I’ve has just about enough of this bleep bleep shoe….

I’ve has just about enough of this bleep bleep shoe….

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Finally we have completed our prep for Sunday TV – and with a day to spare! What a caper! We have been working with the most exquisite stamps illustrated by Cherry Green, and just got totally engrossed in them. We don’t usually spend 4 days prepping! But Paul and I have actually had a blast. It’s certainly been a learning curve with a few things. You know when you know how to do something, and you’ve done it a thousand times; then suddenly it doesn’t work, and you spend the next 3 hours trying to figure out why not. Hence the blog title…

But the art demos are lovely now. I was stamping on parchment and was so keen to get it right, I was using too much ink and too much pressure. The image was faded and fat (bit like me on a Friday evening, after 4 days under the garage roof!). But I went the wrong way with the solution, using MORE ink and MORE pressure. No change. So MORE ink and MORE pressure. By the time I finally worked out I was going in the wrong direction, I was covered in black ink and leaning all of my 12 stone on the poor shocked little shoe stamp.

But it’s all in a day’s work. I count my blessings every day. Who else gets to do what they love doing for a living? Not many folks, that’s for sure.

Check out these new shoes !!!

But here’s the clever bit. We have taken the illustrations by Cherry and have deconstructed them, so that the elements are separated out, like so:


We have included the masks and the coloured print of Cherry’s artwork, so you can reconstruct her finished piece if you choose to, but you also have all the elements to create your own artwork. By separating out the assets, the shoes become much more versatile, for all sorts of occasions! Weddings, birthdays, parties and so on. Christmas, not Christmas!

I have a feeling these will be very popular, so be sure to tune in a 6pm. Cherry will be in the studios too. Great opportunity to meet the Artist. xx

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

23 thoughts on “I’ve has just about enough of this bleep bleep shoe….

  1. Ooooooo forgot it would be a Clarity weekend!! Yay! These look good, like the holly boot. Looking forward to the show. Xx

  2. Just finished watching the last of the Pergamano shows, very clever and lots of tips – thanks Tina.
    So good you got your prep finished early as it will give you time to relax before Sunday’s events kick off. Looks like these stamps will fly out the door.
    Much too hot here, even with all the fans going it’s 124f in our conservatory. Where’s the ice cream?
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Very pretty Barbara….and very unusual! We’re always snowed under with Robins and Santa’s and Xmas tree images, so party shoes makes a lovely theme. x

  4. Wow look fantastic another busy show coming up glad sorted so hopefully you gets free Saturday tomorrow xx

  5. Oh these are lovely, I want the stamps, and I want the shoes too. However since my hip replacement shoes like that are a no no, still all the more to spend on craft, roll on Sunday.

  6. They are gorgeous. I vowed this morning though that I needed to stop buying more craft stuff. Well maybe after Sunday.

  7. Wow think my monthly craft allowance might have just been spent , love these stamps , looking forward to the shows. 😁😁

  8. Love these stamps, so different. Just paid for my holiday so maybe not just yet but I’m looking forward to seeing all the demos. Hot here today but because we are by the sea it’s not too uncomfortable xx

  9. Oh Dear Barbara
    please please do these shoe’s in groovi they are stunning You are so cleaver i don’t stamp but i watch you when you are on tv and even my husband says wow

  10. Wow lovely stamps, bet they’ll sell out in no time. Be straight up my daughter-in-laws street, make her a nice birthday card. Hope all that prep has left you a Saturday to relax Barb. Have to watch on catchup as won’t be around.xxx

  11. Glad you got all your prep done with a day to spare Barbara, and it all came right in the end. Will not be able to watch but will be catching up when I can. These stamps will fly. x

  12. It ain’t half hot Barb and I’m not talking about the weather! Those shoe stamps are smoking lol.
    Predict the phone lines will be alight and the website will go into meltdown ( bit corny I know but couldn’t resist).
    Will be placing my order on the stroke of six x

  13. Well I’ll shoe-erly be watching (&recording) ! Had vowed not to buy more stamps but these look just my ‘size’…oh dear…bread and water again then xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Pleased that you have got all of the prep done and encouraging to hear that even such a seasoned and brilliant stamper as you can get it wrong! Glad that you managed to sort it out – I would have used more ink and pressure!!! The new stamps look lovely and very “ fresh” and I’m sure they’ll fly out of the doors tomorrow. Decided to watch Tina’s Pergamano shows last night and was gutted to find that they hadn’t recorded. I’d retuned the box and for some reason the only channels that would work were BBC 1&2 even though all the rest were showing up ! Not a happy bunny at all! Anyway, I’ve sorted it now and it’s all set for tomorrow and Mondays shows and I’ll have to watch the others on catch up. Good luck for the shows and have a safe journey up to Peterborough. Love Alison xx

  15. Ooh shoes my favourite and these are beautiful. Typing from my sunbed on the beach in Crete. Good luck with shows but you don’t need it these are a real winner xx

  16. I can’t wait to see your demos with these beauties! I reckon you’ll need to be quick though!
    Lots to do here today so must fly! Love and hugs as always xx

  17. Oh Barb, the stamps are just amazing, love the idea behind them. Looking forward to the show. Take care all. Bx

  18. O no I’m at Kent county show with our plants would normally have recorded but stupid free sat box doesn’t record anymore will have to watch on laptop when I get home and I need those shoes x

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