What a Result !!!!

What a Result !!!!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Monday’s blog is highlighting

The Stamp of the Month is the Birds in a Tree Three-Way Overlay Stamp, I love love blimming love this set !!! If you watched the first in a series of Craftalongabarbieandjanice on HOCHANDA yesterday, then you will now know just how versatile and cool these 3-up stamps are. And this beautiful design by Mel just works perfectly in every permutation possible.

Birds in a Tree Three-Way Overlay Stamp

Check out our offers here!

I’ll be honest. I’m too excited to make a card today. After all the strain and bull which has been going on the last few weeks, you can’t imagine my delight when Lou Withers called me yesterday evening from the NEC Craft Awards Ceremony in Birmingham. We were in Peterborough, getting a coffee before the drive home, and she rang to tell me that we had – WON THE BEST BLOG AWARD. Woohoo!!!! What a result!!! I was so happy!!!!! Thank you so so so much for making this tired old bird really happy.

Then this morning, I received an email from the Awards Team, congratulating us on winning 3 awards! No way!! Ready for this?

Blog of the Year: Barbara Gray’s Blog

Designer of the Year : Barbara Gray

Product of the Year: Claritystamp Pergamano

And then we also got

first runner up for Brand of the Year and

2nd runner up for Retailer of the Year !!!!

And we weren’t at the ceremony this year because we were working! I am so excited and chuffed for the whole Clarity Crew, the wonderful team, the design team, the folks at Clarity Towers – What a result!!!!

Thank you so much for voting for us! This really could NOT have come at a better time! You have no idea.

Don’t know whether to cry or sing or shout. Think I will call Dave before I hit Publish xxx

Love, Hugs and Gratitude

Barb xxx

146 thoughts on “What a Result !!!!

  1. Barbara and all the Clarity team, congratulations I am so, so very pleased and proud of you all, the tears are rolling down my face as I am typing, yes really. I means so much for us Crafters so I can just imagine that you are over the moon and back. well done all of you, special hugs.
    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxxx

  2. Have a happy dance around the office in celebration!!! That’s brilliant news Barbara!!!! Congratulations!
    I feel so proud to be a little part of your team.

    Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Congratulations Barbara and all your team! It’s only right you should get some recognition for all the hard work you put in! Well done.

  4. Whoop, whoop FANTASTIC news Barbara and the Clarity Team. You all work so hard and bring us fabulous products, so really well deserved. x

  5. That is fantastic news Barb. I am so so pleased for you and your fabulous team. These awards are so very well deserved. I don’t know how you blog each and every day and still manage to make it entertaining, educational, stimulating and humorous to boot. Personally for me, it doesn’t matter where the awards have placed you, for me, you will always be the number one retailer of the year, every year. Nobody, but nobody has a customer service to rival that of Clarity. I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again. I have loved and bought Clarity products for the past 30 years and I will continue to buy them for as long as you are there to make them. Teamwork makes the dream work – nothing proved that like this past weekend. When the chips are down, you are there at the drop of a hat. You are right to be proud, because we are all proud of you and your company and to be a part of the Clarity family. You say this couldn’t have come at a better time – I do hope you are not letting those voices get at you – or the spiteful things that have been happening in craft land recently. You have something very special and that can sometimes bring out the green eyed monster in people – but hey, they don’t matter a jot!! #TeamClarity all the way. Keep smiling Barb, we’re all there behind you. xxxxxxxxx

  6. No more than you all deserve. So glad for you all. Your blog is something i look forward to reading every day. It never fails to cheer me up. Well done Clarity.

  7. Congratulations Barb and the Team fantastic news!! I am new to all this but have followed the crafting world for many years and Barbara especially,I am at that age we’re I want to wind down and do something for me,and Clarity is we’re I am bound!! You are the most genuine,lovely caring person,we all Thankyou for that.Much love and hugs Wendy xxx

  8. Wow that’s fantastic news & well deserved by you & the rest of the Clarity team. You are right to feel proud & will totally be forgiven for not doing any arty work today. I am sure the celebrations will go on for a few days xx

  9. So so very well deserved, you put so much effort into your wonderful business. Well done Clarity team as well. I hardly shop anywhere else these days just love your products and it is great to see that others do too. Was there any doubt really?

  10. Very many congratulations. You all work so hard and this is very well deserved. Your innovation, focus on quality and gift for training make you and your team first class.

