Oh Shenandoah!

Oh Shenandoah!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. What a beautiful day! We got up early and went for a long long walk up to the Eridge Rocks before anybody else was up, apart from a couple of joggers. I will show you some pics later in the week. Stupendous.

But today, I want to show you what I started in the afternoon. It isn’t finished, but you will get the picture – literally! Remember Tina and I got the ball rolling yesterday, with our Designer paper and parchment? Well, today, I just HAD to try out what was going on in my head on the walk!!

From the Shenandoah Parchment Pad

Where does one start? I hear you ask…

There. That’s where I started. On the front, with a black Micron Pen.

Then what?

Keep going. Pick out flowers where you see them…
Try your doodles on a scrap first, just to check, so you don’t waste precious leaves of lovely parchment

Start splitting up areas. Pick out patterns.

Build more flowers, add stalks, busy leaves. I used the Lightwave; only because I was in the kitchen and the light wasn’t great. I decided to take my art in the house today, so that it didn’t feel like work up in the studio. And the blimming neighbour with his chain saw is cruising for a bruising! On a Sunday – I ask you!! It is really grinding my gears, but you don’t really want to go wading into a clown wielding a chainsaw, now do you.

Thank goodness for art therapy.

Start the hanging vines with simple lines.

Add the vine leaves next.

Now comes the fabulous part. I know I have still got loads to do with the black lineart, but I want to show you WHY YOU NEED the parchment! Flip the parchment, so you are now working on the back, the more vibrant side of the designer parchment. Lay it down on white foam and a polybag. Now use your Pergamano embossing tools to add whiteness.

No. 1 tool for the tight areas…


Shader tool for the larger flowers

This is the part which will take time, and my neck is starting to ache, so that’s going to be my lot for one day. But you can see how fab this is going to be, can’t you?

Of course, you could do this on Designer paper, and use a white pencil on the front. Entirely up to you.

That’s why I started a really excellent bloggy offer on the designer parchment and paper. Offer ends midnight tomorrow, so I wanted to encourage you to take advantage before then. Not because I need you to buy this ! No no no! Really not. I know that the designer parchment is a considered purchase. It costs a packet to make too! But it is so fantastic to use, not just for parchers, as you can see here. But for fine artists, for zentangle folks, for mixed media artists, for papercrafters, for doodlers – for anybody who likes to draw!!! So I decided to make you an irresistible offer, so that you get to play with it and enjoy it too. Buy any one of the Designer Parchment pads, and we will automatically add the corresponding Paper pad to your parcel FREE OF CHARGE, as a gift.

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this afternoon. The landscapes on the Shenandoah and Rainbow River pads really set the scene for you to doodle around. And just look how a little bit of embossing – the whitework – has made those doodles pop! Work in progress, but you can see how it is growing.

…to be continued….

Click here to find the Parchment Pads. I do hope you try this technique out.

Love & Hugs,



36 thoughts on “Oh Shenandoah!

  1. It’s fantastic Barbara. I love to Zentangle. I’m not very good at it but it is very relaxing. The Shenandoha designs have hidden landscapes which I have stamped on but never thought to use them in this way. Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration. Looking forward to hearing more about your walk.
    Hugs from Chris X

  2. Lovely art Barbara, great idea. I ordered a parchment pad offer and white pen earlier today. Would not have thought of “tangling” pictures on patterned parchment though I have used some of your stencils for outlines and a fine embossing tool to zen tangle traditional patterns on plain parchment.
    Beautiful day here today, spring flowers peeking out in the sunshine ☀️ and the longer days are very welcome.
    Hope your neck recovers quickly.
    Enjoy your evening. 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Hi Barbara and everyone, well what a beautiful day we have had.
    I suppose we will suffer for it.
    Wow, you are so clever it looks outstanding.
    Looking forward to seeing where it ends .
    Glad you had a brilliant day.
    Lynn xx

  4. Oh, that is stunning! Have seen Tina’s drawn ones on FB, using the papers so as you say it’s the best of both worlds if you can get the parchment too. I have used the designer parchment for stained glass effects on cards but haven’t actually used it for Groovi, but I am loving the doodling with a touch of whitework. Looking forward to seeing it when it is finished. Might get out a piece of designer card to give this technique a try, bit less daunting than an 8×8 or 12×12. XX

  5. Wow , that looks stunning. I am off to check out my parchment stash & then make an order before the offer finishes. Mean while I am going to sit down & look at my club goodies that were here when I got home today after a few days away. I had seen on FB that they were on their way so had my fingers crossed that mine would be here.
    We had a cycle ride along the canal from Market Harborough to Foxton Locks on Friday. It was great to get out into the fresh air & sunshine so can fully understand how you felt on your walk this morning. Spring is definitely on its way & hopefully we won’t go backwards to Winter although I suppose it is early days yet.

