Significant birthday? It’s a miracle!

Significant birthday? It’s a miracle!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Been a long old birthday at the NEC, I can tell you! Got up to Birmingham really early, and yet STILL didn’t leave the building till 7pm. So much space – and yet it was still too small! Still too cramped. We grow into space, don’t we! It’s like at our house. I’ve got a walk-in wardrobe which you can’t get in because it’s so rammed full. And I can’t get into half the clothes either! Ah well. Not about to lose any sleep over that particular issue – especially after the lovely meal and birthday cake with good friends this evening! Life is too short. And when I think that I have been around 60 years now, that’s a miracle! It really is, when you think about it. When you consider how fragile the human frame is. When I reflect on how negligent I have been, how little I take care of myself, how I danced, smoked, drank and and partied my way through England and Europe in the 70‘s and 80‘s – it really is a miracle I’m still here! Glad I am though…..

Many many thanks for the kind birthday wishes, the lovely cards and gifts. Grace and Mark called from the States today, and Mum sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone early doors. All in all a most enjoyable day.

And while we pedalled up and down aisle D at the NEC , Maria was doing a super job at Hochanda. Great job! She was in the Art Nouveau Zone, and judging by sales, so we’re you! Wow!

Here are the sets Maria was showcasing :

Dee Paramour
Jane Telford
Julie Dunn
Jane Milner
Dee Paramour
Jane Telford
Linda Spencer
Tina Cox
Linda Spencer
Jane Telford
Barbara Lancaster
Sam Crowe
Sam Crowe
Carole Panksztelo
Dee Paramour
Wendy Thorburn
Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour

Time to hit the hay. Do I feel any older? I can’t lie. 60 is a biggie for this old bird. Feels like a door has closed somehow. Not sure what that’s about. But do I feel any older? Don‘t know. Ask Dave!

Love and hugs,

Barb xxxx

42 thoughts on “Significant birthday? It’s a miracle!

  1. Many, MANY happy returns, dear Barbara – just keep up the good work …. you’re doing a grand job! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and products …. and blogs – the only ones I read. Best wishes, Jutta xx

  2. Many, MANY happy returns, dear Barbara. You’re doing a grand job ….. keep up the good work. And thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas and products which give me great pleasure in my many more advanced years than yours. Best wishes, Jutta xx

  3. Happy Birthday Barbara glad you had a great day. I visit an old lady once a week as a befriender and she is 95 today so a long way to go yet. Enjoy the NEC and then hopefully a holiday.

  4. Sleep well and forget about birthday numbers. That is all they are, just numbers. Enjoy every moment of your life and that is all that matters. Glad you were able to celebrate in the end. I reckon there is more to come over the next four days. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  5. Belated Happy Birthday wishes lovely lady! I am sorry you had to work so hard on your birthday – I hope you get spoilt and pampered real soon!!!

    Dang, I need to sell a kidney as I want these stamps as well as your flowers now too lol! I hope you get some rest and a lay in soon xx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Wishing you a very happy 60 th – congratulations and welcome to the club! Sounds like you have had a long day but an enjoyable one too. Maria did a fabulous job too. Off to bed now but waited up to wish you happy birthday. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. Happy Birthday. What a way to spend your special day, glad you were able to celebrate in good company tonight. Maria did a fabulous job on TV. Sleep well and hope the shows go well in the next few days. xx

  8. Will miss seeing you at the NEC but hopefully we will make it to Ally Pally, the NEC is far too expensive with parking etc. Wish you well though and hope you get good sales. Congratulations on your 60th Birthday, so glad you went out for a birthday meal with

  9. Happy 60th birthday, sent you a card but don’t know if you got will ask when I see you at Ally Pally in april, hope you had a good day even if you were working.

  10. Many Happy Returns of the Day! Sounds as if you enjoyed it despite being so busy. I will catch you up in October and I certainly don’t feel it ! Been busy baby sitting great-niece and nephew and had a lovely time they were so good. Need to catch up with Maria a.s..p. Lovelysamples x x

  11. Happy 60th birthday. Glad you had some fun, just sorry you had to spend most of it working. Hope you will find time to celebrate soon. Xx

  12. Happy birthday and thank you for taking the time to blog on such a hectic day. I managed to see the first part of Maria’s show and as usual the design team came up trumps. It’s good to see items that have been showcased previously having a second run. Hope all who go to the NEC has a wonderful time xx

  13. Happy Birthday Barbara, pleased you managed to celebrate with friends after your busy day. Have a great show. xx

  14. Glad you were able to celebrate after a hectic day setting up. I watched Maria’s first show but thankfully recorded it as well as I missed a couple of things when I looked away for a couple of seconds & when I looked back I thought how did she do that !! The DT samples are great again & I am looking forward to getting the ii book as I have the stencils & some of the stamps already. Have set the next 4 days shows to record so all I have to do now is make a out my wish list for Friday.

