and the winner is………

and the winner is………

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well – not sure what the weather is meant to be doing where you are, all I keep hearing about is a heatwave. Well down here in Kent, it is warm, overcast and blustery!

Yesterday I gave you an insight to “behind the scenes at Clarity”, and over the next few weeks I will introduce you to more of the team.

Time really does fly here at Clarity Towers, it feels like only yesterday when I joined the “family” officially and that was back in January 2016!

I remember lots of people sending me messages and coming up to me at various retail shows saying how great it must be to turn my hobby of making cards into a job. I always knew when I decided to join Clarity that making cards would be a small part of my role. The company was growing and help was needed, so I jumped in head first! I am not one for titles, but I do have one, Operations Manager – three and a half years later I am still trying to work out what that means! My roles are varied, and include dealing with TV proposals, working out product costs, dealing with manufacturers, looking after Pergamano (yes I’m still Perga Man!) demonstrating at retail shows, appearing on TV. The list continues and the roles continue to change.

I remember 6 months in saying that I wish I had made the decision sooner. Do I still say that now? Absolutely!

Anyway, the response to my question from Saturday’s Blog blew me away. A BIG Thank You to everyone that answered.

The guys in the office had a count up and here are the results:

1st: Groovi, 49%

2nd: Stamps, 28%

3rd: Dies, 16%

4th: Stencils, 7%

We put all the names in a big box……………

The winner was chosen at random from this huge pile of entries!

and the winners is……………………………………………

Congratulations Jennifer Pickard!

Congratulations Jennifer, please contact the office and they will issue you with a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher. You may want to take advantage of July’s Products of the Month, or if you are a Club Member take advantage of the recent additions to the Club Members Sale

July’s Products of the Month

Click HERE

Have you seen what the guys have just added to the Club Members Sale?

and I thought I was being naughty!

I think I will have to try and behave for a few days, but I am sure that the naughty step won’t be unmanned!

Enjoy your evening and I will be back again tomorrow.

Paul xxx

31 thoughts on “and the winner is………

  1. Well done Jennifer enjoy your prize. Groovi certainly proves the meaning of the saying ‘from little acorns…’

  2. Now that I know you price up the products I buy you will have to accept the blame for me never having any money. That’s because I keep buying Clarity craft goodies. That’s why I have renamed the Groovi club as “I will never have any money again club”.

  3. Well done Jennifer! Groovi took off big time didn’t it and I love it. My NDC envelope came today and I love all 4 ! My sale order also arrived – now do I need 12 x 12 I’ve resisted so far! X

  4. Congratulations Jennifer
    And Thank You Paul, once again an interesting post of behind the scenes at Clarity. Xx

  5. The response to the question was phenomenal, you must have been very pleased.
    Congratulations Jennifer – lots of lovely goodies coming up for you to use the voucher.
    Drat, drat, drat – I’ve recently indulged in the 12×12 papers and my folders are full – cannot justify buying more 😰 even at this generous price, hubby won’t let me!!!
    My club envelope arrived this morning and I’ve been playing with the die and stamp, too hot and sticky for parching.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Wow! I can’t believe it! I never win anything so a massive thank you! My club die arrived today too so double good news! Just love all things Clarity . Xxx

  7. Congratulations to Jennifer, enjoy your extra bit of spending.
    I keep hearing about heat plumes, heat waves etc…I am not a sunny weather fan! Actually tell a lie I am not a hot humid weather fan! Just don’t feel like doing anything when it’s so sticky. Xx

  8. Well done Jennifer.
    I was trying to be good and not buy too much .. not much chance of that😁
    I’m afraid Icouldnt resist the 12×12 papers in the sale.. it will keep me stocked up for a while. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway..😁

  9. Congratulations Jennifer, enjoy spending your voucher.
    As the saying goes Paul, time flies when you are having fun. Order sent in this morning after I had received my ‘’happy ‘’ post & seen the new additions to the sale. That’s me on the naughty step for awhile 😂 until I looked at the calendar & saw what is coming up this week on the tv, might just be another order going in!!
    Sun is shining here with a breeze but that is very welcome. I think it is going to be a night to have the fan on!! Sticky already.

