Giveaway – What is…………

Giveaway – What is…………

Evening everyone.

I was having a bit of a think today (yeah I know, I shouldn’t really!)

Things have changed so much since I joined the Clarity family – stamps, stencils, Groovi and dies. When I joined, Groovi had only been around for 6 months – look at it now! As for the Fresh Cut dies, where did that year go since we launched them?

Do I have a favourite?

Stamps, stencils and dies were my first love and then Groovi came along. I love the elegance of the crisp white line art on clear parchment. I find it very relaxing and portable. An added bonus is that it is clean and tidy!!!

Each month we showcase a selection of our products and offer them to you with a big discount and if you are a Club Member you receive a further discount.

So I thought this evening would be a good opportunity to share them with you

Rowers Round Unmounted Stamp
Seaweed Stencil
On Your Special Day Floral Frame

As I said in yesterday’s blog, I was going to be naughty today.

What is your favourite Clarity product – Stamp, Stencil, Groovi or Die?

So, now it is over to you. Leave a comment below and start your comment with either STAMP, STENCIL, GROOVI or DIE – you can only choose one!

On Monday I will get the team to have a count up and see which type of product is most popular.

I will put all the comments in a hat and choose someone to receive a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher.

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

262 thoughts on “Giveaway – What is…………

    1. Groovi as I can take it anywhere and colour in while watching tv, usually do another layer of whitework on some things just before bed.

    2. Stencil- they are so versatile. You can use as a stamp, paste, mask, de boss, emboss and just plat til your hearts content.

  1. GROOVI for me I can contain my craft in a little space which is ideal when we go camping and the husband takes his fishing, walking and bike stuff leaving very little room for my crafting.

  2. I love the new dies they are amazing. You are naughty Paul. It is hard to choose favourites. Hugs Jackie

  3. GROOVI trees parchment craft 20 odd years ago, but gave up. The Groovi plates have made such a difference, and my Craft ladies enjoy using them.

  4. STAMP! My favourite ever stamp set – probably the aliums – they are so versatile and fit any occasion. It’s hard to choose though.

  5. Groovi for me Paul. Like you I love that it is so clean and tidy. I also like the elegance of the finished results especially with the Queens,Kings and palaces duo plates. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the other Clarity goodies but Groovi for me. ( My bank manager will provide evidence if you need it!!) . I like you being naughty!x

  6. GROOVI. My style had always been CAS before I found Groovi late last year via a YouTube Tuesday Barb did with Tina’s daisy parchlet. I immediately bought it and other bits and within days placed another order. I. Was. Hooked!

  7. Stamp. So versatile, so varied, perfect for every situation. Plus all Clarity’s artwork, and product quality, is second to none. Thank you.
    Claire S

  8. Dies. They are so versatile, I can cut into a card, out of a card, make a stencil and stamp, and also use the positive AND negative parts of the die cut. Thank you Barbara, and Thank you to Paul for taking over whilst Barbara and Dave are away. Xx

  9. Groovi although it was a difficult choice. I love the intricacy of lace work. Are you going to be a rebel whilst Barbara is away. xx

  10. GROOVI for me now. I was a member of the stamp club for several years about 10 or more years ago. I’ve been a stamper for a long time, but I just love that Groovi gives me the power to personalise my designs. Also, as others have said it is clean, so I can craft anywhere, not just closeted away in my craft room.

  11. Groovi for me. I have so much of it that I sometimes feel I am paying the wages of everyone at Clarity. I did show you a picture of my Groovi storage at the Open Day.

  12. Groovi hands down. Love that I can just pick it up and put it down when I feel like it. Very relaxing. x

  13. Stamps, closely followed by stencils. Or maybe it’s, stencils closely followed by stamps. I know, I’m a lost cause, sorry whoever is counting them up…!!!
    Oh Paul, such a difficult kind of question for my autistic brain. Decisions, decisions… I have narrowed it down to stamps and stencils. Ok, my life doesn’t depend on it, just pick one stupid head…!!!
    Hope you had a good Saturday. I managed to do some crafting, which was good. Almost finished my first christmas present! How organised am I…!!! Mind you, the cards and other presents will probably be my usual, panic stations as it draws close…
    Hope you have a good Sunday xx

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one Brenda. I always start my xmas cards early, pat myself on the back for being so organised, then leave the rest until the last minute! x

  14. Can’t beat Groovi 👍 although dies are close behind.

    Won’t be on the naughty step today much to the relief of hubby as I already have 3 of the 4 items above.

