Throwback Thursday – Blog Blitz!

Throwback Thursday – Blog Blitz!

Hi there everyone!

Firstly, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that tuned in and supported the Pergamano shows today on Hochanda and well done to Yiannis, he did an amazing job!

Did you see the reaction from Yiannis when I told him the reason Linda couldn’t be with us today, was because she was in court! Sooooo funny!

I thought I would quickly check in with you all before leaving the studios and heading home. Talking of home, it won’t be long before Barb and Dave are back (where has that time gone?) so I thought it was time to be a bit naughty!

For those of you who use social media, you might have seen #TBT, the Throwback Thursday phenomenon. Basically, it’s a chance to reminisce and share something that happened in the past. So, I had the guys in the office go back through the archives and they came across Barbara’s Blog Blitz sale from Thursday 23rd November 2017 (which you can check out HERE if you want to)…

However, I thought to myself we can’t just remember the post! We’ve got to re-live the post. So, here it is. Your 24hr #TBT Blog Blitz sale. Just like 2017, this is an inks & sundries sale. We don’t sell everything we did two years ago, but we’ve still got a great selection for you, all with 25% off PLUS any member discounts you might have. How about that for a #ThrowbackThursday, then?

Was: £4.50
Now: £3.38|Gold Member: £3.04|Diamond Member: £2.87

Was: £4.49
Now: £3.37|Gold Member: £3.03|Diamond Member: £2.86

Was: £6.00
Now: £4.50|Gold Member: £4.05|Diamond Member: £3.83

Was: £4.00
Now: £3.00|Gold Member: £2.70|Diamond Member: £2.55

Was: 5.00
Now: £3.75|Gold Member: £3.38|Diamond Member: £3.19

Spot On Sponges
Was: £2.99
Now: £2.24|Gold Member: £2.02|Diamond Member: £1.91

Speedball Brayer
Was: £13.99
Now: £10.49|Gold Member: £9.44|Diamond Member: £8.92

WOW Embossing Powder
Was: £2.50
Now: £1.88|Gold Member: £1.69|Diamond Member: £1.59

Right, time for some food, not a burger tonight and head home!

Enjoy the #Throwback and Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Blog Blitz!

  1. Ooooh – you are naughty Paul, but so are all of us, so I’ll just head over to see what I might need myself!

  2. Great shows today and have added the lovely heart plate to my list for Leyburn. Not venturing not the ‘blitz’ but some great bargains for those who do! Hope all goes well for Linda at court, never been called up myself but I dare say it’s an interesting process. Have a good weekend Paul, hope you get time to put your feet up a little!

  3. Great shows today, I loved the rapport between you and Yiannis, he did so well. I am sure that many beginners will have appreciated your teaching.
    The design team excelled themselves again and yes I bought the plate and some more brads so I am once again at the top of the naughty stairs. I may be able to redeem myself as I had all the other plates on the show so my spend was low. In addition most of the TBT items I use are sitting comfortably in the craft room.
    Enjoy your evening.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Great shows yesterday – I thought you did really well! DT were beautiful. Yiannis did really well, he is so enthusiastic . The Blitz has some great offers and like Sarah, I must be really naughty as I have all of these. Good news for my wallet though! Love Alison x

  4. Hi Paul, thanks for being naughty!!! I don’t need any of these, so my halo remains intact! I tried to watch your shows, but my head struggled with you teaching Yiannis instead of us, guess it must be an autism thing. I’ll be watching on Saturday though, can’t wait for this… Hope you had lots of sell-outs.

    I watched Sam’s youtube – gelli art cards, this afternoon. Even if Sam reads your blog she’s no going to be reading my comments. So, if someone who is reading this knows Sam, please can you say a big thank you to her from me. Her youtube found, and unlocked, another arty door in my head for me, one I have been aimlessly wandering around searching for. Gelli art cards is a pathway I can start on to who knows where it might lead. Please can we have more Sam youtubes of this type, where she shows the process by just playing, rather than doing a specific project, pretty please. I found this a really helpful way for me to learn. Or, does someone know if Sam does her own youtubes like this, and if so how do I get them? Thanks.
    Hope you get a wee rest before Saturday xx

  5. Glad to hear it’s not a burger tonight and you are heading home. Thanks for the offer but Clarity staff have too much on already by the sound of it.

  6. Hi Paul, what a great result for Throwback Thursday, would love to partake myself, but have to behave for a while. Hope you had your dinner and arrived home safely. Take care all. Bx

  7. I so enjoyed the shows, Paul! I always learn something new as well as being entertained. Being in the US, by the time I got to watching, the heart plate was sold out, but I kept putting it in my basket over and over and by the third show I was able to snag one! Yay!

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