Turnback Tuesday – It’s all Vine Now

Turnback Tuesday – It’s all Vine Now

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Steely Dan were pretty special last night at Wembley. And so was Steve Winwood! Class. Pure class. It felt good to be part of a much greater whole, sitting in the dark, watching a lightshow extraordinaire, and being drowned in familiar music, memory melodies. No room for work thoughts at all.

You know how busy we are just now, so you will surely understand that our Youtubes are on the back burner. We lost a couple of recording weeks because Simon the Cameraman was on his honeymoon, and now we are so swamped with TV shows we are dragging weed, as they say!

But. We do have a veritable library of artycrafty videos which we have been building for years, so let’s turn this unrelenting time wheel backwards and dip into the archives today, and until we get back on track at Clarity.

Here’s a Gelpress/GelliPlate video I did years ago, which was very popular. I still enjoy this print technique which I developed back in the day. It’s already had 69,000 views! Woohoo!

Did you know that we have over 23,000 followers on YouTube?

Sometimes it is good to go back and remember what we did back then. And this stencil is as dynamite now as it was then !!! There are some special Youtube offers on the Gelpress plate, the megamount, the stencil, the card and Acrylic paint.


Shop all of the above here

I am looking forward to a recording session with Simon again next week; got a few new things in the pipeline now!

On a completely different note, there’s a GROOVI Happy Hour with darling Janice Phillips on HOCHANDA at 2pm today. She knows her stuff too! Great products at a great price. Enjoy. SKY 673 (24/7)FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Love & Hugs,



15 thoughts on “Turnback Tuesday – It’s all Vine Now

  1. It is always good to go back and have a fresh look at older products. I always go to the older You Tube vids, especially when I am lacking inspiration, which is often!! Lol.
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going! That sums up you and Clarity for me! Glad you had a lovely time last night, good to let your hair down now and again, especially when you are so busy. xxxx

  2. Glad you had an enjoyable evening with Dave at Wembley.
    So pleased the Kings are to be available this weekend, guess where the birthday money will be spent!!!
    Tina’s plates look good too but they will have to go on the wish list.
    I have started to make a data base list of your YouTube contents as I watch them so that in future I have a quick way to look up a particular technique. Have also had a binge watch of all your cd’s – they are so helpful.
    Enjoy this lovely sunny day. 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Glad you both had a great night out were able to relax and enjoy a good night out sounds brilliant. Love watching the old YouTube videos that can use with new stamps remembering the good old technics. Almgood with me love it xxx

  4. This is great using the gelli plate Barbara and it is still exciting to watch you pull that amazing print. Thanks for showing us again. So pleased you had a great evening and the music was fantastic. It is good to escape the everyday cares and immerse yourself in something you love. x

  5. Hi Barbara
    It’s great to hear you had a good time last night, just what the pair of you needed. Oh I remember this one, it’s nice to see it again, I must get my gel plate out and have a play.
    Love Diane xxx

  6. Hi Barbara,
    Love the artwork and the video, it’s really helpful for those of us who have only just started with the gelli plate.
    Glad to hear that you had a great evening.
    Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather.
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. No worries in re-visiting older videos, helps us remember techniques and tricks we’ve forgotten! Happy to hear last night’s ‘gig’ was a blast… I’m sure it did you both a power of good and helped to re-charge the batteries a little. x

  8. Love watching your demos on the Gelli plate, always makes me get mine out again. I like these ones where each layer is left to dry, much less hectic…although every time I do one my prints always have that tell tale finger print of impatience in the corner! Hope you have been able to get out and enjoy the sunshine today. XX

  9. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has this warm sunshine today. The weatherman said it won’t last but I will enjoy it while it’s here. XX

  10. Loved the YouTube. Please can we have some more of the older ones? Some of my stash just sits there in confusion because I have forgotten how it goes together.

  11. So glad you both had a brill time. I still can’t believe you produce videos every week i can watch them any time free of charge !!! and do offers on the products too 🤗 clarity rocks.

  12. So glad you enjoyed the concert. It must have done you the world of good, and Dave too.
    Janice was brilliant today and I am looking forward to Tina on Thursday. However, I am on the starting blocks for the Kings on Sunday! I can’t wait and need to get my order in so it arrives before I travel the following Sunday. Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette X

  13. Glad the evening went well,I think it is great to look back at different products and techniques. My main interest at the moment is groovy parchment, moving forward into mixed media. I have never been a stamper or done very much with inks etc, so this will be perfect for me. Parchy hugs to all. X

  14. I’m looking forward to settling down with this weeks youtube as I’m just getting started on my Gelli plate journey. Just need a push and some confidence!

  15. Glad you and Dave enjoyed the show Barb, this is a favourite stencil. I really must get time out of the day job to play with my Gel plates and paints. Bx

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