    Thunder and lightning here today, hot and humid. Even hotter next week. 😎
    Goodnight 🍒🍒🍒

  15. Stamp…but it was a tough choice as I use stencils and dies all the time too! My collection is ever expanding but stamps were my first love. XX

  16. Evening bloggy firends, wow that was a storm last night and the rain was so loud! No garden watering needed today. XX

  17. Groovi! I tried Parchment craft a number of years ago – but a shaky hand makes it hard to trace neatly. Enter Groovi – FANTASTIC!

  18. Would be really hard to choose but as I’ve parched for years I’m a Groovi girl!!! It’s relaxing and totally absorbing and every piece is a real labour of love.

  19. Oh this is a difficult one, I like them all for all their applications. Think I’m going for Stamps for their versatility.

  20. Groovi. The plates mean that I can do the parchment craft I gave up tears ago because of dexterity issues. I still use all of the Clarity products though and have a craftroom full to the gunwales.

  21. Tough choice but I have to go with Groovi. I just love all things Clarity. Really look forward to reading the blog each night. Take care. Hx

  22. Stamp for me ,always my first love although the addition of dies and stencils has indeed elevated my card making .(so I believe!)

  23. Definitely Groovi, although i love stamps and stencils and fresh cut dies are so useful. I couldn’t possibly choose, but if i have to ….Groovi

  24. Groovi ! Just because I don’t do it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it. It has completely transformed and rejuvenated one of the oldest most traditional crafts. It is all inclusive of every age and capability. It’s beautiful to look at and it is repeatable. I tried Parchment many years ago and felt it was completely out of my league – I don’t feel that way with Groovi. (By the way if my name is picked out of the hat you can chuck it back in) xxx

  25. Stamps – the quality, detail and fine lines make them some of the best stamps I have ever used – and now you’re doing masks to go with a lot of them it’s even better. 🙂

  26. Stamp. Everything else gets used with the stamps. I’ve even traced Groovi designs with a black pen to use as if they were a stamp….

  27. Stamp for sure. And my favourite stamp? Willow lady. I think it must be the first one I saw Barbara demonstrate x

  28. Groovi – tough call but love the Groovi system, making parchment so accessible and now with such contemporary designs, really love the fresh cut dies too, the aperture concept is a brilliant twist. Lisa x

  29. Groovi – closely followed by the rest!! my stash of Clarity goodies is growing – fast !!
    Good luck everyone in the draw & thank you Paul for chance to win a voucher to purchase more goodies.

  30. Hi Paul,
    Dies for me ,this is only because I am now unable to put pressure on my wrists .
    Just to thank all at Clarity Towers, I placed an order this week and low and behold it arrived today.
    An amazing team.
    I bet the count will be Groovi
    Have a good weekend.
    Lynn xxx

  31. Groovi most definitely, it has enabled me to do parchment again and has also brought me so many lovely friends through the East Northants Groovi Group.

  32. Groovi. Has made parchment craft accessible to all ages and abilities. It’s not messy, easily transportable.

  33. GROOVI because it is so versatile. The plates are interchangeable and it is easy to transport. You get crisp white lines every time, what’s not to love about it. Keep up the old work Paul.

  34. Sorry, it’s this precursor text it changes things when you don’t pay attention. I said ‘good’ work not old!

  35. Groovi been a parcher for about 10 years but was finding the tracing with a mapping pen and ink difficult. Groovi made things so much easier and now with the duo plates I can do so much more lace work without counting the holes bliss

  36. I’m loving the groovi system. I’m very new and only just got the starter kit but I’ve watched your blogs and videos. You have opened up a whole new craft for me . 💝

  37. Groovi most definitely for me. Allows you to do beautiful parchment craft even with arthritic hands, and it is so versatile.

  38. Stamp, stamp, stamp. Started with stamp, new introductions followed. Barbara still goes back to the best stamps in the world. Clarity stamps.

  39. GROOVI – as it means I can finally do parchment craft, which I struggled with before because I don’t have steady hands xxx

  40. Stamps were my first love and will always be something I turn to. I used them firs for card making but now I also use them in my scrapbooking and art journaling .


  41. STAMP! That’s how my crafting journey began, and I’ve always loved watching Barbara build up scenes, working her magic with the brayer – doing a “wheelie” before the days of the blending mat – inking, blotting then plotting, hovering with the handle, creating a faux layered look through clever masking and shading …
    I’m still fairly new to the Groovi journey, despite being a Groovi NDC member since its launch – I’m one of those members guilty of having used only a small number of the monthly plates to date! I love the intricate and delicate work that can be produced, but I don’t find it as interesting to watch and it’s a slow process – I prefer the instant gratification of stamping an image and getting inky!

