Barb, Be still and listen…..

Barb, Be still and listen…..

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Am back at the hotel kicking back before dinner, whilst dear Dave trundles down the motorway to pick up more stock of some key things we’ve already sold out of. What a busy day! The show is generally quieter than the November NEC, but that’s ok. It means we can have good chats with old friends, and folks in wheelchairs are able to see more and move around more comfortably .

Linda had a great Hochanda TV show today, launching those new / come-out-of-retirement tools. If you missed it, you can go to and watch on catch up. Clever lady indeed.

And tomorrow it’s my turn again at 12 noon. Launching a beautiful- and I mean BEAUTIFUL – pair of 3-way overlay stamps. Absolutely perfect.

Debbie McMullin
Shelagh Metselaar
Anne Dimitriou
Barbara Lancaster
Dee Paramour
Sarah Brennan

Pretty exceptional artwork too, eh… what a team. I have decided to start using our new strap line often:

Clarity – The Bridge to Art.

Because that’s what I’m seeing and that’s what I’m feeling. The art I see you good people and clever people post on Facebook, the samples I see from our talented team – it’s so so true! People are crossing the invisible line and accepting that they ARE artists. Proper bona fide artists. Why we think we need an art degree to call ouselves artists baffles me!

No no no. There is a bridge to art. Many hands have built it with love over many years. As such, it is strong. It can withstand windy criticism, and it flies in the face of judgmental naysayers. Anyone can cross the bridge. Stampers, Mixed Media, Parchers. There is no toll (although I heard several times today that the house was going on the market, or the kids’ inheritance was dwindling, or ah well, you can’t take it with you!) – and there are scores of fellow artists who will gladly help you. All you need is the desire to be creative and an open mind to limitless possibilities.

I have watched and listened for the past 2 days at the NEC. No, correction. I have watched and listened for the past 25 Years! I have watched crafters like Maria and Sam and Leonie and Dee and Shelagh and Sarah and yourself and myself grow and learn and soak up ideas and play and learn more and share ideas and – boom. It is a very powerful community, is this. Not a clique, but a family, with arms wide open to anybody who decides to venture out across the bridge.

Enough philosophy. But I just wanted to share what I am observing – a strong swerve to the arty side – and it feels real good.

So tomorrow, I shall put my glad rags on again, and show off our wonderful artstamps, designed by she who totally defines our artwork: Mel Turner. What time? 12 noon. Who’s the presenter? Hahaha! Guess who!

Dee Paramour
Julie Dunn
Dee Paramour
Barbara Lancaster
Dee Paramour
Shelagh Metselaar

Yep. Leonie! Woohoo!

And we have a special guest on the Clarity stand for the weekend too. Lovely Lou Withers will be inspiring us with her art. It just keeps getting better.

Time for dinner….

Love & Hugs

Barb xxxx

26 thoughts on “Barb, Be still and listen…..

  1. I shall make sure I tune in tomorrow. Looking forward to my visit on Sunday but my list is growing. Dave is a gem driving back to HQ. X

  2. Will be there tomorrow with my ever growing list . Looking forward to seeing the demos. Usually go to the November show so will be interesting to see the difference at the March show.

  3. I am just so grateful for the opportunities that have opened up to me simply by no longer being afraid to try out new things. If something doesn’t work out it is only a piece of card. Canvas can be gessoed over if you don’t like what you’ve done. We all grow by experimenting, playing and giving things a go. I am learning to enjoy my art. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow and Sunday. Say hi to Lou for me (I’ll be seeing her and Jane next Thursday).

  4. Hi Barbara and everyone, hope all the people who went to the NEC to had a great time ,looking and learning and of course spending !!!!!!
    Glad you are having a good show, will catch up on the shows I have missed.
    As you have said Barbara, the ladies and gentlemen on your blog and Clarity World-wide are amazing their art work brilliant , and because of all those people you inspire us to get better at what ever we choose to do.
    Just love the Fresh Cut dies, and so glad I joined this club.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Tv tomorrow.
    Lynn xx

  5. Watched Linda today, she’s such a lovely lady. Must buy the ii book, perhaps it will make me get out and use more tools. Went through my tool bags this afternoon and found that between the old blue tools and the new tools I have all but one of them, to the relief of the bank account as I will definitely be getting the 3-way overlay stamps tomorrow.
    Art of any kind is a great way of relaxing and I mix and match all sorts of disciplines – makes me happy 😀
    Have a good evening.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  6. I had the best day ever at the NEC, starting with some Clarity shopping for my birthday next week and a make and take with Linda. Hello to Maggie Craner, who was there. X I also had a very nice chat to Barbara about what’s going on in the craft TV world. Sorry I missed Lou. Looking forward to playing with my Queen Mary plate tomorrow, my King plate, inks, stencil brushes, blending nibs and designer paper has been whisked away for wrapping by my lovely husband! Thank you Barbara, keep on doing what your doing, I love it x

  7. Had a great day today at the show meeting up with You & the Clarity Team. I also met up with my friends that meet in Bromsgrove every 2 weeks. We chatted to Leonie down on the Hochanda stand before watching her with Linda on the 12 noon show. Did a make & take with Hazel & then shopped trying to keep to a shopping list but only deviated a little bit. Other Half rang to say he was nearby & did I want a lift home so left a bit earlier than I had planned. I realised as I walked across to the station to meet him that I didn’t come & say goodbye to you Barbara so I apologise. Hopefully I will be in Leyburn later in the year as we are minding the grandchildren the weekend of Ditton. Hope the rest of the show goes well for you all. Will be watching tomorrow & Sunday at 12