  15. Hi Barbara
    Happy birthday, glad you managed to celebrate with the gang after a long and busy set up day. I think it’s going to be a party atmosphere most of the weekend for you as friends and customers visit. Have lots of fun ax well as working. The design team samples are stunning, I have a feeling my wish list will be getting longer!
    Love Diane xxx

  16. What a shame to have to be so busy on your birthday Barbara, but partially compensated for by a lovely evening. A very Happy 60th Birthday to you, the very loveliest of ladies, and burning the candle at both ends and doing many other things one probably shouldn’t, hasn’t done you any harm, as you look great and nothing like your age. x

  17. Sounds like a busy day glad got to celebrate tonight well your few weeks older than me my 69th in April wish I had half your energy happy birthday sure going to be lots birthday hugs tomorrow telly set ready to watch Maria didn’t brilliant great shows night night xx

  18. Welcome to the club and a very Happy Birthday. They say that age is just a state of mind, if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter! Good to know you’ve at least had some time to celebrate and that all is sorted for the show. Will be watching at 12 noon. Sleep well and take care xx

  19. Hi Barbara
    Well maybe it wasn’t the ideal way to spend you Birthday, but you probably wouldn’t have it any other way. And I’m sure that Dave treated you like the star that you are!!

  20. Belated Happy Birthday wishes on your milestone birthday Barbara, and may you have many more happy ones. Glad to hear you had a lovely Day. Marias shows were as always superb and inspiring. Loved the items on the show, and the artwork featured here is just out of this world. Hope the NEC goes well, and that everyone going enjoys themselves. Take care all. Bx

  21. Belated birthday wishes to you Barbara, I will join that particular club next January & as someone already said – I wish I had half your energy & drive! Going home to celebrate my dad’s 94th birthday on Sunday!

  22. Belated birthday greetings, my broadband crashed yesterday happy to find its back this morning…..gremlins! It will be a blast the whole weekend 60 is the new 50 and just another number but they do go quickly! Xx

  23. Glad to hear you had a HaPpY BiRtHdAy with mates at the NEC.
    My hubby was 60 this year, he’s not sure about it either, but I can probs echo Dave when I say he doesn’t feel any different to me🙊
    Is it me or are the demo’s on Hochanda getting better all the time? Marie seemed in her element yesterday &, as is now the norm from Clarity, showed smashing new ideas & examples from all your designers. Looking forward to next few lunchtimes…….🤗

  24. Hello Barbara – belated birthday wishes to you. Although you were working, I hope you had a great day. I thought getting to 50 was an achievement, but all in all it’s just a number. Embrace 60 Barbara, look what you have achieved in those years. God Bless you, lots of love Donna X

  25. Happy belated Birthday from me too, I am sure the NEC will be wonderful, wish it was nearer. Oh well, perhaps next year.

  26. Love your honesty Barbara, about the lifestyle , bet you had some real good times when you were younger . Look at what you have achieved at 60 , wow . Jane x

  27. Haapy Birthday Barbara, all the best people were born in 1959! This year is the year for 60th’s with my friends and I!

  28. What a way to spend your birthday. But I bet you had a good day too! Have a great show at the NEC and I will be watching your shows through the week!
    Love and hugs xxx

  29. Happy Birthday for yesterday. After all the hard work you deserved a good birthday dinner with good friends. A wise person once told me that the numbers are just the years we have been on earth but AGE is a state of mind. We are glad you are here, with your fun personality – long may it continue.
    Maria gets better all the time, great demos and samples from the design team. Got the Hochanda / NEC programmes on record.
    Hope all goes well, have a good day.
    Birthday Hugs

  30. Glad you were able to celebrate yesterday. Happy 60th to you. It’s a nice round number but doesn’t have to define us. I remember being much more daunted by my 25th, quarter of a century! Enjoy the rest of the NEC. I’ll be watching at 12.00.Loved Maria’s show yesterday. xx

  31. you know what they say Barbara, when one door closes another one opens which bodes well for the future of you and Clarity’

  32. Just been watching Hochanda and realised that you share my mum’s birthday. She died 9 years ago but would have been 98. You have a bit to go yet!! Wishing you a happy and healthy year to come.

  33. Hi Barbara,
    So glad to hear that you had a lovely if busy Birthday. Have managed to catch up on some of the shows on Hochanda, great demos.
    Lovely artwork from all of the design team.
    Enjoy the NEC and hope to get there sometime.

  34. Glad to see you had a Happy Birthday Barbara – such emotion when the song was sung at the NEC.
    Where do you get all your inspiration from and why don’t I? Thank goodness you are there to inspire us.
    Sleep well tonight. X

  35. Belated Happy Birthday! Age is just a number, and as my dad says, it’s not so bad when you consider the alternative!!! He’ll be 89 this year… Hope you find some time to really enjoy yourself in between the hard work at NEC x

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