Time to get messy!

Time to get messy!

Hi everyone,

Ok, the day is almost upon me! Tomorrow I will be on Hochanda at 12noon and 4pm with the lovely Lou Withers who has recently joined the Clarity family.

If you have seen Lou on TV, you will know that she is so enthusiastic about the products she uses and really wants to share her knowledge of all things mixed media with us all. If you haven’t, then where have you been!

Here is a picture of Lou, me and Tina at Hochanda from a few weeks ago

For those of you who know me, you will know that my crafting style is clean and tidy (although my craft room would disagree!) I think that is one of the reasons why I love the Groovi system – no mess (apart from the debris of picot cutting!) Even when it comes to stamping, I prefer the crisp, clean, simple lines and application of colour.

I am always in awe when Barbara, Leonie and Lou (oh and our very own Sam Crowe) get all “arty” and create a piece of magic. I will watch them start to create something and it looks like they are just slapping paint and paste and other stuff all over the place, but when they have finished the journey – Wow!

So tomorrow, Lou and I are going to get messy together – I am starting to get scared! So I made a special purchase, do you think this will help?

I am going back to school – Lou is the teacher and I am the pupil. I told Lou that I did not want to see the finished projects until I arrive at the studio tomorrow (I want to get a good nights sleep and not be waking up in a panic!)

We will be getting creative with a brand new stamp set designed by our very own Dee Paramour, another of our talented mixed media specialists.

In addition to this, we will also be playing with some Clarity Characters (no, not the people in the office!) these lovely stamp sets illustrated by Barbara

Let me share some inspiration form the design team

Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour
Carole Panksztelo
Jane Telford
Linda Spencer
Barbara Lancaster
Julie Dunn
Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour

We will have some special prices on the 2 hours and also a giveaway for each hour. I do hope that you can join us both.

Time to go and chill before an early night!

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

16 thoughts on “Time to get messy!

  1. The new suit looks perfect. Messy is not my style but I do have some of the gear. Trying to work out how to use it cleanly. I’ll get there in the end.
    Safe journey tomorrow.

  2. What an inspiration from the DT. I like the look of the new stamps, plenty to play with there. I hope you survive the messiness Paul, it will be fun and you have a great teacher in Lou. Sleep well

  3. I missed the blog yesterday, so just want to say thank you for the Pergamano shows. I thoroughly enjoyed them all and love Linda’s new plate.
    Like you, my style is clean and tidy, so I have never been into mixed media. However, I do love to watch all those talented mixed media artists work their magic, so I shall definitely be watching tomorrow and bet that you will become a convert!
    I spent a happy afternoon today playing with my new Princess plates. I managed to mismatch the first attempt and put my embossing tool through the second, but I am putting it down to experience and after all, it is only a piece of parchment. Happy days ahead. Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Hi Paul, having watched Lou, methinks you’ll need more protection than that suit…!!! I only fairly recently discovered Lou on Hochanda, love her and what she does, I watch all her shows avidly and keep recordings of any that I think could help me move my crafting on from. I can’t wait for this tomorrow, going to get up sharp and make sure all my chores are done before 12 so I can watch. Oh, and maybe I’ll learn some more too…!!! Deep breath Paul, you’ll be fine, I’ve every confidence in you. Just think, you can get your revenge when you both do the rematch, Lou gets clean and tidy with Paul!!! There is going to be a rematch, isn’t there? Got to be… Best of luck xx
    p.s. I wonder if sales will be down during the shows because everyone is too busy watching you!!! They’ll make up for it, ordering after, I’m sure.
    p.p.s love, love, love Dee’s artwork

  5. The suit is a good beginning… I prefer clean and simple, though I like those new stamps. It would be a shame if we were all the same. Good luck.

  6. Hi Paul
    Just catching up with the week, you have been busy haven’t you. I’ve just set the box to record tomorrow’s shows as I think we are in for a treat. I think the suit might just stop you from getting too messy but anything can go with Lou around. I’m sure you will have lots of fun and many laughs.
    Love Diane x

  7. I’m teaching someone to bake tomorrow so we’ll be getting messy in the kitchen, but I’ll be recording the shows for later. Love the new stamps and fantastic samples – can’t wait to get mine!

  8. Good Luck Paul, I reckon you will be fine. I can understand your fear. The new stamps look great, Dee is very talented. I will be getting inky in my own way at one of maria’s workshops so will have to catch up on shows tomorrow night. xx

  9. Can’t wait to see what you and Lou get up to tomorrow! How handy that the weather will be bad and I have to stay indoors! I love the messy stuff, only because I always make a mess of things and can tell myself it doesn’t matter! Yet I am a perfectionist, maybe that’s why I always think are a mess! That suit may come in useful for all this awful weather. I cant imagine you will need it tomorrow with Lou πŸ€”πŸ‘€πŸ€£πŸ€£

  10. Can’t wait to see you in your suit !! just go for it & I am sure you will be fine, nothing to go wrong as everything is a happy accident ever art piece is different. You never know you may really enjoy yourself & take to it like a duck to water !!
    A return match sounds a great idea !
    Have put the shows on to record so I can refer back to them.

  11. Lovely samples. Really like the stamps too. I must admit I like clean cards, can’t seem to get on with messy although I have been trying to have a go. You’ll be fine tomorrow Paul.xx

  12. Looking forward to the shows and seeing what Lou has in store demo wise for youusing that fabby new stamp set. Enjoy the journey! Xx

  13. I’m well jel of you Paul. πŸ€“ Messy play with Lou….my idea of heaven. Any time you fancy swapping jobs just say the word & me and my stash will fly over from Melton Mowbray. I’d even bring you a pork pie. Fair swop I reckon.πŸ€—

  14. Oh wow Paul, what superb stamps and Artwork from the DT, hope you enjoy your day getting messy. Just put an apron and some gloves on and you will be fine πŸ™‚ Take care all. Bx

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