New Pergamano Tools on HOCHANDA tomorrow!

New Pergamano Tools on HOCHANDA tomorrow!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Just got back to the hotel room. Cream-crackered after Day 1 at the NEC. But so many lovely and familiar craft friends made the effort to attend, that I actually had a fab day. It was slower than usual, but in fairness whilst that wouldn’t be ideal for the exhibitors, it was much better for visitors, who could get round easily, without having to battle through the usual throng of people. And it meant we could talk and have meaningful conversations. There’s a lot of upheaval in the Craftworld with the TV shenanigans, and suppliers moving around, so it was especially important to stop and talk, and reassure our good and loyal customers that we are sticking with HOCHANDA TV, and that Leonie is sticking too. And that, contrary to the lies and rumours which are being spread, Hochanda is going nowhere either; in fact the TV Channel is bearing up very well under the circumstances, thank you!! To be honest, what other suppliers do is up to them. Good luck to them. I just want to set the record straight once again, that Barbara Gray and the Clarity Crew are on the HOCHANDA bus, and I have it on very good authority that that bus is headed in the right direction.

Tomorrow, Lovely Linda Williams will be gracing your HOCHANDA Tv screens at 12 noon, launching a super set of new Pergamano tools. Well, I say new. They ARE new to us. Linda told us months ago we needed to reintroduce these tools, which had been discontinued years ago – so here they are…

So tune in at 12 and learn from the expert what to do with them all!

There’s, also a brand new I-book on the show, by Linda Williams and friends, so do look out for that!

Josie Davidson
Glynis Whitehead
Louise Goldin
Josie Davidson
Louise Goldin
Maria Moorhouse
Dee Paramour
Gail Sydenham

Time for bed again. Cor blimey! These long days are murder on the neck and back!!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxxx

22 thoughts on “New Pergamano Tools on HOCHANDA tomorrow!

  1. Enjoying your demonstrations and interaction with Leonie! Bought the Stencils couldn’t not after that show
    Oh and welcome to the 60 club ( I’m 66!!)

  2. What a day – watched you and Leonie at noon – it was a hoot !!! Once again, beautiful art work from the design team.
    Have a good rest this evening. Hope the neck and back are not too bad.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Glad you had a good day. Enjoyed seeing you and Leonie on Hochanda at lunchtime. What a pair! Hope you get a good rest tonight. Look after yourself.

  4. Great show today you and Leonie you did make me laugh between you. Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows. I for one am really enjoying hochanda at moment loving all smaller companies thinkots getting better . Anyway rest up ready for your busy day tomorrow so 60 isn’t bad then so I will find out in few weeks. X

  5. Hi Barbara,
    It’s brilliant that you are staying with Hochanda..!! My granddaughter & I love everything Clarity, we were lucky enough to meet you in Harrogate a few years ago. Holly still treasures the artwork you made for her!! Everyone at Hochanda are great too….saw Leonie just last week in Harrogate, again, & she was brilliant!
    A belated Happy Birthday for yesterday…glad you had a lovely, if busy day!! Love Anne xx

  6. Lovely to see and chat with you. Pleased you liked the birthday card. Made with love. Was nice to walk around easier today. Apparently i was the 1st to buy the stencil set as they were put out. Knew there was a reason to go today. Have a good few days and looking forward to the retreat. Not long now. Great show . Xxx

  7. Loved the lunchtime Barb and Leonie show! Honestly you two are so funny together, you can tell there is definite affection there. Liked the stencils but holding on until Linda’s show tomorrow as I feel there may be an order being placed….. shhh…. don’t tell the husband!!

  8. Hope the neck and back get better soon, Barbara. The Barbara and Leoni Let Loose Show was brilliant today! Inspirational demos and so much fun – and Mel’s stencils are as great as ever! Looking forward to Linda’s turn tomorrow and very intrigued by the new tools. You’ve managed to steer the Good Ship Clarity so well over the years and Hochanda seems to be the perfect place for you, and good to hear Leoni is staying as well. Many thanks for all you do for the crafting community – Keep Clarity and Carry On Crafting!

