A Brief Youtube intro into our Pergamano tools

A Brief Youtube intro into our Pergamano tools

Hi there.

Sorry I am so late today. Long day at the office… but that’s ok. My choice. Poor old Brother Steve is on nights all week! I felt bad leaving him there tonight; but there’s so much to make, he said there’s no way round it. So tomorrow, Dave and I are going in to keep him company in the evening – best time to get stuff done !! And we are bound to have a laugh along the way.

Alongside the launch of our brand new Pergamano Show on HOCHANDA TV, scheduled every Thursday after the Sunday when I’m usually on,

Lovely Linda Williams is driving this bus !!!

we have also started a YouTube mini-series on Pergamano tools.


These handy videos can be found on our YouTube page. They’re no longer than 2 minutes each and are great for getting a basic overview of what each tool is for and how to use them. Starting with our embossing and shading tools – we’ve put a playlist together for you here.

Thanks Becca and thanks Simon! Great job!!! More to be continued as soon as they get back in the saddle after their honeymoon….

I am still beaming from ear to ear that we won the award for Best Product of the Year with Claritystamp PERGAMANO. Never saw that coming !!!

The next Pergamano Show is on Thursday 7th March. 8am. 12 noon and 3pm. THREE HOURS! That is great, because we can recap on the shading and whitework which we worked on last time, and then move on to colouring. Excited.

But but but: Tomorrow, you are in for a super duper treat with another wonderful, brilliant and beautiful friend of ours: Tina Cox. She and Paul are launching a delightful set of Groovi plates, designed by her good self, at 6pm. Very funky and fresh – and very cool for men. Wait till you see what Tina has in store for you with these plates! She has such a unique, adorable style…..

Here are a few lovely pieces from our clever team, to inspire you….

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Josie Davidson
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Sheila Bradley
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Josie Davidson
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Sheila Bradley
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Karen Jackson
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Glynis Whitehead
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Tinas-Funky-Layering-A5-Sq-Groovi-Quartet-Jackson-1-e1550564183218.jpeg
Karen Jackson
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Carole Panksztelo

It’s amazing to see how we have all embraced the Groovi system so unconditionally here, under the roof of Clarity. And now, almost effortlessly, we are moving into the realm of traditional parchment, and all those magic Pergamano tools.

I must tell you a little story. A dear customer of ours from Wales wrote to me recently. She told me her husband had died last year, and that her world had been turned on its head, understandably. She said that whilst she was still loving the stamping and inky side of her crafting, she really wasn’t making the most of her Groovi and parchment stash any longer, and wondered whether I knew anybody who might benefit from it.

That very same day, I received another letter from another dear customer in Ireland, who has terminal cancer, but who loves crafting with others in the hospice, and wanted to tell me how important her crafting with others was to her, and how much she loved the Groovi art, and how it helped her immensely through dark times. I reached out to her, and asked her whether the hospice and she might enjoy a parcel of goodies from a good woman in Wales – and the rest is history.

Long story short, we gratefully had the parcel picked up from Jean, and brought back to base, because I wanted to check whether we might supplement the stash if several people were going to enjoy it. Well, what can I tell you? How wrong was I! It was overwhelming. The box was beautifully and perfectly packed, with everything imaginable that you could ever want for a group of parchers. All filed in folders, all indexed. Dave, Paul and I sat in silence and shed a tear. For the generosity, for the sadness, for the kindness – just the humanity of it all. And the parcel was duly repacked and sealed, relabelled and sent on to dear Anne in Ireland.

It’s random acts of great kindness like Jean’s that make my job so much sweeter. I wish I were a fly on the wall when Anne opens that box. Faith, Hope, Love and Charity – all the way from a new friend in Wales.

Love & Hugs,



30 thoughts on “A Brief Youtube intro into our Pergamano tools

  1. Oh how wonderful and also how touching of Jean to think of sharing. I hope she is getting to grips with her loss and has family and friends to help on the dark days. Xx

  2. What a lovely thing to happen. It refreshes your faith in humanity, and reminds you hat the majority of people are caring and thoughtful. Groovi has certainly helped so many people to leave the stresses of life behind, if only for a few moments. You have given me an idea of where to send my non-Clarity crafting stash, which I am getting rid of to make room for all my gorgeous Groovi plates etc. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  3. Hi Barb,
    What a wonderful story ( although not sure that’s the right word. It is so touching that a person with such grief can still think of others and it is so generous of her to donate all of her Groovi gear to other deserving people. I’m sure that the people in the hospice will be extremely grateful and will get lots of enjoyment from this gift. Sorry to hear that poor Steve is on nights again but at least he will have company tomorrow. Tina’s new plates look fabulous and I can feel a purchase coming on!! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  4. What a great result all round and so generous x x

    The new plates look really handy but I haven’t opened my box of sale stuff yet! A day in tomorrow so will be able to catch the shows and catch up on some ironing and Groovi! X

  5. Such generosity and kindness, it warms my heart.
    Steve is a real trooper, don’t work him too hard, I’m sure no-one would mind waiting an extra few days for our deliveries !!!
    Enjoy your pottery tomorrow.

    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Thank you for sharing the story about such a kind and thoughtful customer. Just what I needed to read after an unpleasant day. Really makes you think about what is important in life.

    I love the Pergamano show. I am brand new to Parchment craft and it’s a perfect addition to your videos.

    The new plates from Tina are wonderful. Looking forward to the show.