  11. Yay!! Well done to you and all at Clarity. So well deserved and I think you are allowed to sing, shout and cry about the results! So happy to see Clarity getting awards and your blog too. Xx

  12. Fantastic News, after such a great day yesterday doing the Craftalong too. So well deserved by you and all the Dream Team at Clarity. Keep on doing what you do so well!

  13. Afternoon bloggy friends, has everyone recovered from yesterday? I just tidied up and finished off a couple of things. Horrible drizzle outside so just right to be in the craft room. Xx

  14. Congratulations to you and all the team at Clarity! So well deserved. i hope you are having a party! 🎉🍾. I wish we could hire a huge venue and every Clarity fan could join in the celebrations. I am so happy for you. Hugs. Annette X

  15. Thrilled for you! Those awards are very well deserved – you are a very talented lady with an amazing team. Well done! Xx

  16. Congratulations to you and your team. Every award is justly deserved. Well done Clarity … onward and upwards x

  17. Sincere congratulations to you and your team. I hope this reinforces that you are making the right decision at this challenging time. Hold your head up very high & be very proud just as your mum and dad must be today.
    Well done! Xxx

  18. I have to admit, hardass that I can be at times, that I got a bit choked up when I read this blog, you sounded so elated and this was just the news you needed after a hectic week. You would be justified to laugh, cry, sing, dance and yell all at the same time.


    Request to Paul: please could you put on YouTube both the boxes as well as the frame? Dozy me wiped the recordings by mistake. Many thanks.

    Love to all 🍒🍒🍒

  19. Wowza, GO Girl❣️
    It’s great to see/read how much the world appreciate you & your team and that going that extra, extra mile is rewarded. Great timing too.
    Well deserved.
    Big inky hugs to y’all❣️x

  20. Congratulations to you and all the Clarity team – so well deserved. And if there was an award for most ethical, down-to-earth, honourable, trustworthy, genuinely lovely person/team/company you would have won that too!!! Always excellent quality and service, and you’ll get my vote every time x

  21. Well done Barbara and Clarity. We all.know you’re the best so never doubt it. Huge congratulations to you all. Your hard word, attention to detail and customer service that’s second to none has been recognised. Wow you did so well.xxx

  22. Congratulations to you all,very well deserved. I have only just started out on my Grovvi/pergamano journey and love it,can’t wait for the next tutorials with yourself and Linda.Love watching all your team I can see my bank balance going down again soon,still have to fill that lovely pink bag!!! Long may you continue on the best craft channel, just love your blog.

  23. Wow well done Barbara and all at clarity towers, you really deserve those awards
    You work so so hard bringing us lots of new goodies not to mention all the business meetings you have with various people
    Everything about clarity is top rate and 5 gold star rating
    There isn’t another crafting company that even comes within sniffing distance of clarity
    Well done once more, keep up the good work we all love you xx

  24. Hello Barbara and all the Clatity team and family,
    Well done! These are so richly deserved. Never mind all the bitchiness and back-stabbing, you are truly loved by so many of us. There are so many of us with problems and sadness in our lives and Clarity helps to lift us. I, for one, don’t know how I would cope if I didn’t have Clarity, and all the friends I have made through my hobby, in my life.

  25. Well was I right no yesterdays blog or was I right. Lol
    A totally well deserved awards / awards Congratulations to you Barbara and the whole clarity team I am so pleased for you all.
    Go team Claritystamp xxx

  26. Absolutely wonderful news Barbara, so proud to be a little cog in the wheel that is Clarity. What stands you apart from the rest of them is your humility, your generosity and your positivity. You bring joy to so many in every way you can and I thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxx

  27. Aww, I’m sooooooooooo happy for you Barb. And for Team Clarity. Much deserved, and like you said, perfect timing. Just you shout, cry, sing, anything you want, as much as you want. Quality, passion, compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity… always comes to the top, no matter how much mud is slung. You and Team Clarity stand head and shoulders above the rest.


    Where would all of us be without you, this blog, and Clarity… Maybe a wee bit richer in monetary terms. Very poor in all other aspects without you and Clarity in our lives. You have certainly enriched my life in many ways…


    Take the time to savour the feelings, and box them inside so you can go there to remember what matters, when people and companies are out to run you and Clarity down.

