Last orders, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Last orders, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Can’t stop long ; Dave and I are in for a treat tonight! Grace and Mark got Dave 2 tickets to see Steely Dan – and he wants to take meeeee to Wembleeeee. And with Steve Winwood as support – woohoo! Take me back to the 70’s and 80’s!!

But as we have to leave soon to get round the M25, I’ll just shed a little light on this wonderful super duper stencil of the month. I love this design by Mel. I love it as a die, as a 3-way stamp, as a Groovi plate and as a stencil.

Birds in a Tree Stencil

You can check out our offers here!

Here are some wonderful samples to inspire and delight….

Dee Paramour
Linda Spencer
Debbie McMullin

Barbara Lancaster

Nick Roberts

February is a short month, so if you want to take advantage of these Offers of the Month, you’ve got until Thursday! In fact, the Half price member’s Only Sale end then too, so do dive in for a last minute bargain!

Right. That’s it. Time to get me glad rags on.. Shall I leave you with a little Steely Dan? Oh yes….

Skippadeedooda, skippadeeday!

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “Last orders, Ladies and Gentlemen!

  1. Oh wow, what a brilliant gift! You will have an amazing night. I love Steely Dan and been a Stevie Winwood fan since about 1963, way back when I was a mad teenager and he was with the Spencer Davies group. I was lucky enough to live in Blackpool in those days, so saw them live a few times, as everyone used to,perform there at some time. Those were the days. 🤪 Hope you and Dave have a fantastic night! Hugs. Annette x

  2. That was my era too – I remember screaming to Spencer Davies group when they came to Tamworth to do a gig (but don’t tell the grand kids – I was once a screaming teenager lol). Have fun both and I’m sure you’ll be dancing away in the aisles. 😊

  3. What a lucky girl you are missie🤗 And gorgeous weather to boot.😎
    I love the music too, perhaps it has something to do with being born in 1963🙊
    However not feeling too young despite this, as it’s my Birthday next week. Keep telling myself that age is just a number. Already gone naturelle with my hair. Grey is the new highlighted brown (or bottle number 125) in this house. I’m saving a packet too, so obvs my craft budget has had to increase.
    Watching the award ceremonies today. Isn’t Olivia Colman a sweetie? I’m thinking you, Barbara, are our Olivia. Award winning & overall lovely person. 🎆🏆🎊

  4. Hi Barb,
    I am so jealous of you and Dave! I love Steve Winwood – ever since his Traffic days. One of my favourite albums is Steve Winwood from 1977 with a picture of him leaning against a tree. I nearly wore it out when it was released and now have it on my iPod. I also like Arc of a Diver. Steele Dan were a great group as well and the video clip brought back good memories. A very thoughtful gift from Grace and Mark and I’m sure you will both have a fabulous time. Off to get my iPod now!!! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  5. We went to see them on Thursday last week in Manchester , also with steve winwood. Fabulous, you will have a great night x

  6. Wow have a lovely time xxx didn’t think I knew who steely Dan were until I played the clip now I can’t stop singing the song 😂 course I know who they are duh!!!

  7. What a treat. I am a big fan of Steely Dan. Not so much Steele Eye Span! Many moons ago lovely hubby was so pleased because he managed to get tickets for what he thought was Steely Dan. Not so. It was the others and although I do like all sorts of music it was not for me. Hubby made us leave half way through as he was sure we needed banned substances in order to appreciate it. I hope I haven’t offended any Steele Eye Span fans. Have a fabulous time .

  8. Lucky Lady to have such thoughtful kids. After reading this blog I dug out some music from back in the day, brought back some memories. We are never too old to appreciate the good stuff.
    Lovely artwork from the team – have used this set quite a few times as it lends itself to multi occasions.
    Enjoy your evening out with Dave.
    Love 🍒🍒🍒

  9. Hope you had a great evening. I know there will be a wait with all you have on but please can you think about 12×12 paper storage books like the smaller ones?

  10. Have never known that much about Steely Dan but I did always think what a great voice Stevie Winwood had so enjoy the concert, and how wonderful that Mark and Grace bought these for Dave and who else would he invite along but Have a super time the both of you. x

  11. My husband’s there too. He did text to say that a last he was at a gig where the clientele resembled the doctors waiting room rather than the school playground! (As I was typing that I stopped and thought how rude it sounded, but decided to carry on as he himself is 68!) 🤣

  12. Hope you both having fun we was on way to MK early with Bob on way to see my auntie in hospital said to bob in car who you was going to see he said wow wish was going fantastic. You have great children know the right things to please you both and of cause who else would Dave take put you Bob did offer if ever needed company going haha as he sits here head phone on listening to music x

  13. Hello Barb, what a great present, some of my favourite music. Hope you both enjoyed yourself. Love the artwork.Bx

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