Sunday Reflection – Teamwork!

Sunday Reflection – Teamwork!

Evening everyone.

Wow! The response to yesterday’s blog is amazing. The guys in the office are going to have fun counting up all the answers. I will let you know the results tomorrow and announce the winner of the £20 Clarity Gift Voucher. I must admit that when I saw the huge response, I had to double-check that I had put £20 and not £200!

It’s Sunday evening and I’m sitting here reflecting on the week just gone, and the week ahead. I know we aren’t striving for world peace, or even to fix Brexit, but I do sometimes wonder where we get all our energy from. Then I remember; chocolate, cakes, coffee and coca-cola (other soft drinks are available)! But seriously, it’s been pedal to the metal again at Clarity headquarters. I had great fun up at Hochanda with the lovely Tina and if the sales are anything to go by, you enjoyed the shows and the brand new designs.

Traditionally, the summertime is supposed to be a little quieter, but I find myself wondering where the days have gone! I really do enjoy my job and all the fabulous people that I work with, and it’s always heartening to pass from department to department and overhear the craic as everyone hurtles about, gathering stock, information or packaging to fulfil their different roles.  

Now that we’re into summer holiday season, we obviously have a few absentees, which spreads us a little thinner but it’s a testament to the adaptability and enthusiasm of the Clarity family that we just all pull together to get the jobs done – and find time for a group photo, too!

Here we can see some of the gang all pulling together in the retail department, picking and packing all the orders that you place online or over the phone.

Anna, Umme, Steven, Debbie and Andy!

We have been under the pump in retail too, as it’s the club sale. Luckily, we have our Debbie, who with her army of pickers and packers, has been churning out your order to make sure they leave the building in good time. (Contrary to photographic evidence, no pickers or packers were injured in the making of this blog).

Debbie keeping the team in line… Joking!

The New Design Clubs went out on Friday; now a well-oiled machine! But even here, we had staff from all over the business lending a hand to ensure the job was completed. All the envelopes get sent out on the same day. Once they leave the building, it is down to good old Royal Mail to complete the job.

Jordan and Shona
Sally and Louise

All in all, as I reflect on the week to come, I know that we will have a fun and busy week here at Clarity Towers.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

34 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection – Teamwork!

  1. Hi Paul – heartening to know I’m not the only one working on a Sunday, although I did manage to get out at lunchtime to join the ProudNess parade today. Had to shower off all the glitter and rainbow face paint when I got home, but we had such fun! Looking forward to getting my club goodies now I know they’re in the post too…

  2. As you ways say Paul – Teamwork makes the dream work. Keep on keeping on everybody – as young Mr Grace used to say – “you’re all doing very well!” 😉😉😉

  3. Monday should be good for me then as it is usually two days for post from Clarity to arrive. Club envelope and also new plates from Thursday’s show should arrive. The Clarity team are amazing always seem to manage a smile even when so busy. xx

  4. Hello Paul,
    Thank you for the behind the scenes peak. Am looking forward to my club goodies arriving within the next few days.

  5. Hi Paul,
    Great to see the faces behind the scenes contributing to the excellent thing that is Clarity. Looking forward to getting my happy envelope hopefully tomorrow! I’ve had a lovely day at a Groovi workshop with a Linda Page at Crafters Companion HQ. It’s something I look forward to every month. Glad you had a good response to yesterday’s blog – I’m sure you said a £200 voucher though ( only kidding)!!!! Thanks to you and everyone at Clarity for all your hard work, Alison x

  6. So lovely to see some of the team in action. Looking forward to the postman’s knock! Have a restful evening Paul xx

  7. Hi Paul, working in a happy atmosphere, with folk getting on with each other makes going to work much easier, eh! As for me this coming week, I’d be happy with no more problems, and my health starting to show improvement, fingers crossed…!!! Hope you and everyone at Clarity Towers have a happy, productive week xx

  8. Thank you Paul, really nice to see the lovely people behind the scenes and know their names, they all work so hard to keep us all happy. That’s one of the reasons I like about the open days we get to know the Clarity