    Love and huge bear hug xxxxxxxxx

  28. Congratulations Barbara, Dave and everyone at Clarity towers!! It’s so well deserved, as your products and service is second to none xxx

  29. Congratulations. Very much deserved. I always vote for you and Clarity in every category that’s applicable and I’m so pleased that your dedication and work ethics have been recognised.
    Huge hugs xxx

  30. Congratulations, Barb and team. Each and every accolade is SO well deserved! I know how much of yourselves y’all put into everything xoxo

  31. Many, many congratulations, but I don’t know why are surprised. We crafters just know that the Barbara, Clarity brand and Clarity team are just the best. No other crafting company or business comes close. Again well done to all at Clarity xxx

  32. Heartiest congratulations Barbara and the Clarity Team,fantastic news,also a very big thankyou for the
    craftalong program which I loved .Simonne xx

  33. Great news! I always vote for you and I am so pleased that you won the awards. I read your blog every day and it always cheers me up and gives me inspiration.
    Love and hugs to all at Clarity

  34. So pleased to hear of your awards, superbly deserved by You and everyone at Clarity. Less of the old bird please.
    Looking forward to giving you a big hug at Ally Pally. Hug for you and one for me as I will be celebrating my birthday with you once again.
    Cannot tell you how pleased I am. Feel like going outside and shouting “Hooray for Barbara et al”

  35. Congratulations Barbara and the Clarity team. Well deserved for a fantastic company. I am new to Clarity products and am really enjoying them especially the Groovi. Well done again to all

  36. Many, many congratulations and richly deserved by each and everyone on your fab clarify team – long may you continue xxxx

  37. Many, many congratulations to you and all the Clarity team! So well deserved. I bless the day I stumbled across Barbara Gray on the telly and feel so proud to be a very small part of the Clarity family. Go sing, dance and hug Dave and anyone else nearby…and then have a celebratory cake! Much love. Xx

  38. You’re allowed to do all three (cry, sing and shout!). Congratulations, massively deserved by you, Dave and all the Clarity team.
    Enjoy the buzz
    Claire x

  39. What a wonderful surprise for you all. Very well deserved, how far Clarity has come! Congratulations, Barbara, have a fantastic celebration 🥳

  40. Brilliant news, and so well deserved. All your products are wonderful….. and the dies are the best I have ever used. You share your life, and passions with us on your blog. Well done Barbara, Dave and Clarity team xxxx

  41. Brilliant news for all concerned…Barbara’s dedication to her Legendary Daily Blog has finally been recognised! Very pleased and proud , even though I do lose her for a couple of hours every day !
    To all the team at Clarity, a big ‘Thank You’ from me also. I guess the’Krispy Kreme’s’ are on me tomorrow ! Thank you all for your continued custom and support. It just goes to show, that you can have a successful business with ethics and values …..I think I had better leave it there !!! xx

  42. Fantastic!…..And very proud to be a small part of it!!
    Congratulations to Clarity 💕💕💕
    Love Carole xxx

  43. Yay!!! Way to go Clarity and our lovely Barbara! It is more than well deserved and a bit of a kick in the face for those who haven’t won – so happy for you and for those that support you! Have a nice drinky and put your feet up Karen x

  44. Congratulations Barbara and all at Clarity! How about you writing a song for the UK for Eurovision? !!
    May todays joyous moments be forever wonderful
    memories! Much love Audrey J xx

  45. Congratulations Barbara. For you to have blogged for all these years, you truly deserved the Award, and the other Awards were equally deserved by you and the Team. Watched Craftalong yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it, long may you reign as Queen of the demos.
    Enjoy celebrating with Dave.
    Awaiting my Members Sale goodies, so will enjoy next weekend groovin and stamping to my hearts content.
    Well done you.
    Ros x

  46. Congratulations to all at clarity you Barbara deserve so much more you go he extra mile for all of us you care so much supporting us through the good the bad times I for one thank you for your caring and friendship you also have done so much over last few weeks to Help Hochanda when others have done dirty on them helping them through all of you working nearly 24 hours keeping the shows going Paul bless him flying back wards and forwards to Peterborough all the hassale back bitting that’s been going on makes me so cross that some ignorant people who love to cause trouble anyway we love you all at clarity towers what a team I would give you a special award for services beyond to customers friends strangers., colleges etc huge gold award 🥇 lots love 💕 as Katie says Barbara is the best !!!