  9. Watched whilst playing with the stencils and some rusting powder! Such fun! . . . . And as for age – well, it’s just a number and as my dear friend Michal said many years ago – ‘It’s not the years in your life but the life in your years’ and she lived life to the full, for much of it ‘in the wilds of Borneo’ where I had the great pleasure of first making her acquaintance forty years ago this year. ;~}

  10. Hi Barbara. I had a lovely day at the show. Watched you do the midday show and managed to book the last place on the Groovi workshop. Came away with the Groovi starter kit, some extra plates and other bits and pieces. Just what I wanted. I managed to say hello to you too. You and Leonie are such a scream together. It’s a wonder you get anything done when you work on projects. Welcome to the over 60 club. As they say it;s just a number!

  11. I was not going to buy much at NEC but new plates from Linda and a book my list is growing now. Now all I need is for someone to distract hubby whilst I do a bit of shopping. I missed your show today so will have to get it on catch up. Hope you get some rest before you do it all again tomorrow.

  12. I am just going to catch up with today’s show as I was at our fortnightly meeting in Bromsgrove at lunch time. I have made my shopping list out although I shall probably see something else to tempt me, just my bag to sort before hitting the hay ready for tomorrow. The DT samples for Linda’s plates are stunning as always. I think the new tools will go on my wish list as I still have to get my head round the previous bundle. Hope your back & neck recover with a good nights sleep ready to do it all again tomorrow.

  13. Hi Barb,
    I think Clarity and Hochanda are made for each other. Watched you and Leonie this afternoon and you are so funny when you’re together – you just bounce off each other! The new stencils are lovely but I’m not buying them just yet, although I know there will be some new Pergamano tools heading up to Durham tomorrow! Looking forward to Linda’s show tomorrow. Hope you back and neck aren’t giving you too much jip! Love and hugs Alison ( older than you!) xxx
    Ps well done to those people who guessed Rye – as I’ve never been there I would never have guessed!

  14. Good evening Barbara
    Well just watched your midday show on catch up
    What are you two like you both made me laugh
    Wonderful show and you do know that 60 is the new 40 lol and if life begins at 40 your only 20.
    I hope you had a brilliant day Happy Birthday 🥳
    Looking forward to Linda and the new tools
    Must record it too. Hugs 🤗

  15. Hi Barbara
    I missed todays show so will watch you tomorrow on catch up. Good for you getting the message out there that you are all supporting Hochanda, it’s lovely seeing some of the new smaller companies and of course they always respect their demonstrators and let the demos sell the items. Today’s samples are just so beautiful, the design team are very talented. Sleep well and I hope tomorrow is another fun filled day with lots more friends coming to see you.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Hello Barb, well the stencil show went down a storm, such great designs, and fab demos. I am sure Linda’s show will be popular, and the new or re-introduced tools are going to fly. The plates are lovely and the samples, well they are just gorgeous. Take care all. Bx

  17. Great to see you yesterday Barbara and thank you for all your lovely comments! Our little video has been seen 8400 times as of this morning!! That’s crazy! xxx

  18. Hi Barbara,
    Great show yesterday with Leonie. I am so pleased that you and the Clarity team are sticking with Hochanda.
    I am away at the moment and had a Hochanda customer service issue yesterday, the prompt response and super customer care I received was excellent and for me this is worth my loyalty.
    I hope that you have some rest time planned soon as you work so hard.
    Enjoy the rest of the NEC and looking forward to catching up with more from the Clarity Dream Team

  19. So glad Clarity and Leonie are staying with Hochanda those who have gone will be the losers, sure I’m not the only customer who would not go back to C&C, love all the companies at Hochanda and looking forward to the new ones coming. Will see you and your team at Ditton take care enjoy the remainder of NEC.

  20. I don’t normally comment (lack of time), but I really want to commend Clarity for their loyalty. I love Hochanda and am an avid viewer (and buyer), however, I thought they had lost their way a bit over the last 18 months. Too much of the big brands which all offered the same sort of things. So, good riddance I say!! It’s lovely to see the smaller family brands taking the centre stage again and, along with Clarity and a few other loyal suppliers, it’s back to their roots – offering a diverse craft range and great demonstrations. Thanks for sticking with them (and us).

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