Coming up later….

Coming up later….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s Pottery day today, so I am off to potter shortly! But I am also really excited about the new Filigree Stamps and Groovi plates that our Maria is showcasing this evening at 6pm. They are right up my street!

So I did another little card this morning, using a painty scrap and the BEAUTY pair.

Time to go to pottery now. I was thinking about spending the afternoon on the wheel for a change…thing is, I also want to learn how to engrave a design in clay before it gets fired…it’s called Sgraffito. Choices! Now which one do you think I am going to go for? Only got 3 hours. Can’t do both….

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

Don’t forget to tune in to see Maria and watch her take on Mel’s Filigree Designs. 6pm. I think these will fly.

11 thoughts on “Coming up later….

  1. Enjoy your afternoon at pottery , I think you may well go for the etching . Think I’m going to start a card for my friends 60th birthday using the flower stamps . Recording Maria show tonight , more things to buy 😁😁

  2. I think these will FLY out the door. It will be interesting to see what Maria does with them.
    With your drawing skills I think you will go with etching today. Whichever you choose enjoy your afternoon.

  3. Have fun at pottery, think you might go for the putting designs onto the clay, but then again if you make some nice pots this week you could do the relief work next week. Loving these new stamps and will be tuning in for Maria at 6. XX

  4. You always come up trumps with your choice of inky scraps Barbara, and the bilberry with the cornflower and gold is gorgeous, and the bits of pencil work finish it beautifully. I also think you will opt for the sgraffito…what a lovely word for etching. x

  5. Hi Barb, love your artwork, the swirls really pop off the page. Thanks for sharing. Another step by step for me to learn/improve my shading. I hope you enjoyed your pottery class, whichever you chose to do xxx

  6. Another beautiful project today. Those colours work so well together. You chose to give yourself time for your new hobby so whatever you decide to do in class is just fine – enjoy x

  7. Your swirls have to be on your work so think on wheel to make beautiful pot to doing the etching of your wonderful swirls and it’s going to be amazing hooe you had lots fun in what ever you did xxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    I think you will go for the engraving. It’s a new skill for you to master, and you just love to learn new things.

    However, if this is something that you can learn next week, and you need some mindfulness relaxation, then maybe you will go for the wheel work.

    Whichever you decide to do, I know you will have great fun, which is the most important things.
    Love & Hugs

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