  47. Many, many congratulations to all at Team Clarity! Brilliant news Barbara, so well deserved. I am so pleased for you all that all your hard work, inspiration, innovation and team spirit has so rightly been recognised. You are the best!

  48. Congratulations to you all. Very much deserved. Congratulations on the Craftalong too. Had to watch it in bed as we have both got the flu. I have recorded it so can watch it again when I feel better. Xx

  49. Hi Barb,
    Many, many congratulations to you and all at Team Clarity. These awards are so fitting for such an ethical, brilliant, caring, efficient and excellent company as Clarity. I’m so happy for you all, especially at the moment with everything going on around you. Let’s hope that this fills you with confidence in everything you do. Sending much love and many hugs, Alison xxxxx
    Ps my Indian Summer & Northern Lights 12×12 pads arrived today and they are gorgeous – thank you xx

  50. Congratulations to you and all at Clarity. It is definitely well deserved. Life can be really tough sometimes but there is always something to lift our spirits and encourage us to keep going. You all do an amazing job and despite all that has been going on in the background, your friends and customers and have the privilege of seeing so much more of the Clarity Team. Exhausting for all of you, I’m sure, but really appreciated by all of us. Keep up the good work and take care of yourselves in the process. Hx

  51. Wey Hey!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to you and everyone at Clarity Towers. Well deserved awards and another big hug from me too xxxxx

  52. CONGRATULATIONS ….well done to you and your fabulous Clarity Team. Your Blog has everything and we all so look forward to reading it and learn so much. Your values are right up there and justifiably rewarded. You are THE BEST xx

  53. Congratulations, Barbara, to you and all the team. Always look forward to reading the blog every evening, so thanks for giving us your time. Coming up with new products for us, as well, which gives us a choice regarding which kind or kinds of paper crafting we want to do. Work for you, fun for us!
    Thank you.

  54. Hello Barbara,
    I don’t normally comment but I was thrilled at your good news! Well done and well deserved!
    I watched yesterday’s Craftalong – well nearly all of it this afternoon! It was brilliant! Glittergate was hilarious!
    Love Myra x

  55. Barb – I really couldn’t be more pleased for you (and Dave). Congratulations to Team Clarity – just keep on doing what you always do. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  56. Hello Barbara- so pleased for you and the team. Great result with the awards, I’m so chuffed for you. Couldn’t watch craftalong yesterday but hubby and I settled down tonight and just watched the whole two hours. Really great. Loved Janice, think she needs a permanent spot on the craftalongs, she was brilliant. lots of love, Donna X

  57. Congratulations to you and your team. It is good to know that loyalty, and truth and good values are being rewarded. You deserve the recognition of what you do to bring us inspiration and care and support through the blog and FB pages. Please continue with what you do as it is making a difference in the world for good!

  58. Many congratulations to you and all your team. I’m so pleased that all your hard work has been recognised. The work you and Paul have put in over recent times has been amazing, coming up with one day specials at short notice and all the preparation for the craftalong and still blogging every day.
    I remember seeing the very first Clarity show on CandC and watching open mouthed, I didn’t know you could do such things with a stamp, a brayer and a bit of ink and I never stop learning from you.
    Enjoy every moment of your success xx

  59. Congratulations for all the Rewards!!
    I am very Happy to Read your blog , watching your Shows on hochanda ,the you Tubes every Tuesday ,knowing so much about your family and the best People in the clarity Team. Gisela

  60. To Barb, Dave and the whole Clarity Team
    Congratulations on all these awards they are richly deserved by you all, love everything Clarity. the Carftalong with Barb was brilliant and so informative, cannot wait for the next one.

  61. Hi Barbara
    Barbara your blog is amazing, so you totally deserve that award.
    Your designs are out of this world. You are an amazing designer.
    Clarity/Pergamano is hitting the craft world running. It has made crafting accessible to so many more people, especially those with disabilities – so once again winning that award was a no brainer.
    As for the runner up prizes that you won. I think we all agree that you probably should have won those outright too!! But hey ho, I suppose it’s only fair that some one else should have a go at winning!!
    Well Done, and many many Congratulations to you and the whole Clarity Dream Team
    Love to all

  62. Congratulations on all your awards, well deserved.
    Someone’s going to need a big shelf to put them all on 👏😀

  63. Fabulous! You deserve it all…..you all work so hard and have such passion……Congratulations!! Happy dance and celebrate xx

  64. Well, how exciting Barbara, and richly deserved for you and the Clarity team, and of course Dave too. You put your heart and soul into everything you do and it shows, which inspires us all. x

  65. Well done Barbara Dave and the Clarity team so chuffed for you all I’m smiling from ear to ear……….. You go Girl…..Love Dot..xx

    1. Congratulations on your fistful of awards, Barbara and team. Very well_deserved.
      Ps, I enjoyed the craftalong on Hochanda.

