Potaloton today!

Potaloton today!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Stepped away from the Clarity coalface for the morning and went down the Claypit to a pottery throwdown for a whole 4 hours. Absolutely loved it. Wasn’t particularly productive in terms of output; didn’t throw a load of pots. But I did get totally immersed in the feel of the clay, the way it reacts to pressure and water. I actually cut through a few pots with a cheesewire when I had made them, to see how thick the walls were, and how even the thickness was. You get to a stage in the learning process when you just have to decide: do you want to improve? Or do you just want to have fun? I made the decision that I want to get better, so cutting and checking is the only way forward. Walked away with little to show for my efforts, but with a whole lot more control over throwing a pot! Can’t wait to get back and go again!

Remember long tall Sally and her squat friend? No no no! Not the ladies!! That’s my mate Magda and our Throwdown teacher, Suzanna!! She is so talented!

Today, when my back gave up at the wheel, I got Squat out again and titivated, all ready for next Wednesday, when the sexy coil wrap is added. Then I reflected on the construction, and I thought you might enjoy seeing it broken down. It’s pretty basic really….I took photos as I was making – like the true blogger that I am!!!

Much like rolling out pastry really….
Cut a template out of newspaper, and cut out both sides.

Base next.
Shape the ears and wrap them in cling film, so they don’t dry out….
Time for construction.
Cut a mitre edge, then add some tread with the knife, then add a little slurry.
At this point apparently, I should have added the sides to the SIDE of the base. But Barbie thought she’d join them on top. Works too; just more difficult…

Now you can see why the mitre – makes for a wafer thin end.
Hahaha ! More luck than judgement!
Looks a bit ropey. But one thing we crafters know: It ain’t done till it’s done!!!
Now I’m thinking I could have added the ears by inserting them….
too late mate!
No worries. This technique is called Stickemonafter.
Can you see what I see? A friendly fish?

The girl’s losing the plot here! Trying to plan TV shows for next week on the phone and woffle on about friendly fish! Time to call it a day methinks!

But. I am already excited about pottery next Wednesday. Already planning the next steps. Already picturing where I want to go with this. Can’t guarantee anything, but I can certainly steer the artwork in a certain direction, n’est-ce pas?

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “Potaloton today!

  1. You are clever! Love your “work” & therapeutic too.😍
    I know what you mean about choosing between fun & wanting to improve. I’ve just put a large order in for a mate who’s decided to improve with Groovi. Should I feel a tad guilty? Naaah🙊
    She loves my Groovi cards as well as your Craftalong & Hochanda demo’s so holding her back just seems rude😂

  2. It looks like you have had lots of fun. It’s good to see how you made your pot as you go along.
    Got away early from work today so just chilling out just now before sewing more of the star wars quilt after tea. Hopefully I will get it finished this weekend.

  3. Oh you do make me laugh. I just love your sense of humour. Pots are looking good and it will be interesting to see the finished ‘fish’!
    I am off to watch my granddaughter’s first performance in Annie at a local theatre. Proud granny!
    Have a great weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Your doing well with your pottery great to have an out let in life something to look forward to. Katie is looking forward to Ally pally she’s on count down and coming to see you xxx

  5. love your pottery vocabulary !! nice to do something different yet at the same time making decisions on which way you wanted to take your pottery. As with all crafts if its what you enjoy & its going the way you want it that all that matters just enjoy the journey x

  6. More like Jonah and the whale, from that photo Barb…!!!

    Glad you got a big pottery fix today, bet it did you the world of good. Great to see the process as a complete mystery to me! Good to see just how your other craft skills fit in with this craft. Thanks for sharing.

    I disagree, you didn’t leave with not much to show for it, you left with much more knowledge and skills today, that’s huge.