  6. Think I am going to have to give this a try. That is going to be a beautiful design. Very relaxing ( well ignoring the chap with the chainsaw, what on earth is he doing ). Our 48th wedding anniversary today so lunch out then back to have our grandson for a few hours. He is a joy, got a cold but still smiling. xx

  7. Brilliant looks a wonderful few cannot wait to see it finished have a go this week. Weather is beautiful so nice to have door open and fresh air was watching are dog milo sitting out on grass sniffing the area and just looking around really enjoying being out in garden xxx

  8. Its gorgeous. I’ve just had my birthday and my kuds kindly gave me money to buy some lovely Groovi Goodies, Just wondering if I should mention that Mothers Day is looming!!.

  9. I think you might just have started something here Barbara and Tina. Bet the sales of white gel pens and black micron pens go through the roof! The parchment offer is so generous too, so I imagine lots of people will be giving this a go. The great advantage is that it is so portable and I can see a sheet of Shenandoah and a micron pen being slipped into my hand luggage in two weeks time, as a great way to help pass a nine hour flight. Thank you! Hugs. Annette X

  10. WOW Barbara, that is soooooo beautiful.
    I wish I had half your talent!!
    We have a lovely neighbour with a chain saw too. Just before Christmas they started cutting down a huge fir tree that a family of Magpies had been living in for years and by New Year they were homeless!! They still have the base of the tree to cut down, so every few days we are treated to a whole day of the chain saw noise!! So I know exactly how you feel.
    Just keep doodling xxxxxx
    Love & Hugs

  11. That is stunning, I loved the white pen and the parchment one yesterday also and my little brain wondered if it would work with a black pen and it does! Will place an order as it is such a generous offer, thank you.
    We have a neighbour who has a habit of lighting bonfires, can be very annoying especially if it’s a misty day and the smoke seems to hang around. Xx

  12. That is just beautiful, and I love the symbolism of you creating a garden landscape when your neighbour is cutting things down. I guess sometimes we just have to do what is in our own control to ease our mind and spirit. x

  13. Amazing Barbara. I will have a go as I love zentangle and have a gorgeous book on it, no need to get parchment yet as still have plenty. Hope you have had a lovely walk, we went up the Downs and had a walk this afternoon, what fantastic weather today, hope spring is here to stay.xxx

  14. What a fabulous idea, really beautiful,I am a returning groovist so getting lots and lots of inspiration, parchy hugs to all. X

  15. Fabulous work Barbara and you can actually see the shape has given you the basis as to where to put the water, hills and flowers, but your drawing/doodling skills are wonderful. I look forward to seeing where you go with this. I’m glad you had a lovely walk this morning too, and my husband has just reminded me that we have also been there in the past. It will be great to see the photos. x

  16. The papers are beautiful and this technique certainly caught my eye. I have placed my order and thankyou in advance for the free gift. Hopefully I can create my own little piece of art x

  17. Barbara, you are so talented! That is really beautiful! (And I had thought that parchment papers were only for parchers, which I am not, but now I can see the possibilities. Thank you x)

  18. Hi Barbara
    Isn’t this beautiful, loved the ones you and Tina did at the weekend too. Think I might introduce my daughter to this, she loves to zentangle and does it to relax, finalyear of uni so she’s not got time to do much relaxing at the moment. Thank you for the lovely offer, I will gave a look later. Now perhaps chain saw person is carving a tree, that would be quite cool and arty, just very noisy! Somehow I think not!
    Love Diane xxx

  19. Hi Barbara

    Love this and I am working on some designer paper doing some scene building, it’s so absorbing and mine isn’t anywhere as good as yours but I am enjoying it nonetheless.
    Thanks for the bloggy offer(can’t tell you what autocorrect did to bloggy 😉 ) and for sharing,

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