  66. Break out the champagne! Congratulations to you and the team. An excellent result and you deserve every award going! Fab xx

  67. WONDERFUL NEWS!! Well done Barbara and all of the Clarity team and I wish you continued success in the future, so well deserved. Many thanks for all
    the pleasure you have brought to me over the years.

  68. Many Congratulations, I cannot think of anyone who deserves this more than you Barbara & your clarity team of course, you are a total inspiration to us all, I love reading your blog each day with many a giggle, I have watched clarity grow over the many years I have used your products & never fail to be amazed at your wonderful attitude to life despite your determination when things go a bit pearshaped. The happiness in your face on your weding day was an absolute joy to see, you so deserve every good thing that comes to you Barbara & Dave , you give so much to us all xx

  69. Hello Barb, Dave and all the Clarity team and family. Well done to you all on this outstanding news. I don’t think there is one little cog in the Clarity wheel that does not deserve a whoopwhoop and pat on the back. Thank you for all that you do and all the inspiration that Clarity gives us. Bx

  70. Congratulations to you and all at clarity you so deserve these awards. May your success and clarity continue to grow. Onwards and upwards. Xx

  71. Congratulations to you and the Clarity team. Well deserved. I love your blog because you never know what you’re going to get! It’s got everything. Informative, funny, sometimes a bit sad because of what is going on around us but it’s always interesting!

  72. Congratulations to you and all your team in all parts of the country/world.
    Stay positive – don’t let the b…….s get you down. Look at their faces and you can see they lead very unhappy lives. You are obviously a happy lady with a happy life (albeit a bit stressful at times) Looking forward to seeing you and others of the team in Leyburn in September. I would love to meet Jeanine!
    I’m spending this Sunday with Sam Crowe. Maria is not having a craft day at Catterick this month so missing my Maria fix this month.

  73. Many, many congratulations and such well deserved awards! It’s been a difficult time but you have behaved honourably and proved your loyalty and that is all that matters. Any back biting is jealousy. So very happy for you, enjoy celebrating and relax for a while.

  74. Many, many Congratulations Barbara and Team Clarity. 💐
    You are so much fun and bring such a relaxing, inspirational and exciting craft to us all 😀 As a new Clarity member/ crafter to Pergamano, I only wish I had found you years ago!
    So very well done to all, now take a rest a get a weekend away at a spa, or somewhere beautiful.
    Just love you all, you make me feel so good when I can be sooooo creative with Clarity, thank you. 😍

  75. Congratulations to you and the rest of the ‘dream team’ at Clarity. Onwards and upwards, we appreciate just how hard you all work and it’s good to see this is being recognised in the crafting arena too. Xxx

  76. Dear Barbara and Dave. And all the clarity team . Didn’t see the results until late last night, so a bit late saying congratulations on the wonderful news. You deserve all the awards, especially your blog, which you write even when you must be tired. I love reading it . Congratulations to all your great team I am sure there is a lot of celebrating. Enjoy. Love xxxx

  77. Well done Barbara and the excellent Clarity team, so well deserved. I thoroughly enjoyed the craftalong too, it was wonderful to get completely immersed in crafting for 2 hours and follow the great tuition.
    Thank you

  78. Hi Barbara
    Oh what fantastic news, many congratulations to you and Dave and all the Clarity team. It’s given you just the boost you need I’m sure . I think there’s going to be a big party.
    Love Diane xxx

  79. Congratulations to the Clarity Team. These awards are well deserved. The products are fantastic and are a joy to use. The customer service is brilliant. All blogs and you tube videos are invaluable.

  80. Well done Barbara and all the Team at Clarity for these well deserved Awards. You guys are sensational. Many Congrats!😀

  81. you guys so deserve this, i get so inspired watching and following blogs, youtube tuesdays, craft along now! am able to be confident to show others what i have learned so the following continues. great customer service, support and products are best quality. xx

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