Total Tina – Barbie Role Reversal

Total Tina – Barbie Role Reversal

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in.

Over in Gillingham, watching rugby six nations with my parents and Dave. The French came out on top earlier, and now we‘ll see whether the Welsh or the English win. I‘m easy either way actually. May the best team win!!

I want to share a very cool idea with you, which clever Tina shared with me. She sent me a text the other day. ‚Been doodling‘, it said…..

Barb: Wow! That is fantastic!!!!!!

So we started a banter.

Barb: Is it doodled on Parchment?

Tina: no. On paper.

Barb: Ah. With a white Gelpen?

Tina: Yep.

Barb: Will it work embossed on the parchment paper, do you think?

Tina: I should think so.

Barb: Let me have a try.

So here I sit, blogging on my iPad, whilst hanging out with Mum Dad and Dave, England and Wales. One eye on the box and one eye on the tablet!!!

I feel another super bloggy sale coming on. Ready? Usually the Parchment Pads are £24.99 and the 8×8 Designer paper pads are £12.99. If you put a Parchment pad in your basket, I‘ll ask Debby and the Team to automatically add the respective paper pad to your parcel. FREE OF CHARGE. Tina and I used the first leaf in the Northern Lights pad, but you can pick any pad you like. Shenandoah, Rainbow River, Indian Summer. They all contain pages which work beautifully using this Doodle technique. Offer ends Midnight Monday xxx

Then, you have the paper and the parchment; so you can follow Tina, and use a white gelpen on paper. (We sell them too!). Or you can follow me, and emboss using a Pergamano tool on parchment.

Now that‘s what I call a total role reversal!!!!!! Thank you for the idea Tina!!!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

36 thoughts on “Total Tina – Barbie Role Reversal

  1. I saw Tina’s post where she’d doodled on the paper and thought what a great idea ! Now you’ve done it on the parchment, what another great idea! There’s just so much to have a try at (no rugby pun intended – honest!). Too little time ! Would like England to win but as I’m sat opposite a Welshman – it doesn’t really matter in this house ! X

  2. Half time so off for a walk on this gorgeous evening.
    There’s far too much jeopardy for me. I’m so useless watching any sport.
    Love the doodling idea though. Received my die today & newsy letter so it was a great reason to open my M&S salted caramel & chocolate hot cross buns. Makes me laugh that it says “serves 4” I think not….the other 3 can jolly well buy their own thanks alot❣️

  3. Hi Barb,
    Wow! What a very clever idea – I would never have thought of doing that – that’s why you’re the experts! Brilliant that you’ve shown the idea on both paper and parchment. Thank you for the great offer too. ,
    My happy post came today and I love all of the goodies especially the die. Can’t wait to play with them. Hope you’re having a lovely time with your parents and of course Dave, and enjoying the rugby. I’m rooting for England but I have a fondness for Wales too. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  4. Great idea! Will definitely be giving this a try and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!
    Been in my little crafty room trying to ‘catalogue’ my supplies to save duplication… only wish I’d begun doing this when I just started collecting Groovi etc so much stuff…. so much time! lol! Anyhoo, just about finished my Clarity supplies and only have a few other fav companies to do and I’m sorted. Have a great weekend one and all x

  5. Absolutely brill. Love both ways. Barbara and Tina what a team. Great at bouncing ideas off each other. Will def have a go. Happy post and dragons etc arrived today. Not had a play yet. Busy working out what I’ll do for the demo/workshops I’ve been asked to run in April &May. Brill news in the newsletter. Hopeful that everything now will get calmer for you all. I’m parching and watching the rugby. Enjoy your time with mum & dad. X

  6. I absolutely love the idea, but I have serious problems with white gel pens. I have been sitting here this afternoon trying to get at least one to work, but with no success. I have tried every make there is but they all hate me. So I guess I will have to play with the parchment instead. Far less frustrating for me. By the way, my precious envelope arrived today and I love the contents. Thank you, Clarity, for getting them out so quit copy with everything else that is going on. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  7. What great idea Tina a bit of doodling will relaxing looks fabulous may give it a go. What great offer Barbara need to get more papers xx

  8. Fantastic. Both of them. I lost myself in the ballet today. Really enjoyed it. A good day out with my family. Thank-you for my NDC envelope this morning, everything in there is wonderful as well. xx

    1. “Person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems”
      from Wikipedia
      Hope this helps.