  42. GROOVI – Right now my favorite plate is the Diagonal Basic A5 Square Groovi Piercing Grid. I’m designing and making snowflakes. Can’t really call this not messy though. I get all sorts of tiny bits of parchment everywhere with all the picot cutting of the snowflakes. So relaxing though.

  43. Groovi. Only because it’s so portable for taking in the caravan, non messy and compact in the folder and wallet with my small light wave. I still love the stamps, stencils and dies though but they are easier to use at home. Wondered what naughty idea you would have Paul, good one.xx

  44. Groovi , I love that I can keep my hands clean! Seriously though, the plates are gorgeous and so easy to make a really lovely piece of art.

  45. Stamps
    Was my first love and they still are especially yours. Perfect clarity in the design and image . That’s why I love them xx

  46. Groovi now. Used to be dies up until 3 months ago when I had a post from groovi worldwide so up on my newsfeed. I couldn’t stop looking at everyone’s finished work. Now after trying it I’m totally addicted xx

  47. Stencils for me – only as that’s the way I craft at the moment but it’s hard to choose between that and stamps really.

  48. Groovi for me too. Just love to relax and create something amazing. Clarity really are the best and we cannot say it often enough! X

  49. STENCIL – I came to stencils pretty late in my crafting journey and boy what lot I’ve missed out on! They are so versatile – can produce backgrounds or focal points, can be used in so many styles and with so many media. They’ve really changed the way i craft.

  50. Definitely Groovi, love the versatility and uniqueness plus you get such a professional result x

  51. Hi Paul
    That is such a hard question to answer!! I’ve picked Groovi but I love all things Clarity.

  52. Stamps. The original and the best. Everything Clarity does it does so brilliantly and the stencils and dies are awesome too. I do have Groovi too but my first love was and always will be Clarity Stamps. Xxxx

  53. Stamps all day long.
    So much you can do with them.
    Clarity stamps are the best – always gives good results every time.

  54. Dies are the best, their cut is great
    So crisp and sharp no time to wait –
    I must get on, so much to do
    To make a card that’s just for you!

  55. Dies. I use my dies to make stencils. A stencil can be used as it is or embossed. I like to get the most out of a product.

  56. Think I’ll have to go with GROOVI , although I do love everything . Through GROOVI and Louise ‘s workshop I’ve met some lovely talented ladies , not to mention escaping for 2 whole nights to the spa hotel 😀😀😀

  57. Hi Paul
    It’s Groovi for me too. I made a gorgeous Groovi owl for my daughters graduation which went down a treat. Sorry I’ve been missing, life keeps getting in the way and I fall asleep before I’ve had the chance to comment! Lovely to have you here being naughty while Barbara is away. Loved the show I caught this week with Tina’s new plates, beautiful. The craft along last weekend with Barbara was brilliant, it reenergised my lacklustre mojo so a huge thank you.
    Love Diane xxx

  58. STENCIL. Well Paul I must be one of the few, I love my Clarity Stencils, and reach for them more often than any of the others I have. Why, because the designs are different. Take care all. Bx

  59. Do we really have to decide, I love them all. If I really had to pick one, stencils, no stamps, no dies, no groovie, oh help, they are all great. I just love all you make the quality, the ease of use, the variety and the possibilities that they all enable is fantastic.

  60. DIE for me, I can cut out cleanly and then use what I want. I can build up up stash to be used later. xx

  61. Good heavens above what a lot of replies! Can’t think why 😹😹😹
    Groovi for me I think – it is the one I do
    Most now but love the lot! X

  62. Groovi…. but I am venturing more into stencils and stamps when I see the YouTube videos. And I have a crafty friend who is showing me how easy it is to work with a gelli plate. But groovi at the moment x

  63. Stencils (currently) although it is so difficult to choose, as I love using stamps, stencils and dies! At the moment, I am using my gel plate, so stencils are my favourite. Next week, no doubt it will be stamps or dies though…
    Best wishes

  64. STAMPS are my first love, closely followed by the dies, then step groovi,then stencils. Can you tell I love all things Clarity. The best for quality and service.