  7. I hope there is some light for Jean in her very generous donation to Anne. A gift that will be enjoyed by many.
    I hope Steve being on nights doesn’t upset his internal clock too much. Don’t stay up too late tomorrow night.
    Looking forward to Tina and Paul’s shows.
    Just back from a stunning performance of Don Quixote at the local cinema streamed live from The Royal Opera House.

  8. You said the next Pergamano show is Thursday 7th of
    February ! I hope you meant March and we are not going backwards ! Looking forward to it anyway.

  9. Thanks for sharing the random act of kindness. Such a lovely thing to do & it will give so much pleasure over the coming months to others enabling them to get in the Groove & escape the stresses of life that they are going through. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow & Thursday. I have put them on to record as we are out & about so I can catch up later if I do happen to miss them.

  10. What a shining example to us all. Glad you are still beaming over your recognition. Love the new tool videos but could you ask them to make a set with sound for those with poor sight, please? I know visual demos are good for all people with sight whatever their language, so that covers the majority and came first.

  11. This story is so heart warming Barbara, and it shows how important crafting is to so many people to help during the difficult times, and Jean was very thoughtful indeed to want to give someone else a chance to use all those wonderful goodies when she felt that she was not able to make the most of them any more. x

  12. Hello Barb, what a lovely blog post, it just shows that there are still lovely, kind and generous people out there in the world. I hope that Jean carries on enjoying her crafting whatever form it takes and that the group learning from Anne have the opportunity to create some lovely artwork. The new designs from Tina, are fab and the artwork from the team is superb. I hope that Steve does get some time to rest too. Take care all. Bx

  13. Got up at 6am, made a cuppa and read your blog, which made me cry. With all the stories making headlines these days, it was good to be reminded that there are wonderful, caring people out there.
    Also, thanks to you for doing what you did. Another reason to support you and Clarity, as not every company would take the time to help, as you did.
    Enjoy your pottery today and don’t stay up too late with Dave and Steve. Hugs. Annette X

  14. Hello Barbara – that story is so lovely. Life seems to be going in the wrong direction, but it is stories like these that keep your faith in humanity going. lots of love Donna X

  15. What a beautiful thing to do,it restores your faith in the human race with all the ugly things going on,may that parcel bring many hours of joy to who ever gets to use it. Love the look of the new plates can’t wait for the shows to begin,lovely to have something nice and modern for the men in our lives!! Feel another order on it’s way, love groovi.

  16. What a thoughtful, kind act of kindness from Jean. In the midst of her grief she has given a wonderful gift to people who find comfort in crafting. I send her my sincere condolences and love xx

  17. That is what a little Barbara Gray and Clarity Stamp Pixie Dust does! Faith Hope & Charity all because of you and your company and your ethics, what a lovely, lovely thing to do. I have a lot of stamps that I no longer use and now I will reach out to my local hospice to see if they can use them – never thought to do that before today so thank you Barbara xx

  18. What a lovely story, I hope jean you are reading this and know how your kind deed has made a lot of people smile ( and shed a tear) I hope time brings you peace and comfort. And Anne, wishing you love too, I hope you and your friends enjoy the Groovi. What a lovely blog this is, I am proud to be among such lovely people. Oh and Barb, having seen those new plates I think Steve may be in for a lot more night shifts, better some cake in.

  19. What a lovely story amongst all the sadness and loss bring some Joy to others also going through hard times life is so short pray blessings on them both I gave a lot of craft stamps card etc to Katie’s day centre to give them so activities to do think what they make on cards made could bring in more monies for new activities equipment. Loving the new plates. You all must be working flat out with all extra shows xx

  20. Hi Barbara,
    hope you are staying at Hochanda. love the nice friendly presenters, not too loud and they get the best out of you expert crafters.
    love watching your demo’s and the great tips you so generously pass on to us novices. can’t wait for the new Groovi plates which Tina and Paul will be presenting,
    look forward to seeing you at Ally Pally, my old stomping ground as a teenager, roller skating at the long gone roller arena.

  21. That brought tears to my eyes and a love in my heart .
    Groovi is amazing and for one it’s has given me so much pleasure even in my darkest days thank you barbara for giving us so much of you and to all a clarity towers what an amazing team xxx
    Caring hugs to all on the blog xxx

  22. There are some really lovely people in the world and much nicer to hear of them than their opposites!
    Liking Tina’s new plates but still managing to refrain from spending at the moment, must be having a ‘breakdown’ of some kind – lol! Still watching/recording the shows tho’ as will not say ‘never’ to buying them. Don’t overdo things tomorrow evening, stock can only be produced as quickly as the machines will go and you aren’t machines xx

  23. What a lovely and generous act from the lady in Wales, glad her Groovi stash is being enjoyed by others in need, we all know how therapeutic crafting can be in tough times.

    Lovely inspiration from the DT, I will catch up with Tina and Paul shows later, though I did catch the part Tina showed us how to blend properly and that was very helpful, the sky box is ready to record the rest of todays shows.

    The Youtube videos will be most helpful too, excellent idea for a quick reminder. Really enjoyed watching you and Linda on the Pergamano show very helpful.

    Best wishes

  24. First things first
    Re: hospice gift,beautiful and heart warming.I have recently updated my will and have included that all craft and sewing goodies are to go to the boys and girls clubs in my town.
    All other usables to White Dove resale shop that is run by hospice
    I am a new fan from across the pond as you say
    More on that at another time.
    Not sure to calculate exchange for US currency for free delivery etc
    Congratulations on your much deserved award
    Your instructions are so easy and i enjoy your relaxed funny sense of humor
    Looking forward to more from you
    Bonnie Michele Scottsdale Arizona

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