  9. Not a sports fan so I’ve been crafting with my club goodies received today. Luv ’em!!!
    The paper/parchment offer is too good to miss so I will have to raid the piggy bank – again!
    Great idea of Tina’s, she is so creative and, hats off to her, she got your washing machine head calmed down. Just what you needed. I’m going to try this on my parchment after dinner as I too am hopeless with white pens, they always seem to clog up or go splodgy and spoil the work. Will have to add one of yours to my next order and try again.
    I don’t do social media so thanks for giving us the true picture of what is happening with Hochanda and C & C. Also, congratulations on your appointment to the board, you will be a great asset to them. I am sure there will be lots of new ideas to look forward to.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  10. The two different ways of doing the white work are great. I have taken the plunge and started using my patterened papers! I did have to have a lay down after 😂 . Used my £5 Hochanda voucher to get some more so that took the pain away. Xx

  11. Evening bloggy friends, hope you’ve enjoyed the rugby if you watch, or found time to craft if you don’t . Have a lovley Sunday everyone. Xx

  12. Brilliant idea, will have to give this a go. Received my club goodies today, love them all. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xxx

  13. Wow, the House of Ideas, Imagination and Innovation have struck again! Magical use of the designer papers and parchment Tina and Barbara – reminds me of clever corners and pattern building for us “old stampers”! So relaxing and therapeutic! Barbara you mentioned the other day about maybe demonstrating some of the “older techniques” like brayering, yes please and maybe some pattern building to show the beauty of some of the Clarity Stamps? Many congratulations on your recent awards and the Hochanda appointment, so well deserved. I too have just received the latest Club goodies, lovely designs, can’t wait to play! Really looking forward to catching up with Team Clarity at the Open Days. Now, which Designer parchment to order ….

  14. What an awesome twosome you and Tina make. I am rubbish at anything like this, but I still enjoy having a go. What a great idea.
    It was a hard fought match today, but a great result for Wales.
    Thank you for my Groovi Club plate, which arrived today, along with your newsletter, which I always enjoy reading. The plate might just be my favourite so far – I love it.
    Enjoy the time with your parents and the rest of the weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  15. Hi Barbara
    How beautiful yours and Tina’s doodles are.
    You two really bounce off of each other so well.
    Thank you for all your inspiration
    Love & Hugs

  16. Dear Barbara. You and Tina are so talented both pictures are gorgeous. Don’t think I am that clever, but I do love the papers, they are good enough on their own. Looked good when Paul put a frame on some. Got my envelope today, love them. And your letter, enjoy reading that, sorry you have had rotten things to contend with . I love football not rugby, but did watch a bit today. Exciting. Needed to sit as I had worked in the garden, which I love, but it was hard, had sciatica for ages so my leg hurts. Nice you could have some time with family. Xxxx

  17. What a fantastic idea! And both yours and Tina’s looks amazing! I love doodling so maybe once I’ve finished with all the stuff I’m doing I’ll have a go!
    Your blog offer is not to be sniffed at either…. Best BOGOF I’ve seen for a while!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Love and hugs xxx

  18. Wow what a wonderful idea and a great use of your wonderful papers, thank you Barbara and Tina for sharing, I don,t use social media so thanks for the time you take to blog. Congratulations to your board appointment what a great crafting representative you are, thank you for the deal will be adding it to my growing order. X

  19. Beautiful. I love the designer pads and it’s quite amazing what you can see in them.
    My design club envelope arrived yesterday so thank you and the Claritystamp team and thank you for explaining what has been going on. So very pleased that you will have a voice on the Hochanda board and I hope that everything improves for all involved.

  20. Hi Barbara love this idea, I was born in Gillingham my dads was born there too and my aunt lived there for 80 years so I knew it quite well, they all worked in Chatham dockyard.

  21. That is absolutely amazing, will have to read it through again to make it sink in and have a go with the gel pen as I haven’t got any of the patterned pergamano paper but what a good excuse for getting some

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