Royalty is in the house!

Royalty is in the house!

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much if you tuned in to watch the 2pm-4pm with myself and Kathryn and took advantage of the special offers, it sure was a busy show! Thanks, also go to the amazing Hochanda team.

So how do you pronounce mask or plaque or flask?!?!?!?

Whilst I was on air, the lovely Josie Davidson was in the studio getting everything set up for the launch of her brand new collection of Lace Duet Grids. We’ve had the Kings, the Queens, the Palaces and now I would like to introduce you to the royally elegant and sophisticated Princesses……….

Her Royal Highness, Princess Charlotte
Karen Jackson
Jane Telford
Her Royal Highness, Princess Louise
Linda Page
Glynis Whitehead
Her Royal Highness, Princess Alice
Linda Page
Frances Knott
Her Royal Highness, Princess Diana
Glynis Whitehead
Linda Page

As always, we like to reintroduce some of our previous designs as inspiration to work alongside the new grids. This time, I thought that the beautiful Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired designs would be a perfect fit!

The concept of these plates, together with the Kings, Queens and Palaces is to make the art of beautiful lacework easily achievable. All the hard work has been done by Josie.

If past experience is anything to go by, Josie will dazzle you with some amazing demonstrations and lots of hints and tips. I will be enjoying the journey and crafting along, trying to keep up with Josie – Queen of Speedy Perforating. If you are not sure what I am on about, then make sure you tune in at 6pm. We have huge stocks as I know lots of you have been eagerly awaiting the new designs.

See you all later! (well you will see me – technology has not advanced that far forward that I can see you!)

Paul xxx

18 thoughts on “Royalty is in the house!

  1. Hi Paul, glad you can’t see me, what a thought – 2-way telly!!! Really enjoyed your show with Kathryn, and I got some more crafty ideas of my own from what you were showing us. I now just need a break from the problems and stuff so I can have the time to play… As for pronunciation, with my Scottish accent… The automated thingy that the tax place down there has where you have to answer questions to a robot before talking to a human, had me literally in tears! No matter what I tried it kept telling me it didn’t understand, say it again… Enjoy your Groovi shows. I’m sure the plates will sell out super quick xx

  2. Enjoyed the shows ,lovely to go back to the magic that is masking and stamping!So sorry to hear you were not having the best of days Brenda, I love the musicality of a Scottish accent no robot could appreciate that .Warm wishes for more playtime for you .Carmel x

    1. Aww, thank you Carmel, for your kind and caring words and thoughts. That’s made me and my day feel better xx

  3. I’m definitely a ‘flask’ not ‘flarsk’ girl…Kathryn stick to your lovely natural accent…be Northern and proud lol! Sitting back comfortably now to watch the launch as my order’s placed…happy bunny here!

  4. Your show this afternoon was great and made me laugh with the pronunciations. I am with you on most words, think it is a regional thing. Ordered my lace plates as grid work is definitely my favourite pastime. Josie is doing a great job yet again. xx

  5. I am a Blackpool girl, so definitely a short “a” for me. It sounds all wrong if I start adding an “r” to my words!
    I always laugh at this, as my daughters grew up in South Africa and were bilingual, in more ways than one. At school they had grarss and drank out of glarsses, but at home we has grass and glasses. They also spoke Afrikaans!
    Loved the shows today, thank you Paul. My Princess plates are ordered, thank you Josie. All in all a good day, although the cricket could have been better. 😢
    Keen to see the shows tomorrow. Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette X

    1. Hi Paul what a great show the maskey sold out before I could orderror was to engrossed in your demonstration it was a great show thanks and thanks to Barbara for having such a great team and staying with the best craft channel in town pooleva

  6. Enjoyed the shows this afternoon and you showed some great ideas. I am definitely an ‘r’ Southern lass so mine will be marsk, flarsk, clarss. Looking forward to you show with Lou…getting painty and playing with mixed media, I hope you have your Clarity apron to hand. XX

  7. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone enjoyed the shows, I had to tape my hands down and my purse shut to prevent me from getting the new dies, it’s my sisters birthday this month and she wouldn’t believe me if I said she needed some new Clarity goodies, which of course I would have to look after for her! XX

  8. Hi Paul,
    The shows were brilliant today and yes, the plates did fall into my Clarity basket! As for accents, I am very proud to be a Northern girl , so it is definitely mask not marsk! Marsk to me is a coastal village in North Yorkshire. I do love accents and think it would be such a shame if everyone sounded the same. My Mam was a cockney and when I was little, she used to tell me off for saying look and book instead of luck and buck. When I went to school I was told exactly the opposite! I compromised and said “luck at my book” ! My Mam used to put ‘r’ s in words like glarsses, parst,marsk etc., even after she’d lived in Durham for over 50 years – we just used to take the mickey out of her ( bless her) . You might need to brush up on your tap dancing for tomorrow. Love Alison

    1. I agree with you about regional accents. They make our country so much more interesting and what a relief not to have to listen to ‘Received Pronunciation’ from continuity announcers on TV! Also, we would not have the lovely, melodious tones of the wonderful Linda Williams! X

  9. Loved your shows this afternoon we get a bit of comedy as well you both were having such fun laughing was a great tonic of laughter and fun as well as great crafting talent. Just watching some of Josie great shows brightened my day night night xx

  10. Hello Paul, have not caught up with the shows yet, looks like I have plenty to look forward to. The new plates have produced stunning samples from the DT, they are just astounding, and it looks like they are very popular. Take care all. Bx

  11. I think regional accents are a delight as long as the language is generally well spoken. What I can’t stand is the abuse of our very versatile English. I am also in favour of retaining native Cornish, Welsh, Irish and Scottish languages. These are part of our heritage and should not be lost.
    Watched the 2 – 4 shows, had a chuckle and bought some goodies. Then was wowed by the DT work with the Princess plates. Josie is definitely a fast worker, no way could I parch that fast. Naturally I bought the plates so now I am broke but 😊 happy !!!
    Have today’s shows on record to watch later.
    Have a good day 🍒🍒🍒

  12. Oh my goodness. You did it to me again. I wasn’t going to but could not resist them. Fantastic demos on hochanda. Thank you for such fantastic groovi plate and demos. Xx

  13. I still have the shows to finish watching but I got my order in pronto from Claritystamp even tho I was on holiday, thank goodness for 4G as the wifi on the campsite was rubbish – Stunning inspiration from the DT as always xx

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