  9. What a fantastic team and what an amazing job you all do. Know that is very much appreciated by your wider Clarity family! Looking forward to receiving this month’s club gifts. I love this time of the month and as I start nearly four weeks holiday tomorrow, I will have plenty time to play! Keep up the good work everyone. Hx

  10. Hi Paul , great to see the faces behind the company.
    You all work so hard, but you are second to none as a company.
    My sale order came on Saturday, so Have been having a play with the die and the wonderful papers they are amazing.
    Looking forward to the shows on Wednesday.
    Keep up the good work.
    Lynn xxx

  11. Hi Paul thanks for letting us have a look at the day to day working in Clarity Towers. Looks like I might have two parcels on Monday then! X

  12. Hi Paul,
    Lovely to see the faces of the fabulous Clarity team who make the dream work, thank you for these pictures.
    It will be interesting to see which of the products comes first – will you give a list in order please?
    Went for a walk in the sunshine today, a light breeze made it very pleasant early on but later it was too HOT HOT HOT so we are dreading the next few days.
    Eagerly awaiting my club envelope.
    Saw the squirrel on the home page header, these are a must have for me.
    Keep well everyone and enjoy the sunshine while we have it.

  13. Thanks to you and all the team Paul. I am looking forward to the postie arriving tomorrow, with a treat, rather than junk or bills 😂
    Have a relaxing evening. I am trying to ‘grow’ a snowflake, a la Tina. Annette X

  14. Hi Paul. Thank you for the photos of the clarity family, great to see the names as well. It looks a very happy work place. My sale parcel arrived in Saturday. Some of it for on of my granddaughters, who lives in California and has been having fun using some of my groovi. Photos like this and Barbara’s lovely letter really makes one feel part of clarity. I haven’t managed to read the blog as I have the family over from the states but you were asking how long crafting, I started at an early age while in bed a lot with asthma, I painted a doily, a small mat made of paper , the children didn’t know what I meant. Now into all things clarity at 87.
    Just wish I could get to one of the open days. Xx

  15. I knew you must work very hard but that is an astonishing insight. Thank you. I don’t think the value of the voucher is the point – I just like to be asked what I think. Counting confirms it is valued and it will be interesting to know the result.

  16. Hi Paul
    I’m sure you said £200 prize!!! Have you been back into yesterday’s blog and changed it??? Xxxxxxx
    You all work so very hard at Clarity Towers, but boy what a happy team you all are, and what a lovely place to work.
    Thank you all for everything you do for all of us
    Love & Hugs

  17. Nice to see the faces at Clarity. I have had an order from the sale delivered in a few days so thank you to the team. Even more shocking is that I’ve already used it to make a card with the pattern building that Sam showed us a couple of YouTube ago. Xx

  18. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has had a great day. I have been crafty most of the weekend so I am happy. Xx

  19. Entering the competition was as much about standing up to be counted as a stamper and proud of it Paul! You are doing a great job as are the team .Barbara will be so happy knowing everything is in safe hands.Would love to work in a crafty business with such a happy crew!

  20. I have been working today too! It’s lovely to put names to faces at Clarity Towers. They look a happy team. Thank you for all you do to keep us shoppers happy.

  21. Great to see behind the scenes Paul, thank you. You all work so hard. Happy holiday to those who are away. When do you get your break Paul? Soon I hope. You deserve a break. xx

  22. Looking forward to to that envelope piping through the letter bob and tinasgroivi. Plates that opps fell in my basket to. You all are a great time one big happy family I don’t know how you all do it but a big hug and thankyou from me xx

  23. Great to see the lovely people who help make it all work and thankfully can see from a couple pics, time for a little ‘play’…that’s what makes it run so smoothly! I’ve been amazed at just how quick my sale order(s!) have arrived…definitely shows off the Clarity teamwork. Thanks for helping put faces to the names, helps me feel like I know them all!

  24. Hi Paul and gang, what a pleasure to see behind the scene at Clarity towers, faces put to names. I think you all deserve an award for the hard work you put in. Take care all. Bx

  25. Dear Paul
    what a super-smashing bunch – but where’s Jean of nine? (Star Trek Voyager reference for their Borg member!) Are you going to be doing some inky-painty stuff please?
    hope you are well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) Bendy is our rescue cat – recently down graded from werewolf to werecat!

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