  10. Congratulations Jennifer. Had another little look at the sale. Well it would be rude not to. And my happy post arrived today. Love them. Will look forward to playing xx

  11. Well done Jenifer!
    I think I would like a Paul! Always to the rescue and a man of many talents. I love it when Barbara calls your name Paul! Paul! and the job is done. Well done Paul! Definitely need a Paul or Man Friday!

  12. Interesting results. I still get most out of stencils though! Congratulations, Jennifer. Looking forward to seeing more of the team and hearing about it all in the next few days.

  13. Hi All, well done Jennifer ,enjoy your new stash.
    Just think we’re it all started, it has blown everything out of the water.
    Have a good week everyone.
    Lynn xxx

  14. Well Paul, I can’t believe you have been with Clarity full time since 2016! I’m pretty sure that naughty step is calling you!! Well done Jennifer on winning the prize!

  15. Hi Paul, glad you enjoy your work. It sure does help in life if you are blessed with a job you enjoy. As for your job roles, you forgot one, Brenda’s MSDS and other unusual questions and needs man (very patient man)!!!😉 I’ve got some more I need…

    As for the weather, too hot and humid up here for me and Daisy, and that’s in the cooler inside the house! Mind you it doesn’t take much heat to make me struggle, true Scot me, I can get heat/sun stroke even up here!!!

    I’m on the naughty step, I succumbed to 3 of the paper pads, and some fresco paints… That’s my no crafty spending halo well and truly broken, 3rd order this month, but the first 2 were mostly birthday money, so they don’t count, eh!!!

    Hope everyone can sleep tonight. Might be a bit toasty in my bed with my 10.5tog summer quilt…!!! Xx p.s. glad the voucher went to someone who has never won anything, I was hoping it would. Spread happiness around everyone, it needn’t cost you a penny, yet could mean millions to the recipient xx

  16. Congratulations Jennifer, enjoy your spend. My order for Tina’s new Christmas/and more plates arrived this morning, can’t wait to get playing with them. Exceptional service. Keep cool Paul.xx

  17. Congratulations Jennifer. Enjoy your prize. Jack of all trades I reckon Paul, you do a fabulous job. I saw the paper offer this morning and jumped straight in for the one I had not got. Not told hubby yet though that another Clarity parcel will be arriving, I can blame you though I reckon. X X

  18. Congratulations Jennifer! You can tell that you love your job Paul, and I’m sure it’s challenging and rewarding in equal measures. I’m quite surprised by the results of your poll – thought that stamps would win by a mile (maybe because I’m not a parcher!!!) x

  19. Hello Paul thank you for sharing clarity towers team
    I’ve ordered my pads earlier this is my 3rd clarity members sale parcel received my other one then received my 2nd one today plus my club envelope too
    Too hot to craft so waiting for cooler days .
    Thank you clarity towers for all your hard work you too Paul xxx

  20. Hi Paul, and well done to Jennifer, enjoy spending that voucher. Received my club envelope yesterday and it is brilliant. Looking forward to more team intros. Take care all. Bx

  21. Hi Paul,
    Congratulations to Jennifer, enjoy spending your voucher. That was a massive win for Groovi wasn’t it? Mind you I’m not surprised as it is so addictive ( as my bank balance shows!!) . Really can’t believe that you joined Clarity full time in 2016, doesn’t time fly! My club envelope arrived yesterday and I love everything especially the stamp. Looking forward to the shows this week and I know that I’m going to be on bread and jam for a while! Thanks Paul, Alison x

  22. So great to hear about your journey since joining Clarity Paul and with a job so varied not a dull moment, and glad there are no regrets, though I was sure there wouldn’t be. Congratulations to Jennifer, enjoy your win! x

  23. Congrats to Jennifer!
    Clarity is lucky to have you Paul. Your enthusiasm for the product and love of what you do is very evident in all you do. I’m enjoying your posts while filling in for Barbara – so much so that I went hunting to find your blog and it seems that you have let it laps? Or, do you have another that I can’t find?

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