    I’m hoping to settle down and get crafty this weekend, oh, and watch Scotland beat France of course…

    I hope you can have a weekend doing things you love to do, and chillin. Love you xxxxxx

  7. Love the happy fish! Glad you have been learning and planning. All those skills you have developed today will stay with you now, so although you didn’t have anything physical to take away you took away knowledge. My new 12×12 papers arrived today, beautiful and colourful. Also my club envelope has arrived love them all so thank you! Xx

  8. Evening bloggy friends, I’ve been crafting today using the 3 way overlay stamps, loving them. Hope everyone has been able to get crafty. Xx

  9. Wonderful that you have your pottery to break away from the normal daily round. It is good for everyone to step away for a while. It will be interesting to see where you go with your design. I am off to the ballet tomorrow with all the female members of our family. Never been before and something I have always wanted to see. xx

  10. Like everything you do Barbara so well thought out and executed and can’t wait to see the added coils. It is not in your nature just to do something for fun and not be interested in improving, that wasn’t going to happen…lol. x

  11. Love your fish – obviously you are having fun as well as improving your knowledge of all things ” potty “. Glad you have something to relax you.
    Watched the happy hour this afternoon, some great design team samples as usual.
    Received my second set of 12 x 12’s this morning, so pleased with them. I can see an intensive crafty weekend in the offing.
    Goodnight 🍒🍒🍒

  12. Hi Barbara
    Looks like you’ve had a wonderful day getting away from it all, just what you need after the week you’ve had. Your pots are lovely, happy fish, yes I can see it, you do make me laugh. Sorry I haven’t commented much lately, life keeps getting in the way. It’s lovely to see some of the older stamps and yes please to a back to basics session. Clarity and Hochanda are such a good match, I’m glad you are staying put. Things will settle down soon I’m sure. Enjoy some metime with Dave this weekend, perhaps a walk and a spot of rugby watching.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    I’m so pleased for you that you have found pottery – something crafty but new for you that you can get your teeth into ( not literally I hope!). The way you talk about it shows us your enjoyment. Loving the happy fish and can’t wait to see what you do next with it. Hope you and Dave have a lovely, relaxing( hopefully) weekend. Looking forward to the rugby. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Had a lovely day – morning and early afternoon walking around Barnard Castle and taking photos of the actual castle for once. I love this little town bot it has been years since I’ve actually bothered to go to the castle itself. Came home and did a card using the Queen Mary plate and garden heart. I am really loving the ” Queen ” plates, so quick to use. Hope everyone has a great weekend with some lovely springlike weather. Love and hugsAlison xxx

  14. Thank you. I didn’t like to ask about your down time but it is so interesting to see how it is done. It will forever be the fishsmiling pot now!

  15. Thank you for today’s blog Barbara, it made me smile. The ‘fish’ reminded me of a laughing dolphin. Have a good weekend, it is supposed to be a scorcher.

  16. Hi Barbara

    I love seeing your pottery makes and the funny little fish. I just see a cartoon face, a bit like a minion, on the side of the dumpy one. I sometimes think our really productive times are when we haven’t actually got something physical to show for it. Hope to get on with my groovi piece from the craft along today.
    Hope everyone has an enjoyable day.

  17. Have never commented on a blog before but your “stickemonafter” did make me laugh. Do I see a Clarity Crafters in Clay Club on the horizon??????????????

    Crafty hugs

  18. Hello Barbara
    First of all CONGRATULATIONS on all the awards – very well deserved.
    Sorry to say I’ve still not caught up on TV programs, life dealt me a huge curve ball on three fronts last week and still struggling to keep my head above water. They are on record so I will get to them.
    Really I just wanted so say THANK YOU YOUR AN INSPIRATION

  19. Lovely to know that you are enjoying making pottery. I live only a couple of miles outside what is known as the Potteries and about 6 miles away from the Wedgewood Pottery Museum. It is such a skill to be able to throw a pot and one I don’t have.

  20. I had ‘a go’ at pottery once – ’nuff said !!

    If you ever get into textiles and decorative stitched surfaces – well, the world will be your lobster 🙂
    Of all the things that come out of Clarity central, do you know? I still love the goodies you design, the most.

  21. Hello Barb, your pottery blog posts really make me laugh. I can just see you sat there with your tongue stuck out the corner of your mouth. Bx

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