Stay in Your Lane!

Stay in Your Lane!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Steve and I are still here at Clarity. I have had a second wind, as they say, and have decided to just keep going till the job’s done. So that’s a forever then !!!

Whilst Tina and Paul are entertaining you on HOCHANDA this evening and tomorrow, (superb little plates illustrated by Tina), Steve is going full throttle making Groovi Plates (for the NEC Exhibition) and new stencils for Leonie’s show on 1st March, and I am trying to clear a path in the gangway, keep the plans and proposals coming, and generally steer the good ship Clarity! What a caper. I’ve eaten my way through everybody’s tuck drawers, (didn’t bring any lunch!), so have been rummaging for snacks! Have just found the biscuit stash in the Laser room! Woohoo!

Karen Jackson made this lovely piece with one of Tina’s plates. Love it.

Wednesday’s blog is when we go deep, right? OK. Well, I did go deep today, in my head. Got a stonking resentment going midstream. But what’s the point? Resentment. Pah! Serves absolutely no purpose. Doesn’t change a damned thing. Just winds you up like a coil.

HALT = Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.

Ticked 3 of them today, which definitely triggered the resentment. I really should know better.

Much better to focus on the good stuff that is happening, the creative stuff. Much better to count my blessings than count clowns! And there are a few clowns in the Craft Industry, I can tell you! It is almost slapstick.

So I shall just stay in my lane, get on with what’s in front of me, do what’s do-able, let the traffic pass, and tick a few boxes. In the words of Michelle Obama,

“When they go low, we go high”

So. Back to it. I may as well; I’m here, and I’m enjoying working with my brother. No pottery today either – half term.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “Stay in Your Lane!

  1. I hope you are both keeping each other going with a bit of fun and laughter. It’s always fun trying to find the secret snacks in people’s drawers. I’m usually good st finding my sisters and then sending her pictures of half eaten things!! We do laugh!! Xx

  2. Hello Barbara
    A very dear friend of mine (who is no longer with us) always said “if you can’t change it, you just have to roll with it and make the best of it”.
    This is so true and I try to live by it (very hard sometimes as opening my mouth isn’t always the best path to tread).
    Enjoy working with Steve but don’t forget to go home to bed.

  3. Watched the show. Tina and Paul were brilliant as always. Nice to have some ideas for those dreaded men’s cards. We have had a wonderful few hours today looking after our little grandson, six months old now and such a happy little boy. We will be having him for one day a week from September. Am I besotted, you bet. xx

  4. Don’t let the gremlins get to you 👹 they are not worth it.
    How you manage to juggle all the things you do is a wonder in itself, I envy you your stamina!!!
    Tina and Paul are doing a great job on TV but for once my bank is heaving a sigh of relief as these are not my style, but it means I may be able to squeeze more funds for other products coming up.
    Did I hear you are bringing out folders for the 12×12’s?
    They will be very welcome.
    Try to get some proper food and rest tonight.
    Love and hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  5. I know you can get tablets to help trapped wind, but don’t know if they will help with a second one. 🤪
    Met up with a friend of over 40 years, who is visiting from South Africa, so haven’t watched Tina and Paul yet, but will do so tomorrow. The plates look great.
    Don’t stay up too late and tell Steve to watch his back, with all the overtime he is doing. I know you all want to get stock to us asap, but I am sure that we would all rather wait a while than have you guys laid up! Take care and hugs to all. Annette X

  6. You stay in your lane doing well there those clowns aren’t worth the effort it just feeds them it’s hard not to though keep flying the flag we are all here behind you all xxx

  7. A favourite saying from a Royal Marine pal of mine from Brunei days was ‘Don’t let the turkeys get you down!’ Somewhere I have little cards he found in Singapore with just that picture. Forty years on, it is still a favourite quote. X

  8. ‘They thought they had buried us – they didn’t know we were seeds’? I’ve never liked clowns. There are some in every industry. You let karma sort them out and stay with us.

  9. Just like you Barb I’m trying to ‘stay in my own lane’ but it’s definitely not easy when people try to force you off the road so to speak. Anyhoo, will just crack on with trying… well you have to don’t you! Take care xx

  10. Hey mrs, don’t you be putting in a nightshift now… You need a good night’s sleep please! You cannae be working 24 hours, you’ll get ill!

    Aye, you tak the high road, you get a much better view!!! Just walk on by in silence, leave them to squabble in the gutter among themselves. As for the mud slinging, keep on walking by in silence, it’s only going to stick to them!

    I love Michelle Obama, she’s a very much unsung shero, in my opinion.

    I didn’t get to see the show today, been a loooong day for me too. I’ll be watching tomorrow, hopefully. Do you have any plans to make the wee car one into a stamp?

    Glad you’re getting boxes ticked, but take it easy please, love you xxxxx

  11. Stay in the lane, right behind you, let the clowns get on with it let them be greedy trying to mask their decision behind the good of craft, when it’s all about money. Onward and upward to a very special business women with a big heart x

  12. Hello Barb, a very good way to do it, ignore the clowns. Hope you are having fun working with Steve. Off on my travels for work, so may miss a few blog posts. Take care all. Bx

  13. Hello Barbara – don’t worry about the clowns, it’s their problem, thinking and worrying about it will feed Into their will and take away yours. Keep calm and ignore those that serve no purpose. Lots of love to you Donna X

  14. Hi Barbara, sounds like you’re a very busy lady at the moment, but hopefully we’ll get to have that chat soon. Meditation helps if you can find a quiet moment. Mind you so does pottery! Yours enthusiastically, Cherry. X

  15. I watched the opening show on Rewind, not expecting to do anything but put a few things on my personal wishlist. Next thing I knew I was confirming a purchase. All those geometric patterns will be useful not just on their own, but for the background of almost any design.

    Your words about resentment today are something I needed to read. A lot of nonsense at work and I’ve been letting it affect my mental and physical health. “So I shall just stay in my lane, get on with what’s in front of me, do what’s do-able, let the traffic pass, and tick a few boxes.” My new mantra. Thank you

  16. I am really in awe of the way you think and work Barbara, and what a great team you all make, but you do need to eat properly and take regular breaks…..just saying…lol. I have just been watching Paul and Tina..great stuff! x

  17. Sometimes change, however awful at the time can turn out to be a blessing, and everything in the garden will not be lovely for ever for those causing you distress,and after the “honeymoon’ who knows!!!
    You have great support and a large following of crafters. Chin up

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