Let me introduce you – part 2 and a Winner!

Let me introduce you – part 2 and a Winner!

Hi everyone

Does anybody know what day of the week it is? Being up at TV Land is like being in a bubble!

A massive thank you to everyone that tuned into the various shows on Hochanda Sunday and today. Your support and comments have been amazing. I am guessing from the large number of purchases over the past 24 hours, the naughty step has been turned into a very long flight of stairs!!!!

The amazing One Day Special is just about hanging in, so no idea what will happen at 5pm! Josie has done an amazing job with her designs and demonstrations and taken the pressure off of me to do all the prep for 5 hours of TV – Thank You!

On Friday’s blog I posted a pic and asked you to come up with a caption – I have just been sitting here chuckling to myself reading all the comments. The other occupants of the green room think that I have finally lost the plot!!! (maybe I have!) Anyway, I have to choose a winner and the winner is…………..

Elaine Lewis – Congratulations.

“I don’t mind the naughty step but the naughty hat as well!!!”

Please contact the office and they will sort out your prize. I will give them one of the cards I made on Sunday to be sent out as well.

Last week, I introduced you to the lovely Jeannine.

The guys in the office have had a chat with two other members of the Clarity family! Allow me to introduce to you our wonderful Retail Team Leaders; Head of Retail Dispatch – Debbie (with an I), and Head of TV Dispatch – Jayne (with a Y).

Well, I hope you enjoyed that – two fantastic ladies!

Right, I need to make a plan with Josie for the 5pm show.

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

23 thoughts on “Let me introduce you – part 2 and a Winner!

  1. Hahaha lovely ladies! I’ve seen you working hard Debbie!
    Congratulations Elaine!
    Keep up the good work Paul, you are doing a fine job on the naughty step!

  2. How lovely to meet Debbie and Jayne. They look like fun to work with and obviously enjoy their jobs. Congratulations to Elaine and hope the last show goes well. x

  3. What a hoot! Love that clip. πŸ™Š
    New phrase I’ve learned today on Hochanda…….
    “embossed happy”
    Now I must pop some masking tape in my pink bag, or even buy another pink bag for all the extra stashπŸ™ˆ
    Praps one day I’ll win a competition & treat myself. Congrats Elaine, enjoy your prize. πŸ€—

  4. Hello Paul
    Thank you, it is lovely meeting the team and seeing a glimpse behind the scenes.

  5. Hi Paul, Monday all day today!!!

    What lovely ladies and such fun. I do hope Barb doesn’t greet them with their P45s on her return after that…!!! I’d love to see a youtube of a Clarity sports day, oldies against the youngies!

    I managed some crafting today, yay. Baby circles stencil and white paint, just hope they dry flat…!!! Could have had more crafty time, but thought I’d best try do some tidying up. Does my craft room look tidy after all that, that’ll be a no, but better than it was…!!! There must be some better way to avoid using crafty time on all the tidying up. Sadly my autistic brain doesn’t cope with mess, or things out of place, so I can’t just leave it all to pile up everywhere, which it sounds like a lot of you do!!!

    congratulations Elaine, enjoy your prize.

    Hope you can have a wee rest before Thursday , Paulxx

  6. Congratulations Elaine, great caption.

    Josie’s work and the DT samples are beautiful. Ended up placing 3 orders yesterday with Clarity. It’s getting very crowded and warm here on the naughty stairs. Just seen what is coming up on the Pergamano show so looks like I will be staying on them for some time to come.

    It is so nice to meet the team, they obviously enjoy their work. Are you going to go through the whole team? I do hope so.

    Have a good evening πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  7. Great to see two more faces, well three if you count Anna, who wasn’t wearing her flamingo top today. Have been crafting which is sooooo good when I am on holiday. Trying to reorganize the craft room too, need some new drawer units as the one I have is on its last legs and the drawers keep collapsing! Now some might say I have too much in them but I say they are just not made like they used to be! Looking forward to seeing another video from Sam Crowe tomorrow on YouTube Tuesday. XX

  8. What wonderful women. They must work very hard. As do you, Paul. The naughty flight will fill the warehouse when Barbara gets back. Congratulations, Elaine.

  9. Evening bloggy friends, arrgh drawers (as in chest of!) must get some new ones…I hate spending precious crafting budget on things like that. Xx

  10. Hi Paul
    Managed to catch the 9am show today, what beautiful plates and lovely design team samples again. I’ve managed to stay off the naughty step for now, I’ve still got the Kings to play with yet! I’m enjoying the meet the staff videos too. Congratulations Elaine on winning the prize, have fun spending it.
    Love Diane xx

  11. So lovely to meet more of the team.Behind the scenes a great idea and really feel connected to my brilliant clarity stash .I may just have to frame some actual stamps as clarity originals!

  12. Hi Paul,
    Congratulations to Elaine.
    Love the video, two smashing ladies. As I said last week, it’s great to be able to put faces to names. They seem like two tremendous characters who love their respective jobs.
    I think I must be near to the top step with quite a long way to fall! I’m liking the look of Linda’s new plate too – Oh dear! I think I need some willpower – do Clarity sell that?!
    Thanks to you and Josie for the brilliant shows and to the DT for superb samples yet again. Love Alison x

  13. Great video again this week, I have met & spoken to Jayne at the NEC. Its good to put faces to names & hear what they do at Clarity. Have to catch up on all the shows from the weekend but I am off to a workshop with Maria tomorrow so sit down & watch when I get back. Then Thursday will be here before you know it & more Groovi/Pergamano goodies to watch. Definitely can see the naughty step looming !!
    Great caption Elaine, enjoy spending your voucher.

  14. Hi Paul, Debbie and Jayne, great meeting you through this video, some of your comments really made me laugh out loud. Glad all the shows went well Paul. Take care all. Bx

  15. Lovely to meet Debbie and Jayne. Everyone who works at Clarity seems to love their job and it must be a great place to work. Us crafters certainly appreciate them!
    Well done Elaine on your winning caption.
    No Clarity shows to watch today, so I shall catch up with other things before the Pergamano show on Thursday and (hopefully!) the delivery of my new Princess plates. I will be too busy then to do anything else! πŸ˜‚
    Have a good day. Hugs. Annette X

  16. Not yet had chance to ‘meet’ Debbie and Jayne, but will do so later. Still have a couple of recorded ODS shows to catch up on as was out best part of yesterday but happy to say my Princesses are on their way. OH’s birthday on Thursday so will need to set recorder for Pergamano shows xx

  17. So funny – what a comedy duo, great banter. Have met Jayne at the Clarity open days but nice to learn more about both ladies and their teams x

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