Tina and The Pergamano Shows Tomorrow

Tina and The Pergamano Shows Tomorrow

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Another great day in Prepland. Even got to pottery today, for a very cool session on the “slate vase”. More will be revealed…

But to the prep. It’s a bauble thing from 2-4pm on Sunday. Very beautiful stencil set of mini baubles. So I decided, in the spirit of Christmas, we need a branch to hang our samples from. Wasted an age looking for the secateurs (aka pruning scissors), then laboriously cut a branch off the yew tree with the kitchen scissors, to see if that would work.

First thing I asked when Dave came home was, “Do you know where the secateurs are? I need to cut a branch off for the TV display on Sunday”

Dave: “The secateurs are in the porch, but this,” he said, pointing to the by now wilted yew branch in the slate vase, “looks nice.”

Barb: “No, no good. Yew’s floppy”

Dave: “That’s a bit strong. No need to rub it in!”

Ooh he’s quick, that Dave.

Tomorrow, Tina is heading up the Pergamano show at 8am, so I do hope you can join her. She was setting up the counter this evening, but will be there at the crack of sparrows tomorrow, so it would be great if you can cheer her on. She is using a superb set of Snowflake Duets, which are astoundingly clever and effective. She designed these herself. I don’t think anybody can show these plates off better than Tina. When you see the artwork that she produces with these duets, you will be astounded. I certainly was.

Maggie Byford
Chris Walker
Karen Jackson
Maggie Byford
Karen Jackson
Linda Williams
Linda Page

Tina also requested that we showcase these multi-needle tools, so I am looking forward to see what she is going to teach us with these, too.

And then of course, there are her ground breaking perforating borders. Just sit back and let Tina walk you through this system. It is epic. It was Tina who had the idea to drill pattern plates, and this is where the perforating journey begins…

Glynis Whitehead
Chris Walker
Glynis Whitehead
Linda Page

Yes, do join Tina tomorrow on Hochanda, at 8am , 12 noon and 3pm.

www.hochanda.com or


Sky 673 (24/7)

Freesat 817 (24/7)

Freeview 85 (4am-7pm)

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Tina and The Pergamano Shows Tomorrow

  1. Fantastic samples-will definitely be recording these shows to watch later as we’ve got a busy day tomorrow. I have these plates but only used them once. Will have to get them out again. Hope to pick up some tips from Tina on multi needle tools as I don’t get on well with them.
    Pleased you got to pottery.
    Have a good evening.

  2. I bought the snowflake duets last year and haven’t used them yet! I will set the recorder as I have my 3 year old grandson tomorrow so the chances of me watching are zero. It will probably be wall to wall Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol and a picnic in the park. Still they grow up so quickly I must make the most of my time with him as he’ s the youngest.
    I love the new papers the Great Lakes one the best. Xx

  3. Fantastic samples-will definitely be recording these shows to watch later as we’ve got a busy day tomorrow. I have these plates but only used them once. Will have to get them out again. Hope to pick up some tips from Tina on multi needle tools as I don’t get on well with them.
    Pleased you got to pottery.

  4. Love the samples from the Design Team. I have put the shows on to record as we have our Bromsgrove Parchers meeting tomorrow so will catch up later. I have the plates so will watch with interest to get some new takes on how to use them.
    As to the twig, lets hope you found a less floppy one !!

  5. Hi Barbara, Tina is so brillant she always amazing you can always pick up tips from watching the shows. Will watch the shows later tomorrow as busy on the morning.
    The design team samples are beautiful.
    Glad you found the
    Time today to go to pottery, hope all goes well with your new projects.
    Will be watching on Sunday and on catch up with the rest.
    Have a good journey to the studios.
    Lynn xx

  6. Still haven’t got to grips with groovi BUT I have just caught up with Sam’s you tube with gel petites and paint! Needless to say some items seem to have gone onto another order! At this rate, even sans groovi , I will have more clarity stock than you do! Will I ever use it? Different question altogether!

  7. Hi Barb,
    Looking forward to all of the upcoming shows I must say. Have these plates but am looking forward to seeing Tina demo them as did struggle a little with them. The perforating grids are brilliant I must say. As ever the DT samples are superb. Glad you managed to get to pottery. I have a couple of slate vases and love them. I like that you can just use one stem in them and it looks so elegant. Love Alison xxx

  8. Recorder all set for Tina tomorrow. Not got these plates but doubtless I’ll learn something anyhow. Good to know you got to pottery, let’s you step out of your Clarity ‘head’ at least for a little while. Xxx

  9. Wow great looking forward to watching Tina do her magic in morning clicked save record too so can watch again and again love Joy xxx

  10. Sure to be a great show. I’m very new to parchment, but I’m falling in love with picot cutting and trying to create lacy borders. The snowflakes are lovely.

  11. Hi Barbara
    Glad you now know where DH keeps the secateurs, at least you will know for next time.
    Tina’s designs look heavenly as usual, I can’t wait to see her shows tomorrow xxxxxxx
    Loving the members sale. How often will you be updating it??
    Have a great evening xxxxx
    Love & Hugs

  12. Hi Barb, well that certainly ellicited a loud guffaw. Dave is fast. Hope you managed to find the perfect branch. I have a feeling that Tina’s shows will be very busy. Samples are lovely. Take care all. Bx

  13. As always on Thursdays, I am out all day today, so will forego catching up with Wimbledon to catch up with Tina instead. It is a highlight for me, as I love to watch her and learn so much.
    Glad you enjoyed your pottery yesterday.
    Hugs. Annette X

  14. Amazing Samples, I have these plates already so I have set the box to record all 3 shows, looking forward to catching up later. I watched Tina demo the snowflake plate at Leyburn open day last year, such a talented and helpful lady our Tina xx

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