  8. Sounds like everyone is having fun watched Linda today think I have most of those as the old blue ones having a go with Mary of queen plates started first stage really want to master it but struggling with shoulder and eye sight the right eye just doesn’t like close work . So bit at time. Wish could have come to NEc but hopefully next time but looking forward to meeting up at ally pally for catch up very sad hochanda not going to be there it has been so much better since they came lots love and fun but as long as your there worth the journey hope Dave gets back with no hold ups looking forward to tomorrow’s show lots love xxx

  9. Missed the shows today family time with our grandson Harry so I will watch on catchup later on tomorrow have a great weekend. Love the new stamps by way cheers.

  10. Lovely to see you today Barbara. I really enjoyed my day meeting up with my Bromsgrove Parchers friends. Linda was brilliant as usual and Leonie is a star. Sue’s gift of the amazing exploding box that she made you was just fantastic. I hope you get some rest tonight ready for tomorrow.
    A big hug from Chris. X

  11. I’m so pleased that the stamps are only a few short hours away. I got the stencil version and fell in love with the design and the sayings. Then of course I had to get the die version so finally I will have the stamps to complete my collection. I love the thought of bridging the gap to art, I can say I am tentatively stepping foot onto the bridge and starting my journey across with the help of Clarity and all the amazing demos and samples. XX

  12. Evening bloggy friends, save me a seat for the 12pm show, I will be out in the morning but will be home just in time…fingers crossed. XX

  13. Hi Barbara,
    I love the artwork you have shared today and what always amazes me is that you can give different people the same stencil or stamp, die or Groovi plate and no two are the same. It’s just wonderful.
    Linda’s show today was so interesting and she’s so talented.
    I love the artwork for the new 3 way overlay stamps, it’s a favourite of mine. I will have to get them in due course.
    Thanks for sharing,

  14. Surely the world isn’t ready for TWO “Let Barb & Leonie Loose” shows?!😱
    Loving watching the 12 noon slots from my living room, while calculating I’ve saved so much from my leisure/craft budget by watching from home that I can buy the new ii book & new old perforating tools. Win/win. 🤗😜🤗
    My “same as Linda Williams” pencil sharpener is recommended. Now to buy a top & matching scarf in lime green. Oooh, and practice a Welsh accent. I promise I’m harmful really😉
    Just read that Tim Holtz is recovering well after heart surgery. Great to hear but also makes one realise the delicacy of life & puts everything else in perspective, even the B word.

    1. ……before you send round people in white coats I missed a small but vital word in my blurb………’NOT’………..harmful🙈😝

  15. Wonderful artwork featuring these new stamps Barbara, and looking forward to seeing you and Leonie tomorrow. Mel is very talented to do the artwork in the first place, and then you and your DT are very clever and arty to take it to the next level with their fantastic work. What a treasure Dave is to go back and collect more stock, in fact what a great team! x

  16. Loved watching the shows on Hochanda yesterday and today, my list is growing for Ally Pally unless I need a fix before and just have to order. I have to sit on my hands lately. Looking forward to tomorrows show too. Glad it’s all going well and you have had sell outs, hope Dave isn’t too tired after driving all the way back for more stock. Hope you have been enjoying some relaxation

  17. Having read this time and again, I derive new interpretations at every pass, each one more meaningful than previous. . . . And it’s just this principle I apply to creating examples for Clarity. Thank you so much for the privilege. ;~}

  18. Hello Barbara – absolutely love all the artwork shown here today, would love an ii book of all the above, particularly the beautiful canvas by Dee Paramor. This is one of my favourite stencils, would love to know the step by step how Dee did this as I want to learn more about applying inks to canvas. Very talented design team, very inspiring. Have a great weekend, lots of love Donna X

  19. Morning Barb, I cannot agree more with the sentiment that you are the art bridge. I myself have crossed it and it is amazing, I have so many ideas I get craft brain pain. Us crafters do an amazing job of keeping the economy going. Parchy Hugs to all. X

  20. Hi Barb, oh Dave is a gem driving back to stock up. I loved reading this blog post, and I too have crossed this bridge and found myself learning and creating and having pride in what I produce. Nowhere near the artwork seen here (well maybe occasionally when I really have time and apply myself). We keep our bank managers in jobs. Take care all, I will be watching at 12. Bx

  21. Hi Barbara
    Beautiful stamps, I think they will be very popular. I hope the show is a bit busier today but you still have a chance to chat with friends and promote Hochanda. I hope Dave had a safe journey to base and back too. Yet again, the design team samples are amazing.
    Love Diane xxx

  22. Ordered the new tools as I’m really into/loving my parchment at the no and am happily re-learning the skills I had twenty or so years ago. Happy to use Groovi for the line art as the hands aren’t quite so steady as they used to be! Will be watching at 12, doubtless mayhem will ensue…again… you and Leonie have such a great rapport xx

  23. I’ll have to watch on catch up as my other half has claimed the TV for his rugby! Play time for me up in the craft room I think. X

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