the next poll? I love them both, especially stencils as they are so versatile. Will be watching along with everyone else, tomorrow.

  22. Well done Brenda! You can do a Facebook poll though Barbara next time you want to test an idea or response. Glad stamping came out tops. I remember your first shows with the clever corners and corset stamp – must be more than 10 years ago, surely? Good luck on the telly tomorrow too – I’ll be with you in spirit but reading by the pool or playing boccia in reality! X

  23. Hello Barb, well you have been here a long time, and I hope it is even longer. I think I recall your first show, and many others since then. I remember when your DVDs were launched. Sellouts. Well done for doing the count Brenda, not an easy task. Take care all. Bx

  24. I first came across you in person at a chilly Open Day in Lingfield, courtesy of a lovely craft shop, now sadly not operating. It must have been about 12 years ago. You demonstrated to me and a few others your signature landscapes using your brayer for hills and then, as if by magic, created paths with elastic bands and added stamping. It was far more impressive than most of the other demos and took my breath away. I managed eventually to achieve the hills but never quite the paths. Stamping is still my first and greatest love but stencilling comes a close second. I try to resist Groovi most of the time but have small amount of kit, and I’ve started with the dies to justify my spending on a Gemini machine, as a result of your and Paul’s enthusiasm. I do remember your first TV show but not when. You so deserve your success. x

  25. I was there Barb with you and Mr Parker on your first TV show and watched 99% of them ever since. Thank god for the record button. You have got me through some very very tough personal times . I remember the first time you said “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and “you can add but you can’t take away”

    I remember the first show you did with Leonie – she was so star struck – and of course the infamous shrink
    Plastic with Dean, what a double act you made.

    You are my inspiration.

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