Layered Art with Sam Crowe

Layered Art with Sam Crowe

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well.

Another productive day at Clarity Towers with Debbie & Jayne (whom you met yesterday) full steam ahead picking and packing all the orders placed over the weekend. Me, I have just finished the 2 projects for the August edition of the New Die Design Club. Sometimes it works first time, and sometimes it doesn’t – today was a mixture of both! But they are done, and now I just need to write them up ready to go to the printers tomorrow with the Groovi, Stamp and Stencil projects done by Dee and Maria.

Whilst creating the projects, I was watching the super talented Sam Crowe on this week’s YouTube Tuesday. I do love Sam’s accent and the way in which she can take a piece of plain card, throw a lot of paint at it and create a masterpiece.

Combining paints and stamps, Sam changes the stamping game yet again, along with her trusty gel press plate. She really is a mixed media, Maestro! But don’t take my word for it, check out this weeks instalment from Sam………..


As usual, we have chosen a number of products that Sam has used and reduced the price for a week.

Right, better get back to writing up those projects otherwise they won’t be going to the printers tomorrow!

Enjoy your evening.

Paul xxx

12 thoughts on “Layered Art with Sam Crowe

  1. Hi Paul, glad you’re ticking boxes. No failures eh, just learning! I’m on a roll, had time, and energy, for some craft this afternoon, 2 days in a row, long may this continue! I had a ‘what if I’ crafty session, until my energy ran out and my autistic brain got system overload. I was watching more youtubes too, getting there with catching up, might even manage to watch this week’s youtube this week, that would be a novelty!!! Hope you have a lovely evening xx

  2. Will catch up with Sam later this evening, hope you’ve got the club projects all written up now and can have a relaxing evening Paul x

  3. Had a Clarityfest this afternoon. Hubby was asleep so the TVs was all mine. Had lots of older Hochanda programmes recorded so decided to catch up on all the projects. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.
    Hope you got all your prep done for the printers, I’m looking forward to the next club package.
    Will watch YouTube later.

  4. Another great YouTube from Sam. I need to learn to play a bit more, rather than wanting my first print on the gel press to be just right. Clarity are so good at showing the process, rather than perfection, which is so helpful.

  5. Great YouTube from Sam. Love your use of ‘just’, Paul, as in ‘just need to write them up to go to the printers tomorrow’! No pressure there then. Hope you sailed through it all and won’t need the midnight oil.

  6. Busy, busy Paul, watch out or you will meet yourself coming backwards. Hope you get some time to yourself at some point this week. I have watched the 2pm show from Sunday so far, loved the banter re masks or marsks !! Only 6 more hours to watch & then it will be Thursday & the Pergamano shows with more goodies. Plus the you tube video from Sam !!

  7. Hi Paul, as always Sam is inspiring us, she really is arty. Hope you got your write up all done. Take care all. Bx

  8. Hi Paul,
    Hope you managed to get the club project written up last night and that you had a good night’s rest. You do sound as though you are very,very busy at the moment. The team behind you are working really hard I know, I had an email yesterday saying that my Princesses were on their way to me. That is superb service – thank you to everyone concerned. Can’t wait to start playing with them. I’m off to watch Sam’s video now with my morning coffee. Love Alison x

  9. Loved Sam’s utube today. Been catching up on all the blogs as have got behind, no internet until today. Well done Sam. Paul you really are a busy bee, you never seem to stop. Just caught up with you doing the sets of stamps, garden set etc. Great, I have them all but have hardly used them, thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Another great video from Sam, still playing with her technique of the layering stamps using her shapes as I love the arty look of it, in fact I have moved onto the same technique but with the gell plate minis. XX

  11. Sam is so much fun to watch! I am a multi crafter, so I enjoy all the different videos that show up from Clarity.
    On another note, is there a FAQ page somewhere on the clubs? I have recently joined the Groovi club and wondered if we are (considering the cost of shipping to the US) offered an opportunity to add additional items for same time shipment or if they can only be sent on their own?

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