Youtube Tuesday- Through the Window

Youtube Tuesday- Through the Window

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
I just watched Paul’s Christmas Youtube. I must say, it is excellent. So many Fresh Cut tips and tricks ;
he is very good at this, isn’t he?!

As usual, here are the products Paul used, reduced by 20% until next Tuesday, when they are replaced by the next YouTube Tuesday offers. 
Christmas Aperture Windows and Nested Arches
Designer Card
Card Blanks
Perga Glitter
Stencil Brushes
Double-Sided Adhesive
A5 Frame Mounts
If you haven’t been over to our YouTube TV Channel, you really ought to head on over. There are so many videos! 
Gelpress, Stencil, Stamping, Groovi, Parchment – and now Fresh Cut dies.
The number of subscribers currently stands at 21,868.
Help us make it 22,000 for the New Year!
Love & Hugs,

7 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday- Through the Window

  1. Hi,
    The YouTube features are so helpful to give us a reminder of a technique not used for some time.

    Thought up several more limericks about Dick and his chick but thought it wrong to post them all. Hope everyone has enjoyed the process as much as I have.

    Enjoy your pottery tomorrow 😀

  2. I loved reading all the limericks and had a real chuckle. My granddaughter thinks we are all nuts! 🤪
    I am just about to make a cuppa and watch Paul’s you tube video, which I know will be worth the watch.
    Pesky Elvis really tried to hide today, but I found the little b….r! Enjoy the rest of your day. Annette X

  3. Yeah Annette, I thought today’s clue was a doddle when I read it but was flummoxed for a while too. Pesky little elvses……or is that hobbitses😜
    I’m thinking Paul seems to be the kind of guy that you need in your craft room, so I bagsy him first when there’s 20% off him on YouTube Tuesday please. 🙋

  4. Hello Barb, what a great YouTube with Paul, he always has amazing hints and tips. I love going back and watching again, for anything I missed. Take care all. Bx

  5. Great video from Paul. I did chuckle at a couple of mis-translations in the subtitles (they clearly need more training on Paul’s accent!) – at one point he was apparently talking about detailed eyes 😃😃

    Paul talking about the static reminded me that I tried wiping my Gemini plates with a tumble dryer sheet a couple of weeks ago (inspired by the Groovi tip) and it has taken the static from them 😤 well worth trying.

    Have a good day fellow bloggers

  6. Well done Paul. Must remember to use a folder to protect my cutting plate. He is good – can’t believe it’s only 3 years ago that he joined your team! It seems like he’s always been there. X

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