THURSDAY 24 hour BLOG BLITZ – Ink Pads & Sundry

THURSDAY 24 hour BLOG BLITZ – Ink Pads & Sundry

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Well all you Stampers out there! 
This is YOUR day!
Ink pads. 
Adirondacks. Distress Ink pads. Artistry Ink Pads.Versamagic. Deluxe!
Yep. We are certainly having an Ink Pad Sale today!

 A 25% off sale

(pronounced addy-ron-dack)

These were discontinued a while ago, but we bought everything Ranger had left, because I rate them very highly.
The dilemma is this: 
when they are gone, we cannot replenish our stock. So invest!

Adirondack Ink Pads

£4.50  £3.38
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £3.04
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.87

£4.50  £3.38
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £3.05
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.88


These are a cross between distress pads and adirondacks.
We import them from India, and the colours are stupendous. 

Artistry Ink Pads

£4.49  £3.37
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £3.04
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.87

Chalk Pads. These are deluxe. Fantastic for stamping on card 
and most smooth surfaces actually.

VersaMagic Ink Pads

£5.50  £4.13
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £3.71
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £3.51
We have a whole bunch of miscellaneous ink pads,
all reduced by 25%
So hop on over the BLITZ PAGE
There may be something you fancy.
We also carry a whole load of top quality heat embossing powders which you may want to stock up on…

20% off
Embossing Powders

£4.00  £3.20
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £2.88
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.72

20% off
£17.35  £13.88
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £12.49
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £11.80
£11.99  £8.99
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £8.09
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £7.64

Card and Canvas Boards. Our card and canvas boards are all Clarity-branded, and will be in the GRAY FRIDAY SALE which starts tomorrow. But at 33% off. So best to wait for the card and canvas boards then, eh!
Over to you, Virgil!
Rosie and Paul are up in Peterborough at HOCHANDA, launching a beautiful collection of Groovi Plates, 
designed by Linda Williams herself.
So I hope you can tune in to see them in action. 
Anything launched in NOVEMBER will not be included in the GRAY FRIDAY SALE.
Love & Hugs.

21 thoughts on “THURSDAY 24 hour BLOG BLITZ – Ink Pads & Sundry

  1. Yet more temptations today Barb! Still in bed and already looking what's on offer today! I am thinking of the Adirondack ink pads, as I have set myself the goal in improving my stamping next year! And believe me, it really does need to improve! Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends, got here very late last night after quite a smooth crossing and a very long drive. Not planning on doing too much today. Mind you it will take a while to empty the car, it is very full! Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Glad you've arrived safely. I bet you're a heck of a lot warmer than we are – it's so cold here today, the wind is just icy! Mind you, at least it's stopped raining! Enjoy your time in Spain, love and hugs to you and Neill, Alison xx

    3. Hi Alison – yes, it's been a lovely day. Had lunch outside at one of our favourite bars, looking out to sea! That was after I put my order in for some Adirondack Ink Pads, and I have had an email to say that they are already on their way! Amazing! Just about to find my wish list ready for tomorrow – love and hugs Gilly xxx

  2. I love the new Groovi plates that have just been released, very clever lady Linda. Waiting to order mine with my Gray Friday order save you a little bit of p&p maybe. Got to wait til Christmas though to use them, Fred was very quick to say he would buy them. Think you saved some head scratching there, he does struggle with present buying. So many wants this week, thank-you for all the wonderful offers. xx

  3. Just sitting watching Paul doing Groovi on TV – so relaxing and your fantatic design team never fail to amaze me with their samples. I was looking for a craft knife the other day and found a whole lot of pergamano tools! Don't know why I have them, as I've never done parchment work, but I did love learning the pricking and snipping at your workshop, so maybe I'll do some in the new year!!! x

  4. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant offers again. My order from Monday arrived today which was a very pleasant surprise, thought it would be a longer wait during sale , so thank you to all the team for such brilliant service again. Shows on tv have been great as well. DT samples superb as ever. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all keeping warm and dry. Very wet here overnight and this morning and absolutely freezing today. Looking forward to the sale tomorrow – cushions at the ready! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison, blowy and a tad chilly down south with some sun. Had a text from Emma at lunchtime to say it's snowing in Aberdeen! Winter woolies needed I think! Sending hugs xxx

  5. Monday's order arrived today, thanks so much to everyone involved in getting things out so quickly! Have managed to save my money for the 'main event' took advantage of the great deal on Artistry Inks you had at Leyburn. Am loving the new plates from Linda and may just need to add them (totally understanding they're not part of 'Gray Day') to whatever order I make tomorrow. Everyone got their fingers poised and bank cards flexed? Xxx

  6. Thank you again Clarity for the voucher for winning last months challenge. I have just spent it and more on the sale, looking forward to all my goodies. Thanks again. Janet

  7. That's it. I'm on bread and dripping for the next six months. Christmas is cancelled – but I'll still be happy because I've just indulged in complete wish fulfilment for the past hour. Thank you Barbara, you've made a poor woman very happy… or a very happy woman very poor 😀 Been holding off on buying anything for months! Had to sit on my hands sometimes to stop myself clicking on the Groovi pages. Can't wait for the parcel to arrive. Might go and have another wee click. Who knows, I might have missed something… it's not worth taking the chance 😀 xx ps I think Grey Friday should be called Rainbow Friday, because that's more what it feels like!

  8. Hi Barbara
    Another brilliant offer, I'm tempted by the artistry ink pads but I'm trying to be good and wait for the main event! Cushions at the ready, one happy hubby because he knows he can buy things I will enjoy using and get pleasure from. I hope you've got a good supply of coffee, cake and biscuits in for the team working over the weekend, you are all superstars.
    Love Diane xxx

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