  65. Its got to be Groovi all the way so relaxing
    me just going to be a few minutes then a couple hours later still doing groovi lol lots started none finished

  66. Stamp, always has been always will be my favourite product. Meeting Barbara and learning through the Claritystamp stamp club every month made me the stamper and crafter I am today and for that I will be forever grateful lol! I have to admit though that stencils now do run a very close second and I am trying not to get into the Groovi because I know it’s something I will love and become obsessed by too lol! Thanks for the chance to win these lovely goodies Paul x

  67. Groovi for me, great find and has brought me back to parchment which I love. Would love to win this prize and have a play with the other products, may change my mind…….!

  68. Grovi for sure! I’m a newbie and have just gone nuts with it. So much fun! I love that, even though it is easy to do, it allows for so much creativity with the mix and match approach to the plate designs. And, I’m now teaching all my friends since in the US, we don’t have access to local teachers. (Thanks to all of the great instruction I have been getting from Tina, Linda, and all the rest!)

  69. Stamps. I was hooked when I saw Barbara pattern building with the corner stamps. Stencils come a close second these days as, like most other people, my interest has grown and taken wider paths.

  70. GROOVI for me. Not a hard decision.
    (But dies, stamps and stencils are a fave aswell. All versatile and compatable with each other.) Oooh naughty Paul. Enjoy yourself. X

  71. I love Groovi plates.
    My favourite is Linda’s Butterflies A6 plate. It is so beautiful as it is, but can be mixed and matched with other plates. Just love it!

  72. Mine has to be the groovi plates. I have always wanted to try working with partchment. No one tells you how addictive it is.Thank you Barbara and all at Clarity.

  73. Groovi I found it on line as I am in the USA and had never seen anything like it … so parchment and Groovi were such a fresh find. Not sure I would have stuck with just parchment but I do LOVE my Groovi. Thanks Clarity Group for All YOU do 🙂

  74. GROOVI – have been absolutely hooked since Day One! I dare not count up the cost of my plates – so a voucher would be wonderful!

  75. STAMPS for me. The 1st crafting item I bought except for paper was the Deco Lady with the feather boa. I loved it then and I love it now.
    X Chris

  76. STAMPS. The 1st craft item I bought was the Deco Lady with the feather boa stamp after watching Barbara at a craft show at Cheltenham racecourse. That was many years ago.

  77. Stamp – it’s where my crafting journey started. Love all the options Clarity offer though, love to see what can be created.

  78. Stamps.
    They are my favourite but all the products have their place in my crafty space.
    To late for the game I know but had to let you know how much I love Clarity .
    Linda x

  79. Hi groovi for me as although I have taught traditional parchment craft for nearly 20 years, I love the fact that the groovi system has bought so many new people into the craft and also enables people with dexterity problems to be able to come back into the craft. xxx

  80. Hi groovi for me as although I have taught traditional parchment craft for nearly 20 years, I love the groove system.

  81. Stencil for me …………… I am exploring the world of doing my backgrounds with sprays and paints instead of purchased designs. Your stencils are lovely and strong – interesting designs too. I do have some of your stamps and these go well 🙂 Thank you for offering up a prize ……..….

  82. Groovi
    Create pergamano cards with ease but still look elegant and lacy just like the time consuming and tedious original pergamano patterns.

  83. GROOVI for me, it’s been all the way to Australia with me so I could groovi with my grand daughter she loves it and so do I, i was hooked from day 1 sitting in a caravan with a complete stranger she was so into groovi and sooo enthusiastic It was the best two hours of my holiday best of all we are now firm friends what a way to make a friend xx

  84. Fresh cut Dies.
    I think it has to be the Fresh cut dies as it gives me the opportunity to use all the lovely DSP Papers and parchment.

  85. Has to be dies for me. The Art Nouveau ones in particular, closely followed by the nature ones. Love them x

  86. Die – have loved die cutting for years. So just so nice to see your lovely designs coming out as dies.

  87. STAMP. My first love. But through Clarity I’ve recently got into stencils and Groovi so it’s now a close-run thing!

  88. Stencil….although I think Dies will win this, as I was scrolling down to leave a comment I could see loads of dies lol. But I have to fo with what I love most and it’s certainly the stencils 🤞🤞😍😆

  89. Groovi, it’s so relaxing and whatever you decide to make, it is always so beautiful, all of the Groovi plates are portable, so wherever you may be going, Groovi can go too!

  90. I love clarity stamps and groovi.
    I do not have any stencils so far, but maybe with next purchase.
    Good quality for the price always brings me back to clarity.
    So I’d choose the stencil as I don’t have one.

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