Floral Friends Fresh Cuts Half-Price SALE – Plus!

Floral Friends Fresh Cuts Half-Price SALE – Plus!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. We were in the new warehouse this afternoon, looking at the number of Freshcut dies on the shelves. And I thought to myself, we can do a weekend half-price sale on a set! That’s what I thought!! The thing is, you see, the dies are the one thing we don’t make ourselves. We design them, and the packaging and all that, but then we have a friend in China – and he really is a smashing bloke – just love working with him. However, because of the long turnaround time, and the shipping costs, we buy in high volumes so we don’t sell out, which is why we have got a lot in the cupboard. Makes sense to me anyway!

Anyway, enough woffle. The sun is shining, and I thought I would throw a little light on the most wonderful floral collection, designed by darling Mel.

The Floral Friends Complete Collection comes with a lovely little ii-book of projects too.

All 6 of the dies are available individually, and are reduced in price from £14.99 to £9.98 plus your club discount. But if you can swing it, then the large collection is down from £100.93 to £50.47. That’s half price – plus your club discount of either 10% or 15%. That’s what I call a serious bargain!


I did a simple step by step for you, to show you how fab they are, too. Took all of 10 minutes to do both pieces!

Dig out my floral friend folder (say that underwater!) and pick my fave… Marigold. Cut out of a black 6×6 card blank

But yes. Our Floral Friends Dies are delightful. If you haven’t got them, well now’s the time to invest. CLICK HERE to BUY

Until tomorrow,

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx


14 thoughts on “Floral Friends Fresh Cuts Half-Price SALE – Plus!

  1. Hubby and son are away for the weekend so my table looks pretty much like that!! Lovely gesture which I have taken advantage of! Thank you xx

  2. Already have the dies and book – well used. Love the demos.
    Very impressed with the big beige jug on your table. Did you make it?
    Received the floral alphabet stamps and numbers this morning. Housework got forgotten and I have had a fabulous day playing with them.
    Have a good weekend 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Hi Barbara and everyone, I have only one of these, but when cut out they are lovley, with some of the designer papers.
    May have to have a look at them.
    Just love these dies, the samples from the design team are amazing.
    Can anyone tell me the date of the craft show at the NEC in November????? As I have seen on the web some dates but has the name of the show changed.?????
    Thanks have a great weekend all.
    Lynn xxx

    1. Hi, the dates on the web are 31Oct-3Nov, if you visit the web site it gives a list of all exhibitors including Clarity.

      1. Hi Marie.
        Many thanks for your reply, just thought it was later in November the show was.
        Will check the web site for further details.
        Have a great weekend.
        Lynn xxx

  4. Hi Barb, thanks for the demo, love that paper, bright and happy. And another very generous sale. My halo remains intact, I’ve got lots of stash I’ve still not even used once yet…!!! As for your desk, never mind making anything, how on earth do you find anything?!!! That desk is an autistic persons nightmare! We each have a cut off point of what we can handle, go beyond that and we become overwhelmed with it, and get stuck – too big to tackle. So I need to be careful and make sure I keep my craft room, and house, tidy. Puts me off crafting at times, the thought of all the tidying up at the end, especially when my cfs is no so good. I’m good at sorting out other people’s big messes though, if you want to come get me…!!! I hope you have a good weekend. Love you xxx

  5. Ha! thought you’d snuck in and taken a photo of my desk for a minute! Amazing, isn’t it – no matter how much space we start with, we end up covering it with all sorts of junk / essential crafting supplies and trying to craft in a tiny space amidst all that chaos! At least, I know that’s what I’m like.
    Haven’t bought many of the dies so far (although Mum and I are in the New Design Club, so we get one a month) but this looks like a deal well worth considering …

  6. Wow that’s a fantastic offer bargain. I’m sure I have that set as was a beautiful set will double check. Love the little make you did and great instructions on how night xxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous offer on a beautiful set of dies. I have all of these and really do love them. I always have a stash of them already cut for when I need an emergency card! Those new petites look lovely as well – might have to have a close look at them next weekend. If anyone hasn’t got the dies and is thinking of taking advantage of the offer, I can truly recommend them – just gorgeous ( & even better at this price!). Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  8. Already have them and the book, absolutely beautiful these designs and love the fact that you get two cards from one, which I have been doing. The coaster is great idea too. You are so generous with your sales, I actually got the last 3 of these in another offer a few weeks ago. xxx

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