It’s Competition Time!!!

It’s Competition Time!!!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Sorry I’m so late. Long day today. It’s artweek at work. That means this week we are forward planning for the next New Design Club year. Picking designs, designing designs! Stamps, stencils, Groovi, Dies – the works!! Very very strenuous, but also rewarding and fun with the team.

So how about a competition today? Fancy winning a £25 gift voucher? I just made a simple little card for you…

.. and now I wonder whether you can tell me how I made it. Can you email me a step by step? List the name of the stamp, how I used it, which ink pads I used, how I made it glossy, and so on. Send your answers to me at

The person closest to the truth will receive the gift voucher. Somebody will win! So you’ve got to be in it to win it, right?

I will announce the winner on Saturday, so you’ve got all day tomorrow to figure it out!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

9 thoughts on “It’s Competition Time!!!

  1. That’s beautiful Barb. As for the competition, I think I know the basic steps, it’s the inky bit that has thrown me, and defo no idea which ink pads as I don’t have them. But I’ll have a wee think, and maybe a wee try out, even if I don’t email in. But that’s for tomorrow, head has had enough for today. Sounds like you have had a positive week at work, getting a big box ticked.
    Hope you have your feet up now… Love you xxx

  2. I would love to, but as a Groovi only gal, I don’t have a clue. It does look gorgeous though and good luck to those who enter.
    Sleep well. Hugs. Annette X

  3. Wow that looks so good. Will have a think about the colours ( that’s the tricky bit) & try & think of the steps in the correct order.
    Look forward to seeing what you have lined up for us next year. 2020 !! where has 2019 gone to.

  4. Need to think this one out Jin morning when more with it. Sound fun day but wow very busy and lots to do exciting though all those wonderful happy posts coming next year xxx

  5. Ruth Finn i do know how you did it but i have know idea of the stamp or stencil or ink, embossing . i live in Florida and it very hard to buy your beautiful thing but i watch you every day like YouTube i love all of your silly way and your amazing art i just want to let you know this is a great way to get people to know there art supplies have have a great cup of tea for me

    1. Hi Ruth, you’ll soon be able to buy Clarity products from in America. If you read the blog post titled “Take the High Road”, it will give you more details, and there’s a link for signing up to receive Clarity USA newsletter emails. You can find this post under’recent posts’ further up from here on the right hand side. I hope that helps. Welcome to the extended